Names: Yin Fengqin (殷凤琴)
Gender: Female
Age: 63
Address: Chaoyang Street, Yanji City, Jilin Province
Occupation: Retired
Date of Death: January 29, 2010
Date of Most Recent Arrest: October 2000
Most Recent Place of Detention: Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp, Jilin Province (吉林省黑嘴子女子劳教所)
City: Yanji
Province: Jilin
Persecution Suffered: Forced labor, brainwashing, illegal sentencing, imprisonment, beatings and other torture, detention
Key Persecutors: Xiao Bin, Piao Guinan from Domestic Security Division in Yanbian; Wu Jinglin, Head of Yanbian Domestic Security Division; Chen Runlong from Yanji City Police Department

( Officials from Shuangyang, Yanji City, Jilin Province and two male collaborators Ma and Mu from Jilin Province arrived at Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yin Fengqin's home the morning of January 29, 2010 and tried to "reform" her and her husband Yang Fujin, who was paralyzed as a result of persecution. Ms. Yin Fengqin did not cooperate with the officials' illegal act. They called for reinforcement from the Yanji City Domestic Security Division and tried to arrest Yin Fengqin. She slipped and fell from her fifth floor apartment balcony during the struggle, shattered the back of her skull and fractured her arms and legs, and her ribs protruded through the skin. She was dead on arrival at Yanbian Hospital.

Ms. Yin's husband Yang Fujin is bedridden. Her daughter, Yang Lijuan, who has two young children, suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of persecution. Ms Yang's husband Li Guangshi is being held at the Jilin Prison.

Persecution of Ms. Yin Fengqin

Yin Fengqin was 63 years old, a retiree from the Yanbian Hydraulic Engineering Division. She began practicing Falun Gong in April 1996. Ms. Yin traveled to the Jilin Province government to appeal for Falun Gong on July 22, 1999 and was detained overnight in a military art school. She appealed again in Beijing on October 27, 1999 and was taken back to Yanbian. Officials, including Wu Jinglin from the Yanbian Domestic Security Division and the Politics and Security Section of the Yanbian City Police Department, persecuted her and held her at the Yanji City Detention Center for 10 days.

She set off for Beijing again in October 2000 but Shenyang City Police Department agents intercepted her. Ms. Yin was taken to the Yanji Detention Center and later subjected to two years of forced labor. She was taken to Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp in Jilin Province, where she was nearly blinded from torture. Street committee officials constantly harassed her after she returned home in March 2002.

Yanji City Domestic Security Division officials ransacked her home in May 2004. Her family of four--herself, husband, daughter and son-in-law went into exile for four years in Mudanjiang City. Xiao Bin, Piao Guinan and others from the Yanbian City Domestic Security Division joined officials from Mudanjiang Domestic Security Division. They arrested Yin Fengqin's husband Yang Fujin and their son-in-law in Mudanjiang City in 2008. They also tried to arrest Yin Fengqin but failed.

Their 33-year-old son Yang Guang began practicing Falun Gong in 1998. He appealed in Beijing on October 27, 1999. He was taken back and held at the Yanji Detention Center for 15 days. The officials sent him to three brainwashing sessions. He was held at the Helong City Domestic Security Division and Yanji City Domestic Security Division for over a month, as of April 14, 2008.

Yang Fujin paralyzed as a result of torture

Yin Fengqin's husband Yang Fujin, 62, lived on Chaoyang Street, Yanji City. He began practicing Falun Gong in April 1996. He appealed with the Jilin Province government on July 22, 1999 and was detained for one day. He again appealed, this time in Beijing on October 27, 1999 and was taken back to Yanji. Officials Chen Jinglin from the Yanji Domestic Security Division, Chen Runlong from the Yanji City Police Department and others held him at the Yanji City Detention Center for 22 days. He went to Beijing again in October 2000. Shenyang Police Department agents intercepted and held him at the Yanji Detention Center for one month and later sentenced him to two years in a labor camp. He was first held at the Yanbian Labor Camp and later transferred to the Yinmahe Labor Camp in Jiutai. Mr. Yang was released in August 2002. He was fired from his job. The family subsisted on his wife's meager pension.

