(Clearwisdom.net) The illnesses suffered by a seventy-eight year-old man in a remote county in Sichuan Province entirely disappeared after he began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. He also had more energy. His eye disease was also gone and his eyesight returned to normal. His neighbors all witnessed Dafa's miracles manifest in him.

Easily Threading a Needle

In 2005, the Sichuan Province "Winter Tourism Conference" was to be held in their county. Being afraid that Dafa practitioners might come out to clarify the truth and distribute flyers, local officials went to Dafa practitioners' homes to harass them and order them to not go out.

One day in October, the township security officer led the party secretary of the County Political and Legal Committee, president of the County Court, director of the County Public Security Bureau, and the director of the County Bureau of Civil Affairs to this elderly man's home to threaten him. When they entered, the security officer called the elderly man to come forward so they could lecture him. The man thought, "Normally I can't find you when I look for you. Now you have all come to my home. It's a good time for you all to learn the truth and to stop persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners."

The elderly man sat down with the officials. Before the security officer finished talking, he began clarifying the truth to the group. He started by describing the huge physical and spiritual changes that he experienced after practicing Falun Dafa. He told them that he took fame and personal interests lightly, that he considered others at all times, and that as a result all of his diseases were gone. He had experienced problems with his eyesight before and couldn't even see clearly, but after he practiced Falun Gong, his vision was restored, and he could even sew clothes. The county security officer also verified that the man previously had a severe eye problem.

The president of the court wanted to challenge him, and said, "If you can thread a needle in front of us, we will believe what you said and leave right away." The elderly man replied, "Deal." He went to his room to get a needle and thread. He asked for Teacher's help. Then in front of the group, he easily put the thread through the eye of the needle. The president of the court took the needle and saw it was indeed threaded. The president tried threading the needle too. It took him four tries to do it. The old man said, "I can do it in one try. The president is so young but still needed four tries. Will you respect Dafa now?"

But they still tried to make difficulties for him. The party secretary of the Political and Legal Committee said, "I didn't see what you did. Do it again. Otherwise you need to come with us." The elderly man said, "Watch carefully." He held the needle in his hand and saw that the size of the needle was magnified several times. This time he threaded the needle even faster, and easily put the thread through the tiny opening. He knew that Teacher was helping him. Those officials had nothing to say. He continued to clarify the truth of Dafa to them. As they stood up to leave, he said, "I haven't finished talking yet. Please sit down and let me tell you more about Falun Gong." They rushed out to their cars and left.

The Police Were Not Able to Move Him

In July 2008, before the Beijing Olympic Games, four officers from the National Security Team of the County Public Security Bureau went to the old man's home. They tried both luring him and threatening him, as they wanted to take him to a brainwashing center. He resolutely refused to go, but there were four of them. "What would happen if they used force?" The old man recalled that Teacher said, "No matter what the situation, do not cooperate with the evil's demands, orders, or what it instigates." ("Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful," from Essentials for Further Advancement II). So he sat in the lotus position to send righteous thoughts.

The police saw that he was not fooled by their efforts, so they tried to grab him by force—, but they couldn't budge him. When two police officers tried to lift him up and carry him to their car the elderly man thought to himself, "The police can't pull me, nor can they carry me," and indeed, the two policemen were not able to move him. The other two police officers then also joined in to move the man. Four young policemen tried with all their might, but were still unable to move one old man. He sat like a mountain and continued sending righteous thoughts. The officials had nothing further they could do, so they dejectedly left.

Original Article: January 21, 2010