(Clearwisdom.net) In March 1995, Chinese authorities arranged a seven-day qigong seminar at the cultural center of the Chinese Embassy in Paris, France. From that week forward, the gentle melodies of the Falun Gong exercise music could be heard every morning in Paris' Jardin du Luxembourg Park. More and more people began gathering in parks all over France early in the morning to start their Falun Gong exercises.

The weather in early spring of 1995, like those of former years, was chilly. Rainy and overcast skies persisted for many days, leaving many longing for the bright and beautiful days of spring. March 12th was a Sunday, a magnificent rare sunny day. At two o'clock that afternoon at 19 Van Loo Street in the sixteenth district of Paris, a qigong seminar was held in the Chinese Embassy Culture Center.

The main speaker was specially invited from China, the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi. China's Ambassador to France was in attendance with his wife, along with over 100 other participants in that moment of history.

The week that followed as Mr. Cheng and many others would put it was "a week that marked the turning point in one's life." On the nights from March 13th to March 19th, in a martial arts center on Daumesnil Street, the first ever Falun Gong seminars were held in France. It was clear and beautiful all week, and the 70 or so Chinese and western students were filled with excitement.

The conditions at the time were rather simplistic. There was a large gymnasium, a table next to the wall, and a chair. The table was covered with a large yellow tablecloth with a Falun symbol embroidered on it. However, the classroom was "very warm and peaceful," as Mrs. Zhou recalled.

"They pointed me to a tall young man and said that was the Teacher. I was quite surprised. Qigong masters usually struck me as gray-bearded old men. Teacher Li didn't look much more than 30 or so years old, but he appeared very kind." Mrs. Zhou was nine months pregnant. She learned from her mother in China that Falun Gong was a good practice and later heard the news that a class would be held in the embassy.

"Teacher Li was young, tall, wore a blue suit and a gray overcoat with dark shoes. He seemed very approachable, very presentable." These memories remained refresh in Mr. Tang's mind as he commented on the events of Teacher spreading the Fa 15 years ago. He said he learned about this qigong class from a friend working at the embassy.

"In order for everyone to see him, Teacher stood on two chairs as he demonstrated the exercise movements. On the first day, as I stretched my arm I could feel myself floating. My whole body felt light. The energy around me was very strong." Mr. Cheng learned about the class from a local newspaper. Even though he showed up late for the class the first day, he commented: "This Fa is incredible. The Fa that this teacher taught is something extraordinary."

"When I returned home after the first day of class, I felt as if I were half asleep. I was able to see so many extraordinary scenes. I wasn't afraid, but it felt strange. On the second day, Teacher told us about the Celestial Eye, which just happened to explain why I was able to see these strange scenes. It also convinced my wife and I to practice Falun Gong." Mr. Ming and his wife were very interested in cultivation. They felt that this was the true cultivation method they have been searching for.

"As I began to cultivate, I came to realize more and more that Falun Gong is really good. And more and more I didn't want to leave it." Mr. Cheng commented.

While much has changed and many things have happened over the last 15 years, the thing that remains unchanged is their steadfast practice in Falun Gong, as they introduce Falun Gong to more and more of the world's people.

March 17th, 2010