(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of December 21 and the morning of the 22nd, 2009, fifteen Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested in their homes all over the region in a coordinated set of raids. At present, several practitioners are being held in the Donggang Detention Center and the Dandong Baifangzi Detention Center.

Teacher has mentioned several times in lectures that Dafa material production sites need to be everywhere, but we haven't truly achieved that. Most fellow practitioners have the mentality of waiting, relying on others and asking for materials from other sites. Some practitioners do not actively validate Dafa. When something happens to fellow practitioners, some practitioners indicate that the arrested practitioners were taking care of too many things. Do we think about why these practitioners were taking care of everything? If every practitioner takes responsibility for a few things, would these practitioners have needed to do everything themselves? Is there fear or the need to seek comfort behind the impulse to wait, rely on others, and ask for materials from other sites? After these incidents, some practitioners commented, "It was those practitioners who collected materials, clarified the truth face-to-face to different entities, and exposed the evil forces who were persecuted." Isn't this indicative of a mindset of relying on others to validate Dafa?

From what I know, many practitioners from the Donggang area use cell phones to call other practitioners. They often mentioned printers, computers, paper, etc, in their conversations. In the beginning, practitioners paid a great deal of attention to safety issues regarding cell phone use. When practitioners called a certain practitioner on a cell phone, he would tell the caller not to use one cell phone to call another cell phone. He changed his home and cell phone numbers several times, but other practitioners still didn't pay attention. Later, this practitioner began to use a cell phone to call other cell phones as well, since he had no way to solve the problem. After a while, when there were no incidents, everyone stopped thinking rationally about cell phone safety.

Even after the incident, many practitioners didn't look within and began discussing who was responsible. They debated about whether a practitioner who was validating Dafa was actually seeking fame and profit. If this practitioner was seeking fame, why would he risk arrest and persecution? If he was out for profit, did he put the money in his own pocket? From what I know, when the child of this practitioner asked him for two hundred yuan, he couldn't manage even such a small amount. Do you still feel that he places great value on money? Based on his skills, this practitioner could find a better paying job, but in order to validate Dafa, he resolutely gave up a higher paying job. This practitioner placed strict demands on himself. Other practitioners knew about his difficult financial situation and wanted to give him food and other goods, but he always told them that he wouldn't accept these things; if he accepted these goods, when could he return them? Besides, he said, one would need to trade his virtue in exchange for others' goods.

Some practitioners don't study the Fa with a calm mind, send forth righteous thoughts for practitioners, or collect materials to expose the evil forces, yet they speculate on who might be a government agent. They were suspicious of each other and didn't come into contact with each other, wasting their energy. Does anyone think about who will be happy when we behave this way? Isn't it the evil that will be happy?

This incident reflects the problems of many practitioners: studying the Fa too little, having fear and suspicion, and relying on others. All of these issues are being exposed through this incident.

This represents such a great loss. Fellow practitioner that viewed the evil forces as fierce became fearful and withdrew. People hid at home and didn't actively clarify the truth like they used to when other practitioners encountered persecution. The more we withdraw and are afraid, the more rampant the evil will be, thinking that its plans have succeeded. I just hope that fellow practitioners will eliminate their attachments and jointly rescue these practitioners in prison.

I hope that fellow practitioners in the Donggang area will look within and not think that these incidents are the responsibility of certain practitioners and have nothing to do with them. Based on the Fa, we should look within regarding anything we hear or see, whether it is personal cultivation, coordination of the group as a whole, or an existing problem. Where did we go wrong? What is the loophole that has allowed such persecution to occur?

Teacher said,

"It's just like when this fist goes out--it's strong when everyone is clenched together (Master makes a fist). But if you're saying that this one wants to do this, that one wants to do that, and the next one something else (spreading the five fingers apart and pointing to each finger), then that's weak, and as soon as it goes out, it will be repelled, right?" ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference")

Dafa practitioners are one body. I hope that fellow practitioners in the Donggang area will be able to coordinate well from their innermost selves and rescue fellow practitioners who are illegally detained.