Before I started to practice Falun Dafa, I had very strong feelings of lust, to the point that every day I had wild, messy thoughts which brought on strong physical reactions in my body. After starting cultivation, from a perceptual basis I knew that I couldn't drift with the current like before, but in my thinking I fundamentally wasn't able to get rid of those thoughts and withstand the pressure.

On the matter of relations between husband and wife, I used the excuse of conforming to ordinary society to deceive myself, and after some time I was watching pornographic videos, engaging in warped behavior of my own volition, and nearly had an extra marital affair. I didn't once pass the test of lust.

In this situation my efforts to follow Teacher's requirements and do the three things were sparse and confused. But our compassionate Teacher didn't give up on me and gave me hints in my dreams. One time in my dream I saw myself walking through a pile of countless blackened bones. Another time I dreamed I was lying in bed, when a huge door opened up in my wall, and through the door was a frightening scene of hell.

In this situation where I was unable to pull myself up, I calmed myself down and thought for a while: Those terrifying and repulsive things in my dreams, scene after scene, maybe one day they would become true. I resolved at once that I would get rid of this filthy heart of lust.

I started studying the Fa. As I studied I came across enormous interference, but I bit my teeth and stuck with it, resolving not to drift into messy thinking. When I wasn't studying the Fa or before going to sleep, I repeated sentence after sentence of Fa that I could remember in order to take control of my thinking. Whenever I came across an attractive person of the opposite sex, I used a single thought, demanding of myself that I didn't generate any lustful thoughts, and recited the Fa silently.

After going about things this way for a month, I discovered that my heart of lust had grown much smaller. I was fundamentally able to control myself and not drift into those messy thoughts. To this day my state is very good, and my wife and child inexplicably and of their own accord have been sleeping in the living room, leaving the bedroom free for me to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and make ""truth-clarifying}} materials. I now truly understand the state of having gotten rid of lust, and my whole body feels light and easy.

In these few months of getting rid of lust, I enlightened to a few things.

Firstly, a strong main consciousness is very important. To put it plainly, this is a matter of whether or not you want to get rid of the attachment to lust. If you aren't serious about taking responsibility for this heart, or you study the Fa in order to get rid of lust, then the result is usually not that good (that's not to say that studying the Fa isn't important).

Secondly, if you resolve yourself to get rid of lust and make this a solid foundation on which to wholeheartedly study the Fa, then the heart of lust will very quickly be greatly reduced or even completely eliminated.

Third, in the process of cultivating, you could come across a recurrence of these thoughts. Perhaps a lot of practitioners have experienced a re-emergence of lustful thoughts. We must then ask ourselves what the reason is for the recurrence. Is it that we have relaxed our thinking or we still haven't completely eliminated the heart of lust? In many cases it's because we have relaxed our thinking, so this third point is very important. At this time we have to think hard about why we are cultivating. Now that we have eliminated so much of this heart of lust, why can't we see it through to the end?

Above are some things I've come to realize about getting rid of lust. A lot of diligent practitioners went through this cultivation process early on. This is for those practitioners who are still being held back by this barrier. At the same time it's to help me spur myself onwards, progress vigorously together with fellow practitioners, and catch up with Teacher's Fa-Rectification.