(Clearwisdom.net) There is an intensive management district inside the Jiangxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp. Most of the Dafa practitioners are held there. The prison authorities divided a large room into 8 square meter rooms with one door and one small window. It usually held three people, one Dafa practitioner and two other inmates who were monitoring the Dafa practitioner at all times. The Dafa practitioner is not allowed to go to the bathroom outside. Everything was forced to be done in the room and the room's air was terrible, particularly in the summer time. One could hardly breathe due to lack of fresh air and the clothes would stick to the body because of the sweat. Dafa practitioners were also subjected to slave labor.

Dafa practitioner Huang Jinrong requested an appeal to study the Fa and practice the exercises but she was cursed out by the guards who confiscated her appeal letter and instigated inmates Suo Liping and Liao Lixia to beat her up. They poked her with needles, bit her, grabbed her hair and hit her head against the wall. Huang Jinrong still has headaches to this day as well as nausea. The guard Lu Xiuying cuffed Dafa practitioner Huang Jinrong to the bed and wouldn't let her sleep or clean herself. Inmate Suo Liping also used up Huang's money and Liao Lixia extorted 100 yuan from Huang. The prison authorities openly encouraged such abuse under their authority.

Since Dafa practitioners have been kind to everyone some inmates with kind hearts do believe that Dafa practitioners are all good people. The relationships between them were good most of the time. It is the guards who instigated hatred in the inmates in order to help them persecute Dafa practitioners.

The guards would add pressure to the inmates and threaten them if Dafa practitioners refused slave labor, refused to wear the prison outfits or refused to report.. In order to prevent the circulation of Dafa articles, they used the excuse of a safety check and search Dafa practitioners and their belongings. Whoever refused would be subjected to an extension of their sentence. If they found Dafa articles or pens, the guards would extend the sentence terms of the inmates, forcing the inmates to intensify their monitoring, and even beat and curse the practitioners.