(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. I had only graduated from an elementary school but started to learn how to print leaflets and brochures of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in the latter half of 2007, about two years and eight months ago. Any time my printer had a problem, whether it was big or small, I took it to have it repaired, or had another practitioner come to my home to repair it. Whenever I had the opportunity, I watched attentively and didn't ask any questions. This time, my problem was that the red color of the printer was not working. I had to print 200 brochures and 200 weekly newspapers in three days, by noon on Chinese New Year's eve. In addition, I had to deliver copies of Minghui Weekly and Minghui Special Edition to other practitioners. It was extremely urgent.

Master taught us,

"As a result of studying the Fa and cultivating your inner self, you do better and better, and gods give you the wisdom you deserve and give you inspiration so that you can come to realize a lot of things while you study, create better things, improve your technique, and reach beyond." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles," 2006)

Master's Fa strengthened me. The equipment was down and the task was urgent, but I wanted to be considerate of other practitioners. Although practitioners are not caught up with the Chinese New Year celebration, they nonetheless still have more things to do during this time than they do normally. I could not remember how many practitioners that I had inconvenienced to repair my printer. Therefore, I decided to repair it on my own.

I took out the five cartridges from the printer and placed them in a plate. I found that the red cartridge was blocked, whereas the other colors flowed out easily.

After finding the problem, I attempted to repair it, but did not know how. In desperation, suddenly an idea flashed across my mind. I used to live in the countryside, when we drew water from a well in the winter, we usually poured hot water into the well, and then water could be pumped from the well. I therefore used a 2-ml syringe to suck in red ink, and injected the ink to a red sponge. I then used my right hand to lift the cartridge out of the printer so that the ink could soon flow into the sponge. It then started to bubble and ink began flowing normally.

After achieving what I wanted, my hands were free to clean the inside and outside of the printer. I replaced the five cartridges inside the printer. I repeated cleaning it two more times and checked the images afterwards.

I then began printing brochures, and the result was incredibly good.

The unexpected and pleasant surprise made my family-based materials production site serene and magnificent. It seemed that I also improved my level in cultivation. We therefore came to realize that improvements result from putting in effort, enduring hardship and being diligent. No matter which project we are in, only if we are on the Fa will revered Master open up our wisdom. When you come to a dead end, as long as you improve yourself in the Fa, revered Master will help you see the path ahead.

We can't forever rely on an expert to repair our printer. By resolving it on our own, we are being considerate of others, and this is also a form of virtue.