(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. During these years of cultivation, although I studied the Fa every day, I seldom comprehended something, and I did not really raise my level in the Fa. Thus I could not compare my actions with the Fa when facing conflicts. At times, I did look inward and find my attachments, but I still could not relinquish them. In a word, this was because I did not devote myself to the Fa and understand the Fa from a rational point of view. I became determined to recite Master's Fa with great efforts. Thus I started on my way to reciting the Fa.

First, I maintained a righteous mindset and recited the Fa with a pure mind, without pursuit of anything. I was then able to comprehend something from each paragraph every time I recited the Fa. My body was surrounded by strong energy when I sent forth righteous thoughts. And what is more important is that I learned how to look inward and relinquished many attachments deep in my heart.

When I recited the Fa for the second time, I realized that every sentence in Master's Fa, right from the first lecture, tells us to look inward. My husband is also a Dafa practitioner, and we created a Fa study group. We maintained good sitting posture when studying the Fa, and we read with a calm, compassionate status and at a proper speed. When we read something mistakenly, we corrected it immediately and started from the beginning of that paragraph. Sometimes we read a paragraph four times to reach the standard. Another practitioner later joined our Fa study group, and then a higher standard was set during the Fa study. We got rid of many attachments like the fear of making mistakes while reading, the fear of being criticized by others, and the mentality of showing off. However, every time we were able to reach a status where we studied the Fa with pure heart of respect for Master and the Fa.

Master mentioned in a lecture about the establishing of materials production sites everywhere. Other fellow practitioners also suggested that I buy a computer. Because I lacked faith in Master and the Fa, I was held back by fear. Because of my reciting the Fa, I got rid of my fear and realized that I am the safest when following Master's teachings. Several days later, I bought a computer. Therefore, I was able to go to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website and set up a home-based materials production site.

Recalling my path during these years of cultivation, it was bumpy. My performance was far from Master's requirement. I will require of myself to strictly follow the Fa and do the three things well.