(Clearwisdom.net) I was sentenced to four years in prison in China in 2004 and was held in a relatively small prison with between 10 to 20 other Falun Gong practitioners. We paid particular attention to talking to the prison guards and prisoners about the facts of the persecution and tried to prevent the guards from committing crimes against practitioners.

I had been in prison for a year and a half before I realized that I should refuse to cooperate with any of the guards' orders. When the deputy warden demanded to know why I didn't wear the correct prison uniform, I replied, "Because I haven't committed any crime." I spoke to him at length about Falun Gong and told him that he would have a good future if he did not commit any crimes against practitioners. Finally he said, "I won't torture or persecute you, nor will I pressure you into doing anything against your will."

When I learned that a practitioner had been tortured to death there, I gathered the details and passed the information on to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. This shocked and frightened the guards, and they didn't dare to torture me after that. Half a dozen other practitioners also refused to wear the prison uniform. This continued for about half a year and we were not tortured during that time.

I was not firm and strong in my mind, and one day deviated from the Fa. The next day, a guard, who reeked of alcohol, saw me and gave me a severe beating. I was then forced to wear the prison uniform. They thought I was the ringleader and that if I did what they required, the others would follow. The environment in the prison immediately took a turn for the worse. I resisted by going on a hunger strike, but the guards tied me to a death bed and savagely force-fed me. They used all kinds of sordid means to torture me.

Practitioners outside of the prison learned that I was being tortured and posted this information on the Minghui website, giving details of the prison's phone numbers and the perpetrators' names. Practitioners, both inside and outside of China, made phone calls, sent text messages, and wrote letters to the prison. The local practitioners also created leaflets containing information about my situation and distributed them to the families of those who participated in persecuting me. The prison authorities and the guards were very fearful of their crimes being exposed. Those guards who still had a conscience stopped persecuting practitioners.

Thanks to the support of other practitioners, after I was tied on a death bed for over 20 days, the guards stopped torturing me. I again refused to wear the prison uniform and did not cooperate with the guards' orders. Each practitioner used his own way to expose the persecution in the prison. The guards no longer tortured me during the more than two years until I was released. This was due to practitioners' support and their efforts in exposing the persecution.