(Clearwisdom.net) After the persecution started, other young practitioners and I had the chance to participate in an intensive Fa study group. Studying the Fa together helped us build a solid foundation for our cultivation and saved us from feeling helpless and lost. I have been grateful to those fellow practitioners who initiated and formed a peaceful group study environment for young practitioners in those difficult days.

When I was a teenager years ago, a fellow practitioner found me and told me that they were going to set up a study group for young practitioners. I was happy to learn about this, because we had few chances to study the Fa together after the persecution started. Not long before, a practitioner who had coordinated a young practitioner's study group was arrested by the 610 Office and sent to a forced labor camp. I appreciated that the practitioner had came forward to organize a new group for us in such a harsh situation.

I remember that only a few practitioners my age showed up the first time we had group study. With guidance from an elderly practitioner, our Fa study was fruitful and the atmosphere was peaceful and light. Eventually, more young practitioners joined the group, and we witnessed how each of us cultivated diligently. One practitioner double crossed his legs whenever he watched Master's lecture video or read Zhuan Falun; another read the book aloud with an open heart, and others could feel the righteous energy coming from her voice. In order to practice leg double-crossing, a practitioner meditated with his legs tied with ropes even though he sweated so much from the pain. Another practitioner, after having been enlightened by the Fa, promised her parents and Master that she would not do the wrong things she had done in the past. Her mother was moved by the practitioner's strong mind-will and the power of Dafa, so she started reading the book herself. Yet another practitioner came to group study every time in spite of his busy schedule preparing for a national exam. If he had a little spare time, he would talk to his classmates about the truth of Falun Gong. When he shared his experience with us in the group, we felt happy for the ordinary people who had understood the truth and been moved by the practitioner's state of "Cultivate Dafa with all your heart, Nothing could be more important." ("Gaining the Fa" in Hong Yin)

Master's lectures were cleansing us in our practice field and leading us away from the bad habits we had picked up in mass society. We cared about each other's cultivation, life, and schoolwork. We shared our experiences and looked within when conflicts arose, and encouraged each other with our Fa study and cultivation. Sometimes adult practitioners and young practitioners had disagreements, but we opened our hearts to discuss the issues regardless of our age difference. We witnessed the sufferings of the adult practitioners and admired their endurance. They represented diligent Dafa practitioners.

During the days of intensive Fa study, we sent forth righteous thoughts regularly, looked within when conflicts arose, disregarded interference to eliminate misunderstandings, and shared our opinions sincerely. We were careful about safety when we arrived at and left the study site, and strengthened the field with righteous thoughts. When we finished our intensive study safely, I felt like a new person and found myself full of righteous energy.

In my life and schoolwork later, I was able to manage various difficulties, thanks to the solid foundation in the Fa gained through the intensive study period. Cultivating in the midst of the secular world, we are watched by the old forces that are trying to drag us down by taking advantage of our attachments and using all kinds of excuses. Sometimes we do not even know that we are going down and still feel that we are better than ordinary people, forgetting that the moral standards of mainstream society are already very low. Occasionally, we make mistakes even though we should know better, which causes us to move further and further away from the Fa, as if our souls are leaving us. Here I want to remind all adult practitioners: Do not forget your children if they learned Dafa from you before. You may think that your children will not listen to you any longer since they have grown up, but they still want Dafa in the depths of their hearts. The reason they became your children was because they knew you would be Dafa practitioners.

The Fa-Rectification is progressing rapidly, and many Dafa projects need more manpower. If your children can come back to Dafa cultivation, more sentient beings, especially those of your children's age, will possibly be saved. Young people who have grown up under the communist culture do not have much knowledge of the Community Party's history, but they may be open to the opinions of young practitioners of the same age.

The above are my opinions. Please point out anything inappropriate from the Fa's perspective.