Greetings to our great, revered Teacher! Greetings to fellow practitioners!

I began learning Falun Dafa in March 1996. Over the last 15 years, with Teacher's care I have been able to pass many tribulations as have all my fellow practitioners in China. I would like to share with you my path of cultivation so far.

1. Treating my husband well to resolve karmic issues

My husband has a hot temper and this is well known in our local area. He had several accidents at work and now has all kinds of health problems with his heart, brain, and kidneys. A few times he nearly lost his life and he has been unable to work since the early 1990s. He didn't get any compensation or help as a result of those accidents. I looked after him completely, like a mother would a child. I gave him haircuts and baths and took his blood pressure, while looking after the household and our kids. I had to take care of everything. I also had chronic illnesses, too, such as nephritis, etc.

My husband nearly died again in March 1996, and when he came back from the hospital, I had already started to practice Falun Gong along with my mother-in-law, in an effort to be rid of my diseases and be healthy. As I was doing the Dafa exercises, I felt the Falun rotating all over my body. It was so magnificent. With this encouragement from Master, I kept practicing Dafa. I had a lot of karma, and my enlightenment quality was not so good. However, I was clear on the Fa principles relating to illness karma. I knew that Teacher had purified my body several times. I didn't take any medicine during this initial period, and without knowing it, one day I realized all my diseases were gone. My body was so light and healthy and I was very happy. I personally witnessed the truth of Falun Dafa.

With diligent Fa-Study, I came to understand that karmic retribution brings about all predestined relationships. I realized the root cause of my miserable marriage in this life. I was repaying my own karmic debts, and I had to face this with righteous thoughts. I looked inside and cultivated my heart and improved myself. Now, I always consider my husband first in my daily life and I treat him well from the bottom of my heart.

Yet, over the past few years, my husband continued to curse me in every kind of situation. He drove me away from our home and he made emergency phone calls to police substations to report on me. Gradually, I was able to look inside, not argue with him, not complain to him or avoid him or try to stop him. I wasn't afraid and I kept reading Dafa books. I refused to strengthen the evil's energy field by fighting back. Eventually, nothing that put Dafa practitioners in danger ever happened.

My kind thoughts and actions moved my husband, and he began to gradually change. Teacher resolved the bad predestined relationship between my husband and me. Previously, he objected to my contacting other practitioners, and he reported on us many times. Now, he is supportive of Dafa and treats my fellow practitioners well. He even helped me put up truth-clarification posters in the community, and he doesn't cooperate with the police anymore, either. When I was illegally arrested at work, my husband called my workplace and asked them to get me released. He asked, "Why did they arrest her? Is it just because she practices Falun Gong? I have all kinds of illnesses. She became healthy after she practiced Falun Gong. My whole family is dependent on her! Don't put me in this position, otherwise, I'll practice Falun Gong, too, and I'll go practice Falun Gong right in front of your local police substation."

By his changes, I understood that, besides sending forth-righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, we should also base our heart on the Fa and start with the minor things in our daily lives. We should truly care about others without pursuit. Then we'll be able to achieve good results.

In the past several years, I have cultivated my heart bit by bit, and I gradually changed from being an everyday person to a Dafa disciple. During that process, many attachments and notions of mine were brought to light. I was selfish and self-focused. I saw that I had a heart that felt life was unfair. I would fight for fame and material interests; I often felt wronged; I pursued comfort and had many other degenerate notions. Every time a layer of attachment was exposed, I'd remove that layer. My heart became more and more pure and at ease. Dafa gave me a healthy body and a new life. Dafa saved my family from falling apart.

2. Going to Beijing to safeguard the Fa.

When the evil persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, I was at my sister's home in a remote area. After I came back to the city, the school principal called me to come in. He said, "You are a leader and you are a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). You have to write a statement denouncing your belief in Falun Gong." I answered, "Dafa gave me good health. I'm following Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. I will never stop practicing Dafa." I realized at that point it was no longer enough to just study the Fa and practice the exercises every day. The evil forces were trying to damage the Fa. Teacher was being defamed, and I had to step forward to safeguard Dafa.

