Mar. 9

Mr. Jiang Feng was arrested at Pudong Airport in Shanghai on the way to join his wife Mei Xuan, an artist at Shen Yun Performing Arts Company in America.

Mar. 11

The case of Hong Kong residents Ms. Li Yaohua and her daughter, Zhang Yibo, has attracted international attention as the authorities in Shanghai neither release nor try them.

Ms. Li Zhimin, just released from a labor camp, describes some of her experiences and observations after two years of torture.

Mar. 12

Mr. Wang Enhui died on February 15, 2010 after less than six monthes of imprisonment. He had been on a hunger strike. Due to the color of his skin and marks on his body his family wished to take a photograph. They were denied and authorities forced the quick cremation of Mr. Wang.

Mar. 13

Retired teacher Ms. Liu Lihua died January 28, 2010, a few months after her release in poor condition from her most recent imprisonment. Over the past ten years, Ms. Liu was detained and imprisoned multiple times. One of her earlier experiences of imprisonment and torture was documented by human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng.

Mar. 14

The incident that took place in the prison one year ago is now exposed to outside. Guards and inmates launched a round of violent abuse against Falun Gong practitioners, but the ward CCP secretary claimed the victims were "making trouble." and its Chinese-language sister-website ( provide first-hand reports about the horrors of the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Dozens of reports are received every day from the victims of torture, the wrongfully imprisoned, and families crippled by the senseless hardship and grief for their loved ones imposed by the persecution. In contrast, the websites also report positive news and events from the more than 80 countries around the world where Falun Gong is practiced, and serve as an online forum for practitioners to share stories of the good things Falun Gong has brought to their lives. For more information, please contact