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I started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. After cultivating all these years, I deeply feel Teacher's great compassion. Recalling my path of cultivation often brings tears to my eyes. Today I would like to share my experience of eliminating the attachment of fear.

Overcoming Obstacles to Establish a Truth Clarification Materials Production Site

1. Producing Truth-clarification Materials is also Cultivation

With support from Teacher and help from fellow practitioners, we established a family production site to create truth-clarification materials.

We have gone through many tribulations. All of the equipment were resources of Dafa. Only when we used them properly, maintained them well, and used them with pure hearts did the machines run smoothly. It would be a waste even if one piece of paper was wasted. If we had impure thoughts, the computer and printer had problems.

During the process of the making of the materials, I gradually eliminated a hidden attachment of fear, such as that people would see the light late at night or hear the noise, and fears that my neighbors would see us when we received or distributed the materials. Sometimes I was short-tempered when I encountered problems, or developed an attachment of joy when I made more or better materials, and sometimes I had jealous feelings when I heard that so and so did a better job than I. Whenever these things happened, I cleared my thoughts and sent forth righteous thoughts, studied the Fa, and looked inside. As soon as I found my attachments, the machines started running smoothly and I would find the solution. It is truly like what Teacher says in Zhuan Falun that, "...cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while transforming gong is done by one's master."

From the perspective of Fa rectification, the attachment of fear should not exist. Everything is for saving sentient beings and validating Dafa. What does fear that stems from the old forces account for? Informational materials production combines needs for saving sentient beings with Fa rectification. The fear and persecution account for nothing. They are not even worth the pinching of a small finger.

In the beginning, I used a new version of a fast printer. Going through one tribulation after another, I went from knowing nothing to being able to disassemble, clean, maintain, and replace major components and use them smoothly. I have produced many materials and supplied local practitioners. Our equipment is now up to date, and we can make multiple forms of materials. In addition, we can take on other projects for clarifying truth and saving sentient beings.

2. Eliminating Interference

One night, our doorbell suddenly rang. One practitioner notified me urgently on his way out that another practitioner had been arrested. In his bag, they found a receipt for a water bill for my home. Therefore, the persecutors found my address and my profile from the main computer. The practitioner advised me to leave immediately.

After sharing with fellow practitioners, we realized that I had been forced to leave home for several years in the past and the evil was striking again just when my home was becoming a stable new home. We further realized that no matter what kind of loopholes we have, we had our home, and living here was my right. The evil was not worthy of interfering with our normal lives in cultivation and saving sentient beings. We immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors in other dimensions and asked for help from Teacher. As a result, the fear was eliminated.

Not too long ago, I needed to have a second generation identification card in order to receive my retirement pension. I had fears about getting the new identification cards. The police once drove police cars to my home, knocked on my door and rang my doorbell. But I did not cooperate with them. They finally had to leave.

We realized that receiving identification cards is the right of all citizens, and no one has the right to interfere. We are Dafa practitioners and we are assisting Teacher in rectifying the Fa. The fear is not from my true self. We denied all torture arranged by old forces. Once we were clear on this issue, we got our new identification cards.

Breaking Through the Notion of Self and Starting Coordination

1. Prerequisites

Because I am introverted, I rarely communicate with other practitioners, except for a few. When they have problems, they are willing to chat with me. As such, we get to know the general local situations. We all agreed that our local practitioners have not been able to form a whole body. It was not random for me to see this situation. Why didn't I join the effort of coordinating? It is a necessity for Fa rectification. I needed to let go of self. Seeing that I had the thought, Teacher opened the door for me. I was able to actively contact fellow practitioners to take a first step.

Through studying the Fa and sharing experiences, I realized that as a coordinator, the first items were to let go of self and to rid myself of jealousy. When sharing with practitioners, we should be honest and open, always considering everyone's good side, cultivating speech and trying not to gossip about practitioners; all the while, being able to listen to the opinions of others and trying to provide convenient opportunities for practitioners to do the three things well.

2. Finding a Location for Sharing

In our area, due to problems cultivating speech and not paying attention to the telephone security issues, many coordinators have been persecuted, which has caused a great negative impact. As a result, some practitioners have given up on group Fa study and truth clarification to save sentient beings. Some even avoid each other, causing separation among practitioners.

