Name: Ms. Mou Lihua (牟丽华)
Gender: Female
Qidaoquanzi, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
August 16, 2009
Most Recent Place of Detention:
Wujiawa Detention Center (吴家洼看守所)
Persecution Suffered:
Illegal sentencing, imprisonment, extortion, home ransacked, interrogation, detention
Key Persecutors: Police officers Zhang Hua, Li Changxing and Wang Gang

( Ms. Mou Lihua lives in Qidaoquanzi, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. She was previously a leukemia patient. After she began practicing Falun Gong, her cancer was cured.

Several officers from the Qidaoquanzi District Police Department repeatedly harassed Ms. Mou and her elderly parents, who are in their eighties. Police team heads Zhang Hua and Li Changxing, and officer Wang Gang, came to her house five times between September 2009 and the New Year in 2010, trying to arrest Ms. Mou.

Repeated Police Harassment

Officers Zhang Hua, Li Changxing and Wang Gang rushed into Ms. Mou's house at noon on August 16, 2009. They confiscated her computer and printer before arresting her and her neighbor Ms. Rong Yulan, who happened to be visiting Ms. Mou. After initial questioning, they were taken to the county hospital for a physical exam. Ms. Rong was sent to Wujiawa Detention Center and eventually received a four-year jail term, after several months of detention. Officer Zhang Hua played a key role, working with the 610 Office, Longcheng Procuratorate, and Longcheng Court to conjure up "evidence" to sentence Ms. Rong Yulan. Ms. Mou Lihua failed the physical examination and was denied admission to the detention center. Zhang Hua forced her family to pay 3,000 yuan before letting her go. After negotiating, they finally paid 1,000 yuan and took Ms. Mou home.

A couple of weeks later, Zhang Hua and Wang Gang came again to arrest Ms. Mou, but the detention center again refused to take her because of her poor health. Shortly after that arrest, the police came to arrest her a third time. This time Ms. Mou was not home.

Soon Zhang Hua came back for the fourth time to arrest Ms. Mou and again missed her. He threatened her parents, "If we capture her, we will send her to a place of no return."

The most recent harassment occurred on February 27, 2010, when a police officer saw Ms. Mou at home and called the station. Soon, Zhang Hua and six other policemen arrived. Ms. Mou strongly protested, "I am following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a good person. Which law did I break? Falun Gong cured my illness, but you came to my house to bother me repeatedly. Why didn't you come when I was sick?" The police officers had nothing to say and eventually left.

Life Renewed by Practicing Falun Gong

Ms. Mou, 44, was diagnosed with leukemia at age 26. She suffered from excessive bleeding, and relied on injections and blood infusions to sustain her life. The large quantity of medication suppressed her appetite. She frequented in-patient care and spent eight months at the hospital in one year. After spending more than 100,000 yuan in medical expenses, her condition still did not improve. Her husband finally filed for divorce and took away their six year-old child. Ms. Mou moved to her parents' home. To help their daughter, her elderly parents borrowed money from friends and relatives and ended up in deep debt.

In spring 2003, a dying Mou Lihua received a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. She learned the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and realized that only after assimilating with the higher principles and becoming a truly good person can one achieve true health. In the past seven years, since 2003, she received only one blood infusion at the beginning, and her health gradually improved. She can now do laundry, cooking and other chores. Sometimes she helps her parents to do farm work in the field. Family members and friends all saw the great power of Falun Gong from her change. Her parents fully support her in continuing to practice Falun Gong.

Police phone numbers:

District Police Office: 86-421-3817868
Police chief, Li Dongfeng: 86-421-3817887 (office), 86-421-2616161 (home), 86-13304217887 (cell)
Deputy chief, Yang Wei: 86-421-33813883 (office), 86-421-32615958 (home), 86-13050933918 (cell)
Political head, Hong Guanghui: 86-421-3817868 (office), 86-421-7289799 (home), 86-13842182977 (cell)
Police team head, Zhang Hua: 86-421-23817868 (office), 86-421-22914334 (home), 86-13304214334 (cell)
Police team head, Li Changxing: 86-421-23817868 (office), 86-421-22812010 (home), 86-13352369292 (cell)
Police officers, Wang Gang and Xi Wentao: 86-421-23817868 (office), 86-13842182000 (cell), 86-13842141650 (cell)

Written on March 14, 2010