(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1995, and I became a teacher in 2000. Even as a novice teacher, I was already a lead teacher in a high school, and I had about 50 students in my class. A few days after I started working, another lead teacher suggested to me, "Collect some money for the books in your class." After the money was collected, I asked her, "Who do we give the money to?" She said, "The money is to be used for your class." I asked, "What about the left over money?" She indicated that I should keep whatever was left over. I am a Dafa practitioner--how could I do such a thing? I talked about it with my mother, who is also a practitioner. We decided to secretly hold the money. When the class graduated, I called the students to me one by one, returned their money, and told them the truth about Falun Gong. Sometime later, on a train, I met the mother of one of my students, a teacher herself. She said, "My child told me what you did; it is unbelievable. My child respects you very much."

Now for my class, instead of keeping the money left over after paying for school materials, after a test, I give out rewards to encourage those that have improved their grades or have scored high. Sometimes I give gifts to the whole class. By doing this, I encourage my students through my words and actions I deeply understand that to become a good person, one needs some strategies and wholehearted diligence.

During the past nine years, I have taught many classes, but I have only taught one senior year class. At that time, I had a lot of turmoil in my heart, and the school officials didn't completely trust me. They only let me teach up to the junior year. Over time it occurred to me that I should meet with more of my students, because I need to clarify the truth to all of them. Even after graduation, I try to save them whenever I see them; their relatives and friends might also be saved as a result. For those I do not meet by chance, I look for them at home.

Many of my old classmates got married, but I did not go to their weddings and thus missed opportunities to explain the facts about Falun Gong to them. Later, after they had become teachers, when I visited them at work, some were exercising alone at the schoolyard and some were watching their students exercising. Those were very good opportunities for me to clarify the facts to them alone. Each occasion seemed so natural and coincidental. Yes, the sentient beings are already worrying and waiting to be saved. Master has planned everything; he is just waiting for us to do our part.

Now, whenever a colleague gets married, has a baby, gets sick, or has a personal problem--anything that would prompt a friendly visit--or when I am asked for a favor, I see those meetings as an opportunity for them to learn the truth. They have all been able to take in what I had to say. I also ask them to tell their families about all those wonderful things and how to keep themselves safe, and they agree.

Being a tutor is also a good chance to clarify the truth. Students I tutor may have parents who are factory directors, police officers, business owners, etc. I recall one such tutored student. During our study breaks, I would tell her stories, read materials from the Zhengjian website, and quote from classical stories. She was enlightened and always looked forward to our study breaks, and she slowly understood more and more about human principles. However, she didn't want to listen when I tried to clarify the truth to her and urge her to withdraw from CCP organizations. It was predestined for us to meet in this lifetime, so I cannot leave her behind! I had her watch Shen Yun and truth clarifying DVDs. My mother and I also went to her home to clarify the truth. Finally, her mother, who is a policewoman; her father, who is a factory director; and the daughter all withdrew from the CCP organizations.

Being a Dafa practitioner, we have to do the three things well. My career choice to be a teacher allows me to meet many sentient beings. I understand our profound responsibilities and that we must hurry to contact and save the sentient beings. Being a practitioner and a schoolteacher, I realize how honored I am. With all of my heart, I am happy.

These are some of my understandings. I believe that, with Master's guidance and righteous thoughts, I will try even harder to improve myself. Thanks to Master! Thanks to my fellow practitioners!