(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company performed two shows at Hyogo Performing Arts Center in Nishinomiya, Japan on March 17. The show attracted local people from all walks of life as well as the local arts communities. Among them was Hiroshi Shiraishi, publisher of the Kansai Music News magazine, and also a music and dance columnist.

Mr. Hiroshi Shiraishi, publisher of Kansai Music News magazine

As the publisher of Kansai Music News, Mr. Hiroshi is known for his expertise in music and dance. After enjoying the Shen Yun performance at the Hyogo Performing Arts Center on March 17, 2010, he praised the show saying it "is a remarkable performing arts troupe, distinguished by its beauty in all aspects." The Shen Yun orchestra with its combination of Western and Chinese instruments intrigued Mr. Hiroshi. He admired how the "traditional Chinese instruments, with their Oriental charm, and Western instruments, with their powerful display (of feelings), are skillfully blended. The result is refreshing and very creative."

Mr. Hiroshi was particularly impressed by the techniques of expression in the program Nothing Can Block the Divine Path. He said, "The program manifests steadfast determination even in the face of violence. Development of the plot is quite drastic, but it is dramatized in a very succinct and clear way. The audience finds the ending gratifying in which the persecuted ascend to the heavenly world. The techniques of expression are really stunning."

Full of praise for the impeccable performance, Mr. Hiroshi said, "The movements of all dancers are unimaginably uniform, which brings stage beauty to the eyes. With bright and brilliant colors of costumes, the performing arts are perfect."

Chinese Audience Member: 'I've gained the most this time'

Ms. Xu traveled from China to Japan to see the show. After seeing the show twice, she excitedly told the reporter, "This is genuine, authentic Chinese culture. Yet this kind of art is buried in China. I was moved to tears. It should be performed in the whole world, especially in China. It should be performed in the entire country."

Ms. Xu, a former state official who graduated from a military academy in China has served in the army. She said, "I feel it's great art from the bottom of my heart. Much of our art has been buried in mainland China and were misunderstood and overlooked. The show reflects intense artistry and people's voices as well. So I am very excited, very excited! How many years haven't I seen such good artistic performances. I've gained the most this time."

Ms. Xu learned about Shen Yun from her child who works in Japan. She arrived in Japan two days ago, and missed the show in Tokyo. So she spent a whole night taking the bus to Nishinomiya. "I rushed here. I thought I had to catch the last bus last night. I was on time today. So I saw the show twice today. I was moved to tears. I was extremely excited. Though I'm quite aged, I'm still very excited! If it can be performed in China, many people will love it for sure. We haven't seen such a good show in China. It is a very good artistic show. It is indeed not easy to make these kinds of programs. What I've seen in China were just messed-up trivial performances. I don't want to watch them at all."

"There was no dialogue in the show but we can understand everything. It reflects our Chinese traditional art from the ancient to the current, like Splitting the Mountain."

"When I saw the program Nothing Can Block the Divine Path, I cried immediately. I was very moved. Many people in China want to learn and know about Falun Gong. I know many people practice secretly. They secretly read the books."

"I've never seen such a good artistic performance. I've gained the most this time!"