On New Year's Day 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Dafa to higher authorities. I was sent back to my local area and illegally detained for 15 days. After I got out of the detention center, I saw my husband, the CCP secretary, and the principal of my school at the local police substation. For an entire day they threatened and tried to bribe me. They spent a lot of time pressuring me to give up practicing Dafa. They said they'd detain me or sentence me to imprisonment. I refused all evil outcomes. That night, I walked out unconditionally and was allowed to go home.

3. Validating the Fa at work and truly being a good person

I knew that once I took a resolute step forward, I'd be faced with more tests in my belief of Dafa. My trip to Beijing had disturbed several local departments. The local police substation, my community, and my workplace all knew I was a Dafa practitioner. Over many years, they have monitored and harassed me, searched my home, and confiscated my personal belongings, and even arrested me. They also financially persecuted me at my job by not giving me my full salary. This harassment continued and it made for a very difficult cultivation environment.

To add more pressure, the authorities rescinded several awards that our school had won, saying it was my fault for appealing in Beijing. The principal was very angry with me. The Education Bureau was worried that we might go to Beijing again to appeal for Falun Gong. There are several teachers practicing Dafa in our district, and they tried to pressure each one of us to give up the practice. They gave us an ultimatum to give up Falun Gong or be reassigned. I solemnly wrote down, "I will firmly practice Falun Gong." After I signed my name, I was fired. Even though they decided to keep me in my position for one year to monitor me, I was not allowed to teach. The principal told me not to go to the teachers' office and not to contact my students. The principal didn't allow other teachers to talk to me and told me to just read newspapers in a corner of the office.

Of course I didn't follow this evil arrangement. Everyday I talked to the other teachers with a smile. I came to work with a pleasant heart, and I took it upon myself to clean the teacher's offices. Some teachers didn't have time to do any cleaning, so I'd mop the floor and sweep the hallways. The other teachers didn't dare to talk to me, so I greeted them first and continued to interact with them like before. Everyday I tried to find work for myself, and I went along without causing anyone any problems for them. I wanted them to see Dafa practitioners' truthfulness and compassion and our heart for forbearing.

Soon afterwards, the head of the Education Bureau--who was in alliance with the evil CCP--was transferred out of our local area. A new head came and, at the same time, a younger principal was transferred to my school to replace the former principal who hadn't reached his retirement age yet. I thought, "As a practitioner, we should always be good to others. It is not easy for a new principal to come to a new posting. I should help her out." I went to talk to her and told her about the staff and what it was like to teach in our school. I sincerely said I was willing to help if she was too busy. She was very pleased and said that I should feel free to sit in other classes, assist other teachers, or help in the cafeteria. I took the opportunity to go help the cook in the cafeteria and chat with the teachers when they came in.

Many people were willing to share their personal lives with me. This helped me to lay a good foundation to help them quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. When the authorities tried to persecute me, these good people came up with ways to help me. One day, both the new principal and the CCP secretary of my school said to the CCP Standing Committee of the Education Bureau that I was doing very well and therefore didn't need to go to the brainwashing center. Several times when they came to the school to take me away, several teachers and the school management team--right under their noses--would hide my backpack so they didn't find the Dafa materials and the E-book in my backpack. They also made specific arrangements to notify me so that I would have an opportunity to safely get away from the police at the school.

The cultivation environment at my school improved so much that the principal asked me to teach classes. In the spring of 2001, the school leader asked me to write a report on my thoughts. She gave me suggestions on how to write the report; otherwise, she said, I might be fired again and get myself into dangerous trouble. I took the opportunity to openly clarify the truth to her. After she read my report, she asked me to rewrite it, as she was concerned for my safety. I just said, "Let's submit it as-is." The CCP secretary of the Education Bureau came to my home, holding the report that I had written. At that time, my husband was very sick and I was taking care of him. We lived in a small rented room about 100 square feet. When he saw it, he said, "Your husband is so ill, yet he is so well taken care of. Your employer and your community all say you are very good. We should award you, but ..." He didn't finish his sentence. Instead he said, "I read your report and can see that you haven't changed a bit." I said, "I will never change." He didn't say anything else and left.

When I first came back from appealing in Beijing in 1999, they gave me two hundred yuan every month as my salary. When we had financial difficulties, the school immediately gave us two or three thousand yuan upon request. In 2003, they returned to me all of my pay that had been withheld. The financial persecution had ended.

