(Clearwisdom.net) On March 5, 2009, the Nanguan District Police Branch's national security team in Changchun City ordered the police from Nanling Police Station to illegally arrest Falun Gong practitioners who worked at the Jinjiang Printing Company. The practitioners arrested were Shang Xiaodong, Yin Jun, Zhang Fengqin and Yao Meiling. They are currently detained at Changchun City's Third Detention Center. The perpetrator responsible for their arrest is Li Jun, captain of the national security team.

The practitioners worked hard and were trusted by their superiors and colleagues. Their arrest and the confiscation of the company's four computers caused a tremendous loss to the company.

During the Beijing Olympic Games, Mr. Shang Xiaodong was taken by the police from the Chongqing Street Police Station of the Changchun City Police Department. At that time, his mother passed away from breast cancer. She wasn't able to see him before passing away because the Changchun City Police Department had sentenced him to one year of forced labor. To earn a living, Mr. Shang's elderly father had to ride a bicycle to deliver vegetables in the freezing cold and scorching heat.

In July 2009, Mr. Shang was released after serving his forced labor term. In March 2010, he was arrested again by police from the Nanling Police Station and sent to Changchun City's Third Detention Center. After learning of his arrest and detention, Mr. Shang's father went into shock. As a result, his speech has been affected and he now frequently speaks incoherently.

Ms. Yin Jun worked alone in Changchun City. To save money, she ate salty pickles every day and lived in a studio apartment that was less than six square meters. She was only frugal towards herself and not towards others. She bought clothes and gifts for her parents and other family members. When someone was in need of help, she always offered to help them. Whenever her family talks about her, with tears in their eyes, they say, "Jun is such a good daughter. She always buys clothes for her parents and would do anything to make them happy."

In 2000, Ms. Jun went to Beijing to appeal for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong. As a result, the local 610 Office personnel imprisoned her in Heizuizi Prison for five years. There, she was beaten, forced-fed, tied down on a death bed, hung up by her wrists, forced to be in painful positions for long periods of time, and shocked with electric batons.

Ms. Zhang Fengqin was forced into homelessness for five years to avoid further persecution by the local police. She is currently detained at Changchun City's Third Detention Center.

Ms. Yao Meiling is a 2009 graduate of Jilin Province College of Industry and Commerce. During her college years, Ms. Yao was a diligent student and received a first rank scholarship for three consecutive years. She was also awarded national level scholarships and the excellent college student of Jilin Province and all-around excellent student awards. She was well liked.

Responsible persons involved in the persecution:

Changchun City's Nanling Police Station
Wang Jinglin, police chief of Nanguan District Police Branch: 86-431-85297666
National Security Team: main division in charge of interrogation
Li Jun, captain of National Security Team: 86-13019130001 (Cell), 1319 86-431-85205810 (Office), 86-431-85281970 (Office)

Changchun City's Third Detention Center: 86-431-4162709
Liu Lianzhong, police chief
Deputy police chiefs: Sun Zhihong, Ren Zhongsheng, Liu Yingjiu
Li Baolin, political instructor