(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong practitioners on July 20, 1999. No matter what happened, though, I firmly believe in Master and Dafa. I persist in studying the Fa, doing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth. I distributed truth-clarifying materials and didn't feel tired. Every time I listen to the song "Praise to Master's Grace," I am in tears, feeling that Master has endured so much for us.

1. Obtaining the Fa During the Crisis

My husband suddenly died of an illness on October 1, 1995, leaving two kids behind. One was twelve years old and the other seven. I was overwhelmed with sorrow. Our revered Master arranged for one of my old friends to come to my house to suggest that I practice Falun Gong, which I immediately agreed to do.

At the end of October, I watched the videos of Master's lectures in Jinan City. Along with studying the Fa more and upgrading my xinxing, I realized that the true goal of a human being is to return to one's original, true self. Master said in Zhuan Falun that, "the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments." I followed Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to upgrade my xinxing. At work, I disciplined myself to be diligent in doing all the assignments my boss gave me and did not compete for personal gain. Although I was in poverty, I never applied for a financial subsidy from my company. During the period before the persecution, I cultivated and upgraded myself within Master's grace. The joy I felt was beyond words.

2. Validating the Fa While Resisting the Persecution

On July 20, 1999, the persecution started. Because I was listed as a Falun Gong practitioner in my area by the local officials, the police often harassed me. Whenever they came to my house, I clarified the truth to them and told them that all practitioners who are cultivating Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good people.

One day in 2002, the deputy head of the police station called me, asking me to go there. He had been to my house several times, but I was not at home when he came. I went to the police station without any human notions. I told him, "Before I practiced cultivation, I had a lot of diseases such as retinitis, arthritis, lumbago, stomach problems and so forth. But after I practiced cultivation, all these diseases disappeared. In addition, cultivation improves our moral characters. My younger son found 200 yuan in 1996. I gave the money to the assistant at our local practice site. Afterwards, because no one came to claim the money, we submitted it to the police station."

I also told him, "When my husband was alive, I depended on him for everything. Therefore, when he passed away, I was not able to bear this cruel fate that befell me. At that time, my two kids were little and my company's business was very bad, from which I only received three hundred yuan every month. There were no family members in my city and life was very hard. It was our revered Master who saved me during this crisis. Practicing cultivation made me realize the true meaning of life, thus making me stronger. That is why I am healthy and here today without any diseases."

He sat there, listening silently. In the end, he said, "Practicing cultivation does give you a lot of benefits. Keep doing it, but don't let others know. If someone reports you to the police, it will be out of my hands." I replied, "No one will do that because the head of our neighborhood committee and my neighbors all know that I practice Falun Gong and that I am a good person." After that, nobody came to harass me. Seeing my changes after practicing cultivation, my neighbors and colleagues came to me to learn Falun Gong. So far, seven people have read Falun Gong books and three people are already cultivating. One of them has drastically changed physically and mentally after practicing cultivation, which is very impressive to other people. When she persuades others to quit the evil CCP, people are usually convinced and she also does the three things very well.

3. Helping Fellow Practitioners Catch Up With the Process of Fa-rectification

After the persecution started in 1999, many veteran fellow practitioners began to only study Zhuan Falun at home. They did not do the three things and could not get Master's new lectures or the Minghui Weekly. Master said, "I can't leave behind a single disciple." ("Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students," April 12, 2004) I am a particle in Dafa, so I wanted to help them.

Regarding the fellow practitioners I have contact with, I always delivered Master's new lectures and Minghui Weekly to them. Whoever I was introduced to, I greeted them and advised them that they should value this precious opportunity to practice cultivation. I also told them about the process of Fa-rectification and helped their family members quit the CCP. Some veteran practitioners lost contact with me after they got arrested. Then I asked other fellow practitioners to help find their homes. We brought them MP4 players with Master's lectures on them and told them that Master requires us to do well on the three things. We need to walk on the path that Master arranged for us and we should attend Fa-study groups, read Master's new lectures and articles from the Minghui website and often exchange cultivation experiences with fellow practitioners. They felt happy and returned to group Fa study.

One veteran practitioner could not read any Dafa books or Master's lectures after the persecution. She even suffered sickness karma by the old forces, which caused her difficulty in moving about. I delivered Master's new lectures, Minghui Weekly and an MP4 player to her. In addition, I contacted fellow practitioners around her home to set up a new Fa-study group so that it would be more convenient for her.

Because I never suffered persecution, veteran fellow practitioners were willing to stay in contact with me. There were two fellow practitioners living near my house who had suffered persecution. After they were released, they rarely contacted other practitioners and could not get any new materials. I often contacted them, exchanged cultivation experiences and delivered Master's new lectures and Minghui Weeklyto them. They upgraded their xinxing quickly within the Fa. Soon they bought MP4 players and computers. I helped them contact other practitioners who were technically savvy. With their help, those two practitioners could download articles themselves from the Minghui website.

Our former assistant suffered persecution in 2002. After he was released, he did not contact fellow practitioners, but only studied the Fa and did exercises at home by himself. Another practitioner and I tried several times to visit him. When we finally saw him, we exchanged cultivation experiences with each other and soon he improved himself in the Fa. I also bought him an MP4 player. As he joined the Fa-study group, he caught up with the process of Fa-rectification and also actively worked hard doing the three things.

Several days ago, I happened to see a fellow practitioner in the food market. That practitioner just came back from her mother-in-law's home. I asked her whether she had read Master's new lectures and she said yes. Then I told her that Master requires us to seize the time to save sentient beings. But she asked me, "Didn't Fa-rectification end on October 1? We have nothing to do now." At once, I remembered matters regarding fake lectures. I asked her where she received that information and then found out that she read some fake lectures on some Internet forums. I told her at once, "Do not read them anymore. They are fake lectures. Those websites are used to spread the evil's things. Master has special writings on this matter. I will show you." She was very surprised and said that she never knew that before. I realized that Master arranged for me to help her. Then I quickly brought Master's new lectures to her home, and helped more than ten relatives of hers to quit the CCP. I urged her to study the Fa more and catch up with the process of Fa-rectification. Also, I told her to only read Master's lectures from the Minghui website in the future.

4. Saving Sentient Beings With Compassion

I am kind and easy-going. No matter whether I was in the workplace or elsewhere, people who know me all consider me honest and reliable. After practicing Falun Gong, I became stronger, healthy and happier. All my relatives, friends, colleagues and classmates have witnessed my positive physical and mental changes. Therefore, when I clarify the truth to them, they easily accept it.

Whenever I'm at dinner parties, wedding ceremonies or funerals, I clarify the truth to them. I tell them how the CCP severely persecutes Falun Gong practitioners and how the CCP fabricated the self-immolation incident to deceive the people. The CCP has done so many evil things, and gods will punish the CCP. I persuade people to quit the CCP and also tell them to recite "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good."

5. Operating a Material Production Site

Practitioners' informational materials production sites should be everywhere, so I bought a laptop in 2008. With the help of fellow practitioners, I have learned how to use the Internet, download files, and make truth-clarifying booklets. Moreover, I am able to help senior fellow practitioners print Master's new lectures and materials from the Minghui website. Under the care of revered Master, my materials production site has blossomed.