4. Use every means to validate the Fa and bravely deliver the truth to sentient beings

I have never doubted my belief in Dafa, even after July 20, 1999. The huge change in my own health was enough to prove how magnificent Dafa is. Local practitioners also saw Teacher's law-body and Falun. There is no doubt how great Master is. I always study the Fa and do the exercises everyday. I use my personal experiences to clarify the truth to people that I have predestined relationships with. I expose the Party media's lies so people can rationally believe that Falun Dafa is good. Together with local fellow practitioners, we have written letters; created flyers, posters, and banners; posted messages outside on buildings; etc. to validate the Fa. For example, I've often distributed truth-clarification flyers to apartment buildings on my way to and from work. After dinner, I usually deliver flyers around my home. During holidays, I take a bus or walk to distant places to distribute flyers.

When I go out, I often hold the thought, "Righteous gods and Fa-protectors, please go ahead and eliminate interferences. Let's go save people." Sometimes it's been pouring rain and so dark that I couldn't see anything. However, with such a righteous thought, I know I have many gods with me and I don't have any fear. As long as I have Dafa materials, I go out--especially during rain and snow since, in such bad weather, it's easier to deliver the materials to each and every home.

One day I was distributing Dafa materials to a community in a big factory. At that time, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Many people were playing or chatting outside and it wasn't easy to deliver the materials unnoticed. I thought, "It'd be great if it rained." As I continued to deliver flyers, in no time, dark clouds gathered and it began to thunder and rain and turned into a storm. Very quickly I delivered the materials to each door. I remembered at which house I stopped, so I'd continue there next time. My pants were soaked and my shoes were all wet, too, but I was very happy.

Another day after dinner it started to rain, so I put materials in plastic bags and went out with a small flashlight. Very soon it started to lightning and thunder, and I couldn't hold onto my umbrella. I had to bend my head down and walk sideways into the wind. Tree branches broke and some trees were uprooted . There was no one on the street and all the cars had stopped, too. I was soaked and walked into a small store. The owner said, "Don't go out. It's too dangerous." I thought, "The bad weather actually helps me." When the storm got a little better, I continued. With the light from inside the houses and my little flashlight, I found ways to put the plastic bag into door cracks, window ledges, underneath boards, and so on, where the rain couldn't get to them. The rain was heavy. The wind and thunder conceal any noises I accidentally made. Soon all the materials were gone. I was very wet and went home happy.

5. Righteously explain the facts and help people truly learn the truth

Time is precious now. All Dafa practitioners need to cultivate well. At the same time, we should use different ways to realize our mission to save sentient beings. Since July 20 1999, I have never stopped clarifying the truth face-to-face. This is part of my daily work and life so I can save those people that have predestined relationships with me.

I explain to people the facts about July 20th and the truth of Dafa. I point out the loopholes and lies in the staged "Self-Immolation Incident." I tell people that heaven is eliminating the CCP and I help them quit the CCP and its affiliates. I try my best to make sure people that I talk to really understand the truth. In the beginning, I gave long explanations and failed to check whether they were able to follow me. Later I learned I should follow their interests and explain the facts to them based on their ability to accept the truth. This was a process of improvement within Fa-study and assimilating more to the Fa.

I left the forced labor camp in 2004. We had access to Teacher's new articles and I memorized them all. Therefore, right after I got out, I started to clarify the truth and help people quit the CCP and its affiliates. I started with my brothers and sisters, my nieces and nephews, and other family members. I used wisdom to talk to my fellow teachers, the principal, and the CCP secretary of the school. About half of them have quit the CCP and all its affiliated organizations. I also tried all kinds of different ways to clarify the truth to and save my neighbors and students.

Over the past few years when talking to people about the facts of Dafa, I have felt it was Teacher that brought those people to me. I meet those who have predestined relationships with me when shopping, at grocery stores, at hospitals, on the train, at tourist sites, etc. It appears that I just bump into them and then I take the chance to connect with them. Generally I trt to chat with them based on situations at that time. For example, I might ask, "What time is it?" or "Did you watch the weather forecast? It seems so cold today." When I see people needing help, I help them out. As long as there is a chance to connect with them, I talk to them no matter who they are. I see it as an opportunity to clarify the truth if they answer me with a smile. Once we start a conversation, I explain the facts to them based on their age, career, educational background, and moral standards. I follow their personal interests, attachments, and hearts when talking to them. The results are very good.