The officials began monitoring Yang Fujin's residence in 2003. Chaoyang Police Station agents and street committee people used an electric drill to destroy the lock on Yang Fujin's door in May 2004. They barged inside, ransacked the home and took away Falun Gong books and personal belongings. Yang Fujin and his family went into exile and lived in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province for the next four years, where officials arrested him and his son-in-law in 2008. He was held at Dunhua City Detention Center for over a month before being transferred to Tumen City Detention Center, where he was held beyond his term by five months. While at the Dunhua City Detention Center, guards tortured him with the "Big Hang-up" for an entire morning until he showed symptoms of a stroke. He was then sent to the Yanji Detention Center, where he developed further stroke symptoms. He was illegally sentenced to four years in prison with three years reprieve but later sent home due failing health. He cannot care for himself.

Yang Lijuan suffers nervous breakdown as a result of mistreatment

The couple's daughter Yang Lijuan, 34, worked at the Yanbian Travel Bureau. She began practicing Falun Gong in May 1997. The local police held her overnight at a military art academy on July 22, 1999 when she appealed to the provincial government. Chaoyang Police Station agents watched and often harassed her. They arrested her and other practitioners and sent them to a brainwashing session at the Shiyan Rehab Center in Tumen City. Yanji City 610 Office agents headed by Hu Xiaoyan ordered police to watch all practitioners. Ms. Yang returned home after one week of brainwashing. She joined ten other local practitioners, who appealed in Beijing in October 1999. Yanji City Domestic Security Division 610 Office agents arrested her and held her at a detention center for 15 days. Chaoyang Police Station officials frequently harassed her at home after her release. The persecutors assigned people to keep her under surveillance from outside her front door for more than one year.

She appealed in Beijing again in 2000 and was taken to the Beijing Detention Center, where she went on a hunger strike to protest. Officials brutally force-fed her. They also shocked her with electric batons and punched and kicked her. She returned home on the eighth day of a hunger strike.

Yu Xue, Zhang Qingshan and others from the Antu County Domestic Security Division arrested her in 2001 when she contacted other practitioners in Yanbian. She was held at a detention center for one month, followed by one year of forced labor at the Heizuizi Women's Labor Camp. Ms. Yu visited relatives in Mudanjiang City in May 2002. Mudanjiang Railroad Police Station agents intercepted her on her way home and, claiming that she carried Falun Gong materials, sent her to the Aihe Detention Center in Mudanjiang City, where she was held beyond her term by seven months. The guards physically assaulted her and gave her an IV infusion of unknown drugs, making her develop psychotic symptoms. They then sent her to the Harbin Women's Drug Rehab Center in Heilongjiang Province. The officials there mistreated her with different means such as sleep deprivation, and handcuffed her to a heating pipe overnight. They later gave her another injection that worsened her symptoms and nearly killed her. To avoid liability, the persecutors told her family to take her home.

Yang Lijuan was unable to care for herself, and her mother had to feed her. Her condition improved after three years.

Son-in-law Li Guangshi sentenced to five years in prison

Mr. Li Guangshi is Yang Lijuan's husband. He joined other practitioners in appealing for Falun Gong and went to Beijing many times between 1999 and 2000. Yanji City Domestic Security Division officials sent him to the Yanbian Labor Camp, where he had to do forced labor and was subjected to brainwashing. Xiao Bin, Piao Guinan and other Yanbian Domestic Security Division officials arrested Li Guangshi in 2008. A Yanji City Court sentenced him to five years in the Jilin Prison.

Yin Fengqin took care of Li Guangshi and Yang Lijuan's two sons, six and three years old, before her death.

We call on all people to extend a helping hand, help Li Guangshi regain freedom, and save this family.

Contact information of persecutors:
Jin Jingri, Yanji City Police Department head: 86-433-2512839 (Office), 86-13843383300 (Cell)
Wu Jinglin, Head of Domestic Security Division in Yanbian: 86-433-2565275 (Office), 2970555 (Cell)
Xu Xiaofeng, Head of Domestic Security Division Head in Yanji: 86-433-2521388 ext.3041 (office), 2623155 (home), 2770030 (cell), 86-3904438836 (cell)
Xu Guangzhe, Political Head of Domestic Security Division in Yanji: 86-433-2552233 ext.3042 (home), 2528820 (home), 2991337 (cell)

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