On one occasion we needed to find a place for experience sharing, and we could not always go to the same places. I thought, "Since we have many practitioners in our area, it is impossible that every family would refuse to accommodate us." In the past, I had always thought that fellow practitioners had fears, thus I was disgruntled and complained. As a coordinator, I could not hold on to my old notions knowing that everyone should be given opportunities to improve, as we all want to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa. It is our notions that prevent us from accomplishing this feat.

When I studied Teacher's words discussing that "appearance stems from the mind," I realized that the root of the problem was myself. As soon as I became clear on this, one practitioner who had never been willing to contact fellow practitioners since the persecution started, voluntarily provided a room for experience sharing. The sharing went smoothly. She said afterward that she welcomed us to her home for future events. In her sharing, she said that sharing enabled her to step forward, eliminate human notions, and rejoin the one body. She deeply felt that Teacher had always watched out for her and that fellow practitioners had always been there for her. She said that she would certainly walk her future cultivation path well.

3. Family Truth-clarification Materials Production Sites Established One after Another.

What were the reasons that we couldn't establish materials production sites everywhere? Looking inside, didn't we also go through the same complex issues at first? We viewed the situation from the angle of fellow practitioners and helped them iron out some issues. Once they were able to break through their fears, several production sites were established. One female practitioner in a rural area had saved for a whole year and spent three thousand yuan to buy a new laptop. She later also bought other equipment and printers. She spent more than five thousand yuan in total, and established a production site. Fellow practitioners in our area now no longer rely on other practitioners to provide truth materials.

Another practitioner voluntarily established a family production site years ago. As the Fa rectification progresses, the standards for materials have increased. Thus, she has constantly updated the equipment. She has made nice flyers of Minghui Weekly, brochures for the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, cards for withdrawing from the CCP, and bookmarks. When facing difficulties, she let other practitioners use the equipment first and always readily helped out. Although she only attended grade two in elementary school, she was able to shoulder tremendous responsibilities. It is her firm belief in Dafa that allows her to overcome all the obstacles. When the equipment was damaged, she paid out of her own pocket and never complained. One time she transported large quantities of supplies and equipment to her home for other practitioners. Her home was filled with all of the resources. Although she still has shortcomings, she was walking the path arranged by Teacher. We need to try our best to help and encourage her, and improve together in the Fa. She is still doing very well now.

After I changed my own notions, my views toward other practitioners changed too. Gradually I have come to use my computer at home, and to log onto the Minghui website. Isn't this a manifestation of an improved level after eliminating fears?

4. Stabilizing the Whole Body

Coordinators are also cultivators. Many practitioners think that coordinators should be the ones who cultivate the best and should always be the leaders in every aspect. Such a phenomenon also exists in our area. Driven by jealousy and attachments to fighting when facing problems, some practitioners have not pointed out with compassion how to eliminate the separations, and thus form a whole body. Instead they have acted up with an effort to replace the coordinator.

After hearing this, I improved my understanding through Fa study. Although coordinators may fall short in some areas, we should quietly complement them. Isolation can only weaken our power as a whole body and this will only make the evil forces happy. Everyone has the responsibility to harmonize the whole body. We should try to communicate and point out shortcomings. Meanwhile we should not be moved by superficial appearances. Thus we can stabilize the whole body.

If we cultivate only from personal perspectives and always think for ourselves, the root of this is selfish. With such a mindset, one would view fear and other deviated attachments as something that can be eliminated merely gradually in cultivation. It is this recognition of the fear and persecution that consequently gives the evil forces opportunities to take advantage of our loopholes. On the other hand, thinking for sentient beings and being selfless is a principle of the new universe. This is a righteous standard. At the last stage of Fa rectification, we have all paved a road for saving sentient beings. As long as we distinguish the old forces and reject them, they will be eliminated one by one. Eliminating them is as easy as brushing away dust. Therefore cultivation should not be hard and difficult. In fact, cultivation is joyous.

Righteous thoughts come from the Fa. Only with righteous thoughts can we have righteous actions. No matter how busy we are, we need to study the Fa calmly. Only when our hearts are in the Fa can the miracle occur where "Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." Everything in this universe is created by the Fa and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. This encompasses everything we have.