Although I haven't talked to too many people, I've made sure those that I talk to truly understand the facts that would save them. When I talk to them, I am very open and righteous. I'm not afraid and don't try to protect myself. I am very sincere. If they ask me my name and career, I don't avoid their questions. Some have treated me as a relative and asked for my phone number to stay in touch with me. I never refuse. I've never had issues or brought myself trouble. Our great Teacher orchestrates these predestined meetings with people and everything is dependent on our heart believing in Teacher and the Fa.

6. Copying Shen Yun DVDs to save people

My brothers and sisters are all retired and have moved to southern cities. They live in large communities with thousands of homes in them. In the past ten years, my relatives never received any Dafa materials or DVDs in their mailboxes. I knew their environments were quite different from some of the northern cities. In their estates there are guards at the door and electronic monitors, so it was difficult for fellow practitioners who are not from those communities to distribute materials. Fortunately, I noticed that many of the mailboxes actually are located in hidden places, so it wouldn't be too difficult for me to deliver truth clarification materials. I learned how to copy Shen Yun DVDs and distribute them in those areas. I was grateful to have been able to help save my precious local Chinese fellows, especially knowing they are being saved while watching the pure truth, pure compassion, and pure beauty of Shen Yun Performing Arts.

I bought blank discs to copy the 2008 Shen Yun programs with my laptop. The laptop had a built-in program to copy discs. I'd never used it before, so I sent forth a thought to the laptop, "You are my Fa weapon. I chose you, which means you have chosen the best for yourself. You should behave and copy the discs well so you can make contributions to the Fa-rectification." Then I followed the program prompts and, soon, the laptop displayed, "All done. Please insert a new empty disc." I took the disc out and tried it in the DVD player. The sound was pleasant. The scene was beautiful. The dancing was elegant. It was a success and I had another way to validate the Fa!

I used all my time to copy Shen Yun DVDs. I asked my kids to copy the covers at their workplace. In 2008, I copied over 500 discs and distributed them in communities I was familiar with. I always carry Shen Yun DVDs in my purse, and I give them out to people that I talk to in certain situations.

In 2009, a relative and fellow practitioner brought me another Shen Yun DVD and the cover. I continued to copy discs and give them out to people like bus drivers, passengers, salespersons at stores, doctors, electricians that came to fix my appliances, and people that I generally talked to. I told them it was a true, traditional performance done by Chinese that had grown up in the West and that they have presented the show in hundreds of cities all around the world and the show has been very warmly welcomed. People all gladly accepted it and thanked me many times.

7. Learning how to make cards to thank Teacher

In the past a few years, every time I saw the beautiful cards that fellow practitioners around the world made for Teacher to celebrate holidays or Teacher's birthday, I appreciated and treasured the cards very much. As a veteran disciple of Teacher's Dafa, Teacher has given me health, wisdom, and a new life. I wondered when I would be able to make a beautiful card to show my thanks to Teacher. This year before the Moon Festival, I opened up the cards from last year. I looked at them and enjoyed them so much. I decided that I should make one myself to wish Teacher a happy Moon Festival.

First, I searched for images of plum blossom and lotus flowers and I chose a few that I liked. My kids used software to enhance their photos, so I searched for that software. Then I followed the instructions to type words, add color, and choose frames. I made three cards. I emailed relatives and fellow practitioners, asking for help on how to send them out. After a few ups and downs, several days passed, and I thought I should give it a try myself. Teacher gave me wisdom, and I successfully submitted the cards that I made for Teacher to the Minghui/Clearwisdom web site for the first time. I was very excited when I received confirmation from the Minghui editors. I learned that, as Dafa disciples, we must do what we are supposed to do. We should not rely on others. When faced with difficulties, as long as our hearts are righteous, Teacher will give us wisdom when we don't have enough of it, enabling us to do anything we put our hearts to.

When the Moon Festival came, I connected to the Internet once again to look at the cards from fellow practitioners around the world. I saw the cards that I made. I had tears in my eyes. I have been practicing Dafa for 15 years. I have never seen Teacher in person. Today, I am 57 years old and, yet, I was able to make a card by myself for our benevolent Teacher.

When I thought about the whole process of making and submitting the card, I truly felt it was done with Teacher strengthening me. My wisdom came when I needed it. It was another validation for me that Dafa is magnificent.