(Clearwisdom.net) Henan Provincial No. 3 Forced Labor Camp is located in Xuchang City. Camp officials put all detained Falun Gong practitioners into the Third Division where they are subjected to physical tortures and mental torment. Following are some examples of the torment they are subjected to:

Many detained practitioners have experienced various kinds of intimidation and threats. They are forced to read slandering materials and glorify the evil CCP. Those who refuse to read the words are beaten. The guards use other prisoners and collaborators to monitor and torture the practitioners.

Examples of cruel torture: (1) Bring one individual practitioner to a secret place where the guards order several drug addicts to insert a brush into a person's rectum, then rotate and move the brush up and own, which will cause bleeding and blood accumulation inside the practitioner; they also use bamboo strips and other tools to slap the practitioner on his knuckles, wrists, knees and ankles, and other areas. (2) The guards tie the practitioners with ropes and then keep tightening the ropes. They force the practitioners to stand for long times, forbid them to use toilets, deprive them of sleep, and force them to do slave labor for thirteen to fourteen hours each day. Many practitioners' buttock areas were festering, and their hands frost-bitten.

Mr. Li Xinguang, in his 50s, was in the forced labor camp twice. The guards poured very cold water on him in the winter. They forbade him toilet use, while in the meantime forcing him to drink a lot of water. He lost bladder control. In the evening he was forbidden to sleep. The guards also instructed inmates to insert two tooth-brushes into his rectum and then rotated and pulled the brushes back and forth. This caused bleeding and accumulation of blood and disabled his ability to walk for a long time. He became extremely weak because of the torture. They swore at him all the time.

Mr. Tong Haikuan, in his 30s, is from Linying County. He was taken to the labor camp during the Beijing Olympic Games. The guards tied him up and then kept tightening the ropes, doing so nine times a day. This torture caused him unbearable pain. The guards also forced him to read books that slander Falun Gong.

Mr. He Hongliang, 60 years old, was brought to the labor camp during the Beijing Olympic Games. The guards in the Third Division did not let him use the toilet, nor did they allow him to sleep in the evening. They instructed inmates and drug addicts to beat and swear at him, and spit on his face. They also cursed the founder of Falun Gong. They forced Mr. He and Yan Zhongling, who is also sixty years old, to kneel outside the camp factory. Once, after they had worked from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., the guards forced them to work two more hours making wigs. Another time, a guard wearing leather shoes fiercely stomped on Mr. He and Duan Yanlin's feet, the latter a practitioner from Anyang. Their feet became swollen, and they were unable to walk for over two months. The guards often subject the practitioners to Cultural Revolution style public denouncement, so as to create an atmosphere of terror. They often threaten and intimidate Mr. He.

Mr. Zhao Zemin, in his 40s, is from Qi County, Kaifeng City in Henan Province. He was also arrested and taken to the labor camp during the Olympic Games. The guards forced him to read materials that slander Falun Gong. They also forced him to perform slave labor. Mr. Zhao did not cooperate with their demands. As a result, guard Zhu Yingkui beat Mr. Zhao badly, resulting in swollen eyes and bleeding eyeballs. The beating destroyed the vision in his right eye to the point where he could not see things clearly. The Third Division guards also instructed Liao Hao, a drug addict, to viciously beat Mr. Zhao. Camp officials held several large meetings, so as to create an atmosphere of terror. Mr. Zhao is unable to walk and take care of himself as a consequence of the torture. He needs two persons to carry him while walking. No matter how bad the weather is, others drag him back and forth. His shoes were even torn because of the dragging. The guards accused Mr. Zhao of faking illness. They instructed inmates numerous times to check if Mr. Zhao was faking illnesses. For example, while two inmates held Mr. Zhao when walking, they suddenly let him go. This made him fall down hard. Mr. Zhao is skeleton-thin and very weak. His hair has turned gray, yet they still keep aggravating their persecution. The guards ordered two inmates to drag him to the outside and left him exposed to the sun when the outside temperature was 38ºC (100.4ºF). His skin peeled off after he was tortured this way for several months.

Mr. Ma Yongheng, 38 years old, is from Kaifeng City. He was sent to the labor camp during the Olympic Games. The guards beat and swore at him frequently and forced him to read Falun Gong-slandering books. They do not let him sleep in evening, nor do they allow him to use a toilet. He is forced to do slave labor for long hours.

Mr. Zheng Jianmin, in his 50s, is from Pingdingshan City. He was sent to the labor camp twice. Mr. Zheng was beaten because he refused to perform slave labor. Guards Zhu Yingkui, Shen Jianwei, Zhang Qingshan, Meng Guanglu, and Xu Shuiwang beat him badly. They put him in a solitary cell for ten days. When let out, his face was very pale, and he had become thin. The guards also let drug addicts restrict his freedom and prevent him from speaking to anyone. They forbade him to sleep. One day the guards tied him up with a rope and tightened the rope eleven times that day. Mr. Zheng could not move his arms for a long time.

Henan Province No. 3 Forced Labor Camp:
Liu Zongkai, camp head; Fu Yong, deputy head
Dong Jianchao, division head; Shen Jianwei, deputy division head
Zhu Yingkui and Jin Shanwei, guards
Xu Shuiwang, Meng Guanglu, Zhao Zhimin, Zhang Qingshan, Du Zhangtao, team leaders

Third Division, 86-374-3262722