(Clearwisdom.net) I was invited to join a privately-run enterprise some time ago. The enterprise, which had been in operation for half a year, offered me a very competitive salary, good working conditions, and a special assistant. In addition, the job suited my training, and the workplace is near my home. However, thinking that the job might take up too much of my effort and time and would affect my cultivation, making truth-clarifying materials, and attending the Fa-study group, I turned the offer down. I thought that it was unworthy of me to exchange my precious time for money, since my financial situation was not so bad. However, my colleague's husband who worked there called me several times a day, asking me to help them out. It made me feel that it might be Master's arrangement and related to Fa-rectification. I then asked them for a higher salary to show that I was not eager, but they agreed to my request. So, I started working there three days later.

The company had had losses for several months. After I got there, business quickly improved and they started to make a profit. This allowed me have a good effect not only in the company, but also in society. During that time, many customers came in, most of whom were from remote regions. Although human morality is corrupt nowadays, I never did anything unethical and followed Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in dealing with those customers. Moreover, I kept encouraging my boss not to entrap others, so the company in that period did business ethically. It is hard to find companies that follow moral standards to do business in China nowadays, due to the influence of the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

At the same time, I clarified the truth about Falun Gong to the boss, my assistant, my colleagues, and customers, and I helped them quit the CCP. However, I still hadn't enlightened to why I was working there. Did I go there just to work and to save sentient beings while helping their business? I actually did that every day before I got there.

One day, my boss suddenly asked me, "Why didn't you register those customers?" I was puzzled. That job should have been done by the front desk. Even though my department needed those registrations, they should have been done by my assistant. Why did the boss ask me to do it specifically? I was still wondering about it when the boss ordered me to take responsibility for the registrations, saying that it would be good for my return visitors in the future. Afterwards, the assistant told me, "The company never did registrations in the past because very few customers came each day. But since you got here, more and more customers come every day."

When I left that enterprise 80 days later, there were already several thousand phone numbers in my registration book. A fellow practitioner told me that those numbers were all from very remote locations, and that the Minghui/Clearwisdom website had reported that many people in those locations were lost in the evil CCP's lies because there are only a few Dafa disciples and very few truth-clarifying materials there. Then I realized that this special experience was actually to bring opportunities to those precious sentient beings who couldn't obtain truth-clarifying materials. After I returned home, I sent all those numbers to the Minghui website and also to the group that uses the cell phone to clarify the truth. I understand that each phone number stands not only for one person, but also represents many sentient beings in a large region.

I enlightened to the profound meaning of:

"When one is attached to nothing
The path underfoot is naturally smooth."
("Unimpeded" in Hong Yin Vol. II)

Our current jobs, life, and every activity we participate in are all closely related to saving sentient beings. We are all particles of Dafa. If we get rid of attachments within the Fa, become selfless, and follow the course of nature, we are walking on the path that Master arranges. Then we can save more sentient beings that Master brings to us, finish our responsibilities well, and fulfill our vows that we made before history. It seems that we are actively saving sentient beings, but it is actually Master's arrangement when we are saving sentient beings!

March 9, 2010