(Clearwisdom.net) TOKYO--Ms. Muriel Jolivet, a renowned scholar, writer, and university professor who specializes in Japanese-French comparative culture, attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts performance at Tokyo's U-Port Hall on the evening of March 6, 2010.

Ms. Jolivet has lived in Japan for more than 30 years. She said she was deeply impressed by the program The Emperor Ushers in a Glorious Age. "We don't see this in Japanese culture. Although there are many monks here in Japan, we never see Buddha on the stage. This makes me feel deities and Buddha are very close to us. It is truly wonderful."

Ms. Muriel Jolivet, a renowned scholar and writer.

Actress: "I felt the power of their faith"

Renowned Japanese actress Asaka Mitsuyo was in the audience for Shen Yun's final performance in Tokyo on March 7. She remarked that the show was very beautiful and gave a strong overall impression. She was particularly moved by the dance, Nothing Can Block the Divine Path, which depicts the lack of spiritual freedom in modern-day China.

"Yet when I saw the persecuted mother and daughter show their reverence toward the divine beings, I felt the power of their faith. Evil things, wherever they are, are always evil. In the end, good is always rewarded, while evil is always punished," said Asaka.

Actress Asaka Mitsuyo saw Shen Yun for the first time

Member of Japan's House of Representatives: "Shen Yun is divine arts"

Mr. Nakatsugawa Hirosato, a member of Japan's House of Representatives, saw Shen Yun for the second time on March 7. He said with pleasant amazement: "Although the two words, 'Shen Yun,' are relatively unfamiliar to the entire country of Japan, Shen Yun is divine arts. I hope all Japanese people know and understand Shen Yun and I hope Shen Yun can spread widely in Japan, penetrating the Japanese society from top to bottom."

Member of Japan's House of Representatives, Nakatsugawa Hirosato

"It made me more amazed at the grandess of traditional Chinese culture"

Mr. Noguchi Kataka, a master of the Japanese tea ceremony and incense ceremony, said: "I believe in divine power. The programs that express good and evil are rewarded accordingly impressed me the most. I was deeply moved by the show. It is more real than what was told by my friend who is a Kabuki [a traditional Japanese performing arts] performer. It is incredibly beautiful. It made me more amazed at the grandness of traditional Chinese culture."

Makeup Artist: "The use of color integrates heaven and human into one"

Ms. Itako Kiyomi is a makeup artist who has a special interest in beauty and color coordination. She marveled: "It's really marvelous how the Chinese people use the color, which cannot be expressed with words. We seldom use colors like this in Japan. It's the color close to the heavens, close to the glory of the divine. It's so beautiful and so magnificent."