(Clearwisdom.net) I am a young practitioner from Australia. I started to practice Falun Gong when I was four years old, and now I am 13 years old. I watched the videos of Teacher's Fa lectures when I was young so I can understand and speak Chinese, but I cannot write or read well. When I read Dafa literature in English, I always find that it is more difficult to understand the deeper meaning of the Fa than it is in Chinese. I am very sorry that I cannot study the Fa in Chinese. Now I would like to share with young practitioners my visions on two occasions while I did Falun Gong exercises.

Because of my attachment to Disney programs on the Internet, I did not do the Falun Gong exercises for quite a long time. When I did the exercises again, I was in tears when I saw some infants in other dimensions. They were about four years old, but they seemed to be omniscient. They were dressed in beautiful traditional Chinese bellybands for young babies. They said to me: "Sister, please save us." Then, there came a huge Buddha. He dissolved the vision and said to me, "Your world is even more beautiful than this, but it cannot yet be shown to you."

I have heard from some adult fellow practitioners that not doing Dafa exercises will lead to the withering of the sentient beings in our world. On the second occasion, I was in tears again when I saw many withered trees and terrible animals like snakes, serpents, and spiders. When I did the exercises, my gong would radiate and turned whatever it touched into good things. The withered trees came back to life, the flowers started to blossom, and those terrible animals turned into lovely animals like deer and rabbits. As my gong radiated further, everything it touched changed instantly; dead things came back to life, lives were flourishing, birds were singing, and even the flowers seemed to be smiling joyously. All this happened as a result of my doing the Dafa exercises in this dimension.

I understood that Teacher was inspiring me to do the Dafa exercises more, and I could not help but cry. Here, I'm writing about it to share with fellow practitioners so we can improve together in our cultivation. Thank you, Teacher, for your compassionate salvation.

Written on 29.01.2010