Name: Cai Zhixiong (蔡志雄)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Address: Unknown
Occupation: Technician from Yongxing County Seed Company
Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 4, 2010
Most Recent Place of Detention:The Changsha City Law Education and Training Center (长沙法制教育培训中心)
City: Changsha
Province: Hunan

Persecution Suffered: sleep deprivation, brainwashing, beatings, torture, physical restraint, detention

( Summer is the busiest time of the year to sell seeds for practitioner Mr. Cai Zhixiong from Hunan Province. However, this summer, he was illegally arrestedby officers from the local agriculture bureau and the Yongxing County 610 Office in Hunan Province. Mr. Cai was detained and tortured in the brainwashing center. He also suffered serious economic losses due to missing the busiest part of the season. The following is Mr. Cai's personal account of the persecution.

"Liu Liling, the Yongxing County Political and Judiciary Committee Deputy Secretary and director of the county 610 Office, Li Yuansheng, the county agriculture bureau director, and Huang Guanghui, the county agriculture bureau deputy director, planned to arrest me. At around 8:00 a.m. on July 04, 2010, Liao Peixun, the director from the law enforcement division of the county agriculture bureau, tricked me into going to Huang Guanghui's office. When I arrived at Huang's office, Liao Peixun and personnel from the law enforcement division were waiting for me. Driver Xu Lijun and others from the 610 office forcibly handcuffed me. They dragged me downstairs with the help of Xun Kongqi, Chen Ziming and others from the law enforcement division and forced me into a car.

Later, I was taken to the Changsha City Law Education and Training Center in Hunan Province, where Xu Lijun and Xun Kongqi searched me and my bag. Xun Kongqi and Chen Ziming beat me and cursed me. When I went to the bathroom, they didn't allow me to close the door of the bathroom so that they could watch me.

Chen Ziming often pinched my throat, beat me, and poked me with a bamboo stick. He pushed me against the wall and twisted my arms behind my back. Then, Xu Lijun hit my hip with one of his knees and told me that it was good for me.

They threatened that they would take me to a police station, confine me in a solitary cell, and send me to a forced labor camp or a prison to let the inmates kill me.

During the morning of July 10, Song Jianping, Yuan Jie and others forcibly took me to the fourth floor to watch a DVD slandering Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa's Teacher. They kept torturing me and didn't allow me to sleep for three days. Whenever they saw me close my eyes, they beat me.

On July 11, Lei (family name) from Linwu County, Hunan Province forced me to stand for a long time. Xu Kongqi hit my face and burned my chin with a lighter. Under the instigation of Song Jianping and Lei, Xu Kongqi and Chen Ziming repeatedly put safflower oil into and around my eyes.

Lan Xiaoming claimed that I had mental problems so he wanted to do acupuncture on me or take me to a mental hospital. I refused.

On July 26, Lan Xiaoming and Yuan Jie again forcibly took me to the fourth floor to watch a DVD slandering Falun Dafa and Teacher. They didn't allow me to sleep for days. They also didn't allow me to wash my face, brush my teeth or drink water. Oftentimes, they didn't allow me to eat. They set the air conditioning to a very low temperature. I was so cold and tired by that night, but Yuan Jie still forced me to stand for a long time. Around midnight, on July 27, Yuan Jie beat me so badly that my mouth was seriously injured. Song Jianping knew that I didn't drink alcohol, so he intentionally brought beer with him and told me that if I was thirsty, I could have some beer.

On the morning, on July 28, Yuan Jie ordered me to write a guarantee statement giving up Falun Gong and told me that if I wrote the statement, I would be allowed to sleep, which I rejected. Therefore, Yuan Jie didn't allow me to have breakfast. At noon, Song Jianping forced me to stand facing the wall, and also hit my hands. He said that if I was too sleepy and couldn't take any more, he would immediately take me to a hospital, where I could have an injection and after that, I would recover from being exhausted and the torture would be continued.

That afternoon, another group of officials came to try to get me to give up my belief. Later, Lan Xiaoming told me to copy someone else's three statements. He also wrote a guarantee statement and told me to copy it. He also said that if I refused to obey him, I would not be allowed to have dinner that night. Not only that, I would be held in a solitary cell, which was dirty and wet, and I would be bitten by mosquitoes.

As a result of the torture, I wrote the three statements against my will, which caused tremendous pain in my heart. Yuan Jie then told me that my guarantee statement did not meet their requirements, so I had to rewrite it. I was forced to copy his words down as my statement. This had lasted until 3:00 a.m., on July 29.

On the morning of July 29, Lan Xiaoming told me that my repentance statement did not meet their requirements, so I needed to write additional materials. Yuan Jie ordered me to copy more of his words. Lan Xiaoming ordered me to write Tan's words slandering Falun Dafa. I was very ashamed. Lan Xiaoming also forced me to read several articles downloaded from an anti-Falun Gong website which were written by him. Gao Yutian and Lan Xiaoming forced me to say disrespectful words about Teacher and Falun Dafa.

The personnel from the brainwashing center also forced my wife to sign some papers and forced her to put pressure on me. On August 4, after I had been released for only two days, Huang Guanghui called my wife to "learn about my situation." My wife had tremendous pressure put on her and was very scared, so she told me that she wanted a divorce.

On August 11, Cao Xiangyun and Zhang Guohui, both from the 610 Office, arrived at my house. Cao told me that the decision of arresting and putting me in the brainwashing center was made by officials from several government departments. If I was arrested again, I would be sentenced to forced labor or prison. In August, personnel from Changsha City Brainwashing Center came to my home several times to harass me."

The Yongxing County 610 Office
Yongxing County Political and Judiciary Committee Deputy Secretary and the county 610 Office director Liu Liling: 86-13217359333; 86-735-5531296
Changsha City Brainwashing Center:
Lan Xiaoming: 86-13974594252