(Clearwisdom.net) In order to force detained Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their beliefs, officials of the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia set up an "Education and Reform Center" and began their efforts at "reform" on October 26, 2009.

The Women's Reform Team includes political head Zhou Guoling and guards Di Fengrong, Li Aiye, Zhang Yaguang, Wang Guangxue, Song Jing, Wan Liping, Li Chunlei, Yao Shuxia, Wang Fuchan, Zhai Qiuhua, and Meng Chunying.

The guards employ all torture methods possible in attempts to coerce practitioners to give up their beliefs. They subjected practitioners Ms. Chen Wenbei and Ms. Xu Xiufen to sleep deprivation and forced them to stand for about ten days, until they fainted and fell down. These two practitioners suffered from abdominal pain and were unable to walk.

Five guards ganged up to beat Ms. Xu Xiufen in December 2009. She was injured all over and was almost unable to walk.

Guard Wan Liping slapped Ms. Jiang Yuhui's face many times on December 14, 2009, because she refused to wear an inmate uniform.

Ms. Gao Wa refused to go to eat at the cafeteria in December 2009, because she was being treated unfairly. Guard Yi Guijuan instructed criminals Qin Haixia and Yang Yuxia to shove and drag Ms. Gao to the cafeteria. The two criminals verbally abused Ms. Gao and threatened to shock her with electric batons.

The labor camp celebrated its 50-year anniversary on June 28, 2009. The guards ordered all practitioners to wear inmate uniforms. Ms. Zhu Jinzhong refused to comply. Guards Na Renhua and Guan Lichun fiercely beat her with rubber sticks. After that, the guards violently kicked Ms. Zhu and yanked out several clumps of her hair. Guards Na Renhua and Guan Lichun handcuffed Ms. Zhu because she refused to wear the inmate uniform. The guards sealed her mouth with adhesive tape and called for others to carry her outside to bake in the sun for half a day. She was carried back at night. Gross abuse made her look too horrible to behold.

Ms. Cui Fengxia suffered from high blood pressure, between 160 and 180. Guards Na Renhua and Hu Hongbo still tried to force her to do hard labor. Ms. Cui refused to comply. Hu Hongbo handcuffed her behind her back, and he and Na Renhua beat her. Ms. Cui was in great pain, and her wrists were bloody.