(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of January 12, 2010, when Zhang Lei, the associate head of the police station in Pogong Town, Guanling County, Anshui City of Guizhou Province, was taking care of a residential dispute, he got into an argument with Guo Yonghua, a villager. A witness with the surname of Liu said that Zhang Lei pulled his gun and shouted very loudly, "Kneel down, or I'll shoot you to death!" Guo responded, "I didn't commit any crime, so you wouldn't dare." The witness saw Wang Daosheng, another officer, pull his electric baton and shock Guo, who fell to the ground. Then Zhang pulled his gun, shot into the sky and the ground, and then he shot Guo in the head, killing him instantly.

Even though this incident happened in a small village and only a few individuals were involved, it provides a snapshot of Chinese politics, as it demonstrates the autocracy practiced by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), which has ruled China for more than half a century.

Regardless of the CCP's claim that it represents the Chinese people, in truth it represents the death of the people. The CCP is a despotic power, using the mantel of the country for its machinations. At every moment it forces its will upon all Chinese people, forces every Chinese person to kneel to it, and whoever dares to object or go against the "powerful dictatorship of the proletariat," will be knocked down and then ground into pieces.

In 1957, only because the Party demanded it, more than 500,000 (the number is actually more than that) intellectuals were accused of being "rightists." In 1989, the CCP responded to an appeal by patriotic students, demonstrating against corruption, with tanks and bullets. Since 1999, many Falun Gong practitioners who were steadfast in their belief have been imprisoned and subjected to many kinds of torture, organ harvesting and murder. The former CCP leader, Jiang Zemin, even claimed, "If they are beaten to death, it should be treated as suicide."

Since the CCP came to power, those who did not bow to the CCP and dared to safeguard truth and dignity, have been persecuted, including Lin Zhao, Zhang Zhixin and Yu Luoke. Many such people are known and countless unknown.

In this totalitarian regime, when a citizen stands up to the head of a police station who shouts, "Kneel down, or I'll shoot you to death," and then goes through with his threat, his life means nothing. The sad part is that incidents like this happened frequently in the past, they are still happening, and as long as the CCP is in power, they will happen again.

What made us feel sad is the innocence of the victim, Guo Yonghua. When Zhang Lei finished shouting: "Kneel down, or I'll shoot you to death," he replied, "I didn't commit any crime, you wouldn't dare to," and then he was shot. Guo was certain that he did not commit any crime, so he didn't need to kneel down in front of the police officers, believing that they wouldn't dare kill him. But he did not understand this Party.

What is "committing a crime?" What you say does not count, nor does what I say count. The only thing that counts is what the Party, or the Party officials say. Because the law has always been set and explained by the Party itself, whatever the Party sets up or explains is carved in stone. This is the way it's set and explained, and even though it's set, the Party can choose to execute it or not, or explain it one way one day and another way another day. Let us not forget, in the Party's eyes, everyone has to "kneel down" before it and whoever refuses, no matter whether they stand up or squat, you are in contempt. In Guo Yonghua' case, when the Party clearly ordered him to kneel down, and he refused, he was violating the law in broad daylight, which justified the action of shooting him to death!

We thought Guo Yonghua was innocent, but his cousin Guo Yongzhi was even more innocent. When Guo Yonghua was shot to death, Guo Yongzhi didn't learn his lesson, but he walked up to the police and asked why. Zhanglei was depraved enough to shoot him first in the back and then he pulled the trigger again and shot him in the back of his head, killing him.

"This person can still be saved, let's take him to the hospital." Another witness said after the second shooting. A villager shouted loudly, and Zhang Lei threatened this villager who walked up to the wounded person with his gun and said to him, "Whoever dares to take him to the hospital, I'll shoot him too."

Many people might wonder how it could be possible that someone who wanted to take a shooting victim to the hospital for emergency treatment would also be shot. Even though many people didn't believe it before, now, since they saw this happening before their eyes and saw Guo Yonghua lying there, everyone has to believe it.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing that Zhang Lei or people like him dare not do. Since the CCP came to power, has there been anything that its thugs have dared not do?

No matter who one is or whether one has a committed crime or not, as long as one doesn't kneel down before the CCP and its thugs, one may be killed without mercy. This is the lesson to be learned from Guo Yonghua and his cousin's deaths.