(Clearwisdom.net) Sending righteous thoughts is a very powerful tool which Teacher has given us and one of the three things that He has required us to do. It is very important. As long as we follow our Teacher by sending righteous thoughts and firmly believing in the Fa and Teacher, we can do anything. The following is my sharing on sending righteous thoughts during these last several years.

1. Rain Stops with Righteous Thoughts

Once another practitioner and I picked uptruth clarification materials to bring home. When we started off, the sky was full of stars, and the moon appeared very bright. When we left with our materials, suddenly, the sky became very cloudy and a thunderstorm was fast approaching. It seemed that the rain would start pouring down at any moment.

We sped up to return home. At this time, the thunder became loud. I was so worried because if it rained, all of our righteous materials would be ruined. That would be a big loss. These materials were very precious. Practitioners took a great risk in bringing them from another city. It was really risky. I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked for Teacher's help: Please arrange for the rain to fall in another place. I repeated this again and again. Later, the thunder became quieter and quieter. It just fell a little and then it became sunny.

The next day at noon, one of my three brothers came by taxi to see me. He commented on how strange last night's thunder storm seemed. One side of the bridge, which separates two locations, was heavy with rain but the other side had no rain. "I thought that Teacher kept the rain away," he added.

2. Policemen's Car Breaks

In the autumn of 2002, a practitioner was reported for distributing truth clarification materials. When she was arrested, she could not bear the torture and divulged another practitioner's and my information. There was a kind person there who told us that the policeman had already driven to my house.

After I heard this, I immediately walked to the mountain in the front of my house. I found a quiet place and sent righteous thoughts so that the police car would break down and the officer would not be able to come. I silently repeated the righteous words. I found that my heart became more calm and thus, the power of my thoughts became stronger. As I continued to send righteous thoughts, I felt completely absorbed, with a great sense that there was nothing in this world but only the words that I was speaking. For a long time, I felt that I was losing focus so I asked for Teacher's help. Suddenly, the power of my thoughts became stronger. I could not see other dimensions with my third eye, but I did feel all the evil was being eliminated in the universe.

I truly appreciate Teacher's help. The police did not come. Several days later, that kind person said the policeman's car had broken down so they could not come. I really experienced the power of righteous once again.

3. An Evil Picture Falls Down

My sister (a fellow practitioner) and I went to my nephew 's engagement party. When we were in the yard, we noticed Mao's evil picture hung prominently on one of the walls. We said aloud: "We are sending righteous thoughts for this picture to fall down." Voila! The picture fell down within five minutes.

4. Distracting Sound Is Eliminated

Recently, we affixed several self-adhesive posters around our local area. I put up several posters in my village and sent righteous thoughts at home so that they would not be torn down. My husband does not practice Falun Dafa and watches TV every day. I used to sit against the wall sending righteous thoughts. In the beginning, the TV was so loud that I could not be calm and felt very irritated. I sent righteous thoughts to immediately eliminate all the evil factors that interfered with my righteous thoughts. Later, I could not hear any noise.

February 11, 2010