(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since July 1999, under the direction of the 610 Office, the public security, procuratorial and judicial branches in Yushu City have been persecuting those who believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. A variety of persecution methods are used against the Falun Gong practitioners, including arrests, confiscating personal property, fines, extracting confessions by torture, illegal detention, forced labor camp terms, imprisonment, brainwashing, and house imprisonment.

In February 2000, practitioner Wang Guohua went to Yushu Park, where she saw about ten practitioners being arrested. She was also stopped by the local police and forced into their vehicle. She was detained for 32 days and fined 1,000 yuan, and then sent back home. When she got home, she found that Zhang Lianxing, the party secretary of her work unit, would not allow her to return to work. She was forced to stop work for an entire year without any compensation. Even now, some of her salary is being illegally withheld by her work unit.

Instigated by the National Security Team, Han Yuxue from Zhengyang Police Station has frequently sent officers Ma Yanming, Wang Guang, Lu Kuisheng, and Fu Lizhi to harass her and her family. Each time the police officer in charge of her neighborhood changes, they are taken to her house. Each time when the national holidays, or days considered to be politically sensitive by the CCP, draw near, she can never get away from unreasonable harassment and interrogation, day or night. She has even been awakened by kicking on her door. Her mother, who was in her 80's at the time, was terrified so much that she suffered a heart attack.

At about 9:00 a.m. on January 20, 2003, Wang Guohua was blocked by police officer Ma Yanming and over ten policemen when she stepped out of her house. The police forced her to go back into her room. Chai Wenge, who was in charge of the public security team, threatened her by saying, "If you dare to move even a single step, you will be handcuffed." After saying that, without showing a search warrant, he forcibly opened and searched her drawers and wardrobes. When he found the book Zhuan Falun and five banners reading "Falun Dafa is Good," Chai Wenge ordered his men to arrest her and her husband, leaving behind her 87-year-old mother alone at home.

Upon entering the national security headquarters, a police officer said, "Congratulations, Chai Wenge, you've seized another two! 2,000 yuan in your hand!" Chai answered, "You bet! I'd better go and catch some more, then I can enjoy a good round of Mahjong during the New Year's holiday." After that, he broke into Wang Guohua's home again, and confiscated more of her personal belongings. Despite the cries and pleas of the 87-year-old woman, they intimidated and threatened her, "If I find anything, I will put your daughter and son-in-law in jail. We'll see how you survive alone at this old age." He ordered the policemen to search the three rooms thoroughly. Even without finding anything, he threatened the old lady again, "Though I haven't found anything, I will still send your daughter to labor camp!"

The police subsequently arrested two practitioners, Zheng Liyan and Shan Haizhang. After handcuffing them, Chai Wenge didn't even allow them to speak or use the toilet. He insulted and humiliated them, and forced Wang Guohua's husband to sign a false confession, attempting to send her to a forced labor camp. Eight hours later, Wang Guohua's husband and Shan Haizhang were placed in criminal detention, Zheng Liyan was forced into public security detention (which is illegal according to the law), and Wang Guohua was fined 200 yuan. In order to put Geng Jingcai in jail, police officer Shi Hailin fabricated evidence for a case against him. Fifteen pieces of paper were reported as 22 major pieces of evidence. Upon the completion of the sentence, the head of the local 610 Office refused to sign Geng Jingcai's release documents.

At about 2:00 p.m. on May 7, 2003, during a time when China was dealing with the SARS outbreak, police officers Wang Guang, Fu Lizhi, and Lu Kui of the Zhengyang Police Station intruded into Wang Guohua's home. When they discovered a truth-clarifying booklet on her table, they started searching her home. Officer Fu Lizhi questioned Wang Guohua about who had given her the booklet. She told the police that it was picked up by her elderly mother at the gate. Fu Lizhi used all his dirty tricks attempting to terrify, entrap, and threaten the elderly lady into implicating another practitioner, but her mother insisted that she personally found it on the ground. Fu Lizhi became irritated, then insulted the old lady and forcibly pushed her away. With over ten policemen around, Wang Guohua was deceived into going to the police car. She was forcibly pushed into it and taken to the local police station. Officer Zhang Deqing threatened her by saying, "During this SARS outbreak, no one is allowed to be sent to the labor camp. You'd better hand in a 3,000 yuan fine, then you will be released. If you refuse to pay your penalty, we may let you go at the moment, but will definitely take you back to the labor camp when SARS is over." Wang Guohua's husband was in prison, her child was attending college, and she had a nearly 90-year-old mother to take care of, so she had no way to come up with the money. The police forced her to call her relatives to borrow money. Finally, Wang Guohua was set free after she payed 1,000 yuan, and she was not given a receipt for the payment.

Policeman Fu Lizhi subsequently often harassed Wang Guohua. He said, "I don't care if someone commits murder or arson. I am working exclusively on catching you Falun Gong practitioners, which makes me enjoy both fame and high income." Normally, if Wang Guohua is at home, they will conduct a thorough search or threaten the elderly lady.

One day, Wang Guohua wanted to go to the bank to pay her child's tuition. It happened that Fu Lizhi and his fellow officers came to her home to harass her. Fu took away her ID card, so that she could not withdraw money from the bank. When she asked for it, Fu told her she could go and find him in the local police station to get it back. The next day, Ms. Wang went to see him in his office. He was lying down and asked her what she was doing there. She answered, "Didn't you want me to come here for my ID card?" Fu responded, "I have already torn up your ID card. You Falun Gong practitioners have to be treated like this. You are not human. If it were up to me, I would kill you all by saying that you were needed on Tiananmen Square, then just like the 'June 4' event, you will all be killed the same way, and we'll say that you all committed suicide." He added, "Even now, I can frame you and handcuff you." Over the years, police Ma Yanming, Wang Guang, Fu Lizhi, and Lu Kuisheng never stopped intruding into Ms. Wang's house to harass her.

On November 5, 2007, Wang Guohua was again arrested by officers from the National Security Bureau. They intended to throw her into a labor camp for one year, but due to health problems which appeared on her medical examination paper, she avoided the forced labor. Those who participated in the arrest included the local CCP committee and the neighborhood management committee.

During the period when Wang Guohua was illegally detained, her elderly mother was left home alone. She was over 90 at that point, and couldn't take care of herself. Given this dire situation, her husband went to the village chief, Zhang Yafan, to get a verification paper, hoping that they could set Ms. Wang free for the sake of her mother. Zhang said that the official seal was not at hand, so he could not verify it. When asked by the local CCP committee for information about this case, he answered, "Wang Guohua, who is the head of Falun Gong locally, has to be sent to jail, and cannot be released."

In 2009, Wang Guohua's house was demolished and she moved out of the district, but Zhang Yafan ordered village security director Ma Chenwen to find her new address. On the afternoon of May 24, 2010, three people pretending to be the property management staff broke into her house without showing a warrant or any identification. They told her that they worked for the local residential management committee of Zhengyan District. They said that the political and legal committee was going to open a brainwashing center and Ms. Wang was on their list. They tried to arrest her, but failed.

Four men broke into the building where Ms. Wang lived at about 7:00 a.m. on June 9. They first beat on the door violently, shouting verbal abuse and slander against her and Falun Gong. After more than 20 hours of harassment at her door, they finally left. Just before they left, they shut off the main electricity switch for the entire building.