(Clearwisdom.net) BRUGES, Belgium--Ranger Russel was very impressed after seeing Shen Yun in Bruges on March 10. "It was absolutely incredible. I didn't know what to expect, but if I had imagined a perfect show, this is what I would have selected."

Born in the US, Mr. Russel has lived in Belgium for the past 15 years. He is in charge of assisting and managing the deployment of NATO civilians for crises response and peace operations.

Mr. Russel thought the show would be valuable for NATO to attend. "The show is Chinese culture. The important fact is that NATO is focused on European issues. Now it is getting involved in issues in other areas. The more we understand the different cultures, the closer we can come to world peace, I believe."

Mr. Russel came to the show because he has plans for a Christmas trip to Hong Kong for five days with his grandchildren. Before going, he wanted to give them an insight into Chinese culture "and it was everything I wanted in a show, even more."

"If I had imagined how wonderful the show was, I would have brought more friends to see it." He also brought his mother-in-law. The gracious lady is 85 years old but looks only 60.

Mr. Russel learned about the show when he went to a promotion stand at a convention in November. "I thought, my goodness, that is something that my grandchildren should see and so should I."

Mr. Russel thought it would be valuable for NATO to attend the show

"The overall impact of the show, to me, is the Chinese culture: truth, simplicity, sincerity, and a belief in a power greater than themselves. I think that's important, because a lot of things are going on. If people don't have this belief, when times are bad and they have to make critical decisions, they won't cross certain lines because there is something greater than themselves that they have to answer to."

For Mr. Russel, faith is very important in overcoming crisis. "Nothing is always straightforward in one's personal life. At some point, they need an anchorage ... When knowledge fails, faith is what carries you through. The measure is not how often you fall down, but how many times you stand up and go forward."

Part of the mission of Shen Yun is to leave audiences with an experience of consummate beauty, and, for Mr. Russel, this mission was fulfilled.

"It's a lasting memory. It's a nice time shared with the family. We will never forget it. For those who didn't come, we wish they had. I'm going to check the schedule for the rest of the world tour to see if other relatives are able to make the show. "

Mr. Russel has a clear message to his friends: "I will tell them: the show is a must-not-miss. You should not miss it. There are few things that you see in life that can enrich you. It's doesn't matter what language it is in. Even if they don't hear and see it in English translation, they will come away and be enriched. That is what it does for you. There is not much more that one can say. The show will enrich their lives. They will be stimulated."