(Clearwisdom.net) I have persuaded most of my relatives to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. However, I rarely talked to friends and acquaintances about it, especially when they were not interested in listening. And I never spoke to strangers about it. I was just not that interested in telling people about Falun Gong and often forgot about it. I live in a remote mountain area and do not have access to truth-clarification materials. The 610 Office has been following me and monitoring my cell phone calls and Internet activities, especially around sensitive dates. My family members have been feeling tremendous pressure, and I did not think it was practical to make truth-clarification materials. Of course, these thoughts were the results of my attachments.

My grandmother passed away recently, between the two CCP conferences. Authorities from the 610 Office came to harass me when I was preparing for her funeral. I did not restrain myself and cursed at them for being so inconsiderate. They said that their superiors pressured them to visit me twice a day, and if I went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong, all of them would be fired. They invited me for a meal so that they could chat with me.

I calmed down and looked inward. I had already clarified the truth and given them the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Shen Yun Performing Arts DVD. Although they had not quit the CCP, they accepted the facts about Falun Gong. So why were they still bothering me? I wanted to break through the interference and pressure they brought to my family and myself. I realized I first had to raise my xinxing. I do not like people from the 610 Office because they have very bad reputations; rumor has it that one of them is sexually promiscuous. I don't approve of lewd behavior, and I avoid contact with people like that.

I also realized that I did not have a clear understanding of practitioners' resistance to the persecution. I thought that practitioners who were monitored were the ones who did well, were influential and were perceived to be a threat to the authorities. I even had the mentality of showing off, that I could even scare them even if I did not step out of the house.

After I found these attachments, the Fa principles became clear to me, and I knew what to do. I accepted their invitation. I let go of human notions and wanted to save them with a compassionate heart.

In the evening I watched this year's Shen Yun's performance on DVD, and I was shocked! Teacher is personally awakening sentient beings! The performance was beautiful beyond words. While looking at the stage, I had a very strong wish to share this beautiful performance with others. As long as I had the wish, I could make it happen, and Teacher would help me realize my wish. At the time I only had three blank DVDs. I made a copy of the set and planned to give them out.

As I was about to clarify the truth during the meal with the people from the 610 Office, the one with a lewd reputation mentioned that he had read the Nine Commentaries. I was about to say something but he interrupted me, "You practice Falun Gong, so people may not believe what you say, whereas I worked at the Office of Appeals in Beijing. People would believe what I say." He continued to talk about how the CCP spread false information, the truth about the "self-immolation incident," and the real life cases that happened around us.

I looked at him with astonishment as he talked in a logical manner. I suddenly understood that I could not neglect saving someone just because of their immoral behavior. Teacher has said that all sentient beings came for the Fa. Regardless of their conduct in the human society, they can be saved as long as they have some good nature left in them. At the same time, I saw my attachment to self. I was saving sentient beings with a human notion and only saving those whom I liked. I only chose the ones who met my standards and refused the opportunity to save those whom I disliked. I lacked compassion. This is the reason why, in the past, I only persuaded my relatives and no one else to quit the party. I complained that people were in the midst of delusion and did not want to listen; yet, I was the crux of the problem.

I encouraged the officers to quit the party, but none of them said anything. So I told them they could talk to me privately if they wanted to quit.

The next morning, one of them came to see me. He wanted to quit the party. I said, "How about quitting under the name of 'peace?' I wish peace to your family and the people in our area." He was very happy, and told me what his superior thought of me and what they knew all about me. He urged me to be careful and promised that he would secretly protect practitioners. I had finally broken through my attachments and was surprised that the first person to quit was from the 610 Office.

Shen Yun's performances display the process of Fa-rectification. From now on, I will spend more time clarifying the truth and make up for the losses. This year's Shen Yun performance revealed the presence and the dignity of Buddha. It was somewhat festive as well. The last number on the program, "The Buddha's Teachings Spread Far and Wide," indicated that the Buddha Law is being shown to the human world and sentient beings are seeking the truth. I cannot remain silent any longer. I must fulfill my vows and break through everything that blocks sentient beings from being saved.