(Clearwisdom.net) Five Falun Gong practitioners, including Mr. Zhang Qin, Ms. Li Yaohua, Ms. Zhang Yibo, Ms. Lu Yuzhi and Ms. Ye Ying, were arrested on June 4, 2009, by police officer Liu Zhihui and deputy director Kong Ronghui from Tianlin Police Substation, in Xuhui District, Shanghai. The 610 Office of Xuhui District also participated in the arrests. The practitioners are still being held at Xuhui Detention Center. It was recently learned that the Xuhui District Court set a court date for March 18, 2010 to try these practitioners.

On October14, 2009, Xu Zhenhui from the Xuhui District Procuratorate filed trumped up charges against these five practitioners, including Mr. Zhang Qin and Ms. Li Yaohua, trying to target Mr. Zhang Qin as the "ringleader." They filed the charges with the Xuhui District Court. The prosecutor in charge, Xu Zhenhui, always handles prosecuting local Falun Gong practitioners.

Mr. Zhang Qin, 54, is the technical backbone of the Shengde Plastics Co. Ltd. He has been arrested six times since the Chinese Communist Party started persecuting Falun Gong on July 20,1999, and he was jailed at Shanghai Tilanqiao Prison for four years. Mr. Zhang Qin's parents are over eighty years old, and are physically weak and ill. They usually rely on Mr. Zhang Qin to take care of them. Since they have now lost their son's care, their life has become extremely difficult.

Ms. Li Yaohua, 63, is a resident from Hong Kong. Her daughter, Zhang Yibo, 30, is a post-graduate and a business manager for a foreign enterprise. Ms. Li Yaohua's father, Mr. Li Shanzhen, is ninety-one years old. He moved back to China from Taiwan in 2006. He expected his daughter would take good care of him in his old-age, but then came to discover that his daughter is being persecuted like this. He now has no one to take care of him. Since Ms. Li Yaohua and her daughter were detained, in order to rescue his daughter and granddaughter, Mr. Li Shanzhen has been to all the related departments to speak with them about the situation, but he could not get any clear responses.

Ms. Lu Yuzhi, 53, resides at Jujiaqiao Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai City. She and her daughter, Ye Ying, 23, are simply trying be good people by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. However, they are currently facing a court trial.

Related departments:

Criminal Court of Xuhui District People's Court, Shanghai City
Judge: Zhu Xiwei
Telephone: 86-21-6468-0966 ext. 2405
Prosecution office of the Xuhui District Procuratorate:
Prosecutor: Xu Zhenhui
Tel: 86-21-6487-2222 ext. 2409