(Clearwisdom.net) The Singapore Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held on December 19, 2010. Practitioners from across Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia attended the event. Eighteen practitioners shared their cultivation experiences.

2010 Singapore Fa conference venue


A practitioner shares his cultivation experience


A practitioner shares her cultivation experience

The Fa conference began at 9:00 a.m. Speakers shared their experiences of studying the Fa well, looking within, and seizing the time to do truth-clarification and offering salvation to sentient beings. Their sincere sharings moved the practitioners sitting in the audience.

For the past several years, Mr. Huang has been putting much effort in doing truth clarification and encouraging Chinese people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. He stated in his sharing, “Master said in 'Be More Diligent,' 'It's just that many people are afraid to acknowledge this reality and its progressive unfolding; that the number of lives to be saved before the final moment arrives has not reached the amount it should; and that there is still a portion of Dafa disciples that hasn't kept up. That is the key reason why the end of this undertaking still hasn't been enacted.' Each time I read it, I was deeply moved.” While cooperating with other practitioners in doing truth clarification, Mr. Huang encouraged those who had not yet stepped forward to take the first step in their efforts to offer salvation to sentient beings.

Ms. Lim strives to do well the three things besides taking good care of her family and educating her young children. She gained a deeper understanding of the mighty power of compassion in saving sentient beings through doing truth clarification. Once at a tourist site, she patiently spoke with a Chinese tourist who was initially resistant to hearing the facts about Falun Gong. Ms. Lim said, “Tears ran down my face, and she was also in tears while listening to me. She finally accpeted my informational materials and left.”

Ms. Gao, who was subjected to the Singapore authorities' unreasonable charges, shared her cultivation experience amidst tribulations over the past couple years. In the process of looking within, constantly improving her xinxing and breaking through all kinds of interference, she has gradually overcome her inital state of depression and loss.


Young practitioners recite Master's poems from Hongyin

The afternoon session began with young practitioners from the Minghui School reciting Master's poems from Hongyin Volume II. The children recited the following poem with their pure voices, loudly and clearly:

“When the world’s people awaken
righteous thoughts emerge
From this day forth is opened
the eternal gate of Heaven ” (“Heaven's Gate Opened” Hongyin Vol. II)

New practitioner Mr. Bai said “I am a new practitioner whom Master scooped up from hell.” Prior to his Dafa practice, he lived an unexamined life, and gambling led him to bankruptcy and huge debt. His life was renewed after Dafa practice. He not only understands the true meaning of life, but also got rid of his bad habits and made his family happy. He takes the opportunity to share Falun Dafa with predestined people.

Ms. Wu who submitted her paper for the Fa conference said that although she could not read her paper at Fa conference, the entire process of revising and amending her article is a process of cultivation, and a process of looking within layer upon layer. She felt she has benefited alot. She said, “I have never attended a Fa conference before; I'm really moved.”

The Fa conference came to a conclusion at 4:00 p.m. With infinite gratitude to compassionate revered Master, veteran and new practitioners encouraged each other, and expressed their determination to walk steadfastly the last leg of the journey while fulfilling their vows of assisting Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.