(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, revered Master! Greetings, practitioners!

Looking back over the past eleven years, from my personal cultivation to Fa-rectification cultivation, it has been bittersweet. I am deeply aware of all the suffering and difficulties that Master has endured to save us. For Master's infinite grace, I can only repay Master by better fulfilling my mission.

Rescuing Practitioners with a Pure Heart

At the end of 2009, two local practitioners were seized and taken to a detention center. A third practitioner suggested that I should get the phone number for the detention center head and expose the evil's persecution.

When we were about to leave after Fa study, a voice suddenly told me: "Go to find practitioner A." I realized that this practitioner must have the phone number. I asked a female practitioner to look for her the next morning. The second day, this female practitioner came back with the name and phone number of the detention center head. I'm really grateful for Master's compassion from the bottom of my heart.

We published the detention center head's name and phone number on the Minghui website. And the local practitioners began to rescue those two practitioners. They went to the police station with the practitioners' family members to ask the officers to release them. One of arrested practitioner's sons asked me to go with them. The other arrested practitioner's daughter and son and other practitioners all said, "Go together with us to ask for their release!" However, I had fear at that time. So I said to them, "I'll go back home to adjust my state; if I can calm down and remain stable, I'll ask for the practitioners tomorrow."

On the way back home, I kept looking inward. Why did the practitioners' children ask me to go with them? I discovered I had fear of losing my comfortable life and was afraid of being persecuted. In the past, I had been persecuted by the evil several times. I am still afraid of that, and I realized that I didn't negate the persecution completely. And I also had a feeling of being satisfied with myself. I thought I had done enough work in coordinating with the practitioners' family members. But in my heart, I never had the thought to clarify the truth to the head of the police station to save him and ask for the practitioners' release. I was secretly protecting myself. I didn't meet Master's requirement of, "The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference")

I remembered the expressions on the faces of the practitioners' family members, who placed their hope in us. I enlightened that this was Master's arrangement. Master was helping me, a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period. After I enlightened to this, I became determined to clarify the truth to the police station head and ask for the practitioners' release.

In the evening, after I went back home after Fa study, I asked myself, what kind of mindset did I have when I was determined to rescue the practitioners? Then I found my mentality of validating myself and showing off. After I disintegrated these mentalities, the word "responsibility" appeared in my mind. I am going to rescue the practitioners and save sentient beings because of my responsibility, and I should do it with a pure heart. Later, I had another thought: regardless of how the police station head and other police officers will react tomorrow, I won't be moved by them.

The next day, three practitioners and I went to the police station. We clarified the truth to the police station head. This time, the head kept smiling, and he stood there the whole time to talk to us. In the end, he agreed to release the fellow practitioners, and he even called the officers who were responsible for the arrests in front of us. Very soon, the two practitioners were released back home.

During that period, many practitioners cooperated with each other to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the police station to disintegrate the evil. Some practitioners wrote truth-clarification letters to the police station head and other officers; some practitioners made phone calls or sent short messages; and the overseas practitioners also called the police station to clarify the truth. Their efforts have had great effects in deterring the evil during the process of rescuing fellow practitioners.

In addition, one more point I want to share is that the effects of the phone calls have been very good. When we talked to the police station head, the deputy head and other officers, they all said they had received truth-clarification phone calls. They said they received phone calls and short messages from us, from morning till night. We said to them: "Those phone calls and short messages are good for you. You should choose a good future for yourself. If you release our practitioners, you won't receive so many phone calls anymore." They looked at us and smiled. From the expressions on their faces, we could tell that they had understood the truth.

After those two practitioners were released from the detention center, the officers told their family members: "Please tell Falun Gong practitioners not to call us again."

Believe in Master and Dafa, Disintegrate the Evil's Persecution

At the end of October, 2009, two of my family members died. My sentimentality for them was taken advantage of by the evil. I slacked off in doing the three things, while both my body and mind felt very tired. One day at noon, my sister asked me to make several copies of Minghui Weekly, but I wanted to take a nap first. However, I couldn't fall asleep, and suddenly I felt something come onto my body like a blast of chilly wind, and I fell asleep immediately. After I woke up, I couldn't get up, and my lower back didn't have any strength. It hurt as if I had a dislocated bone. No matter how much strength I used with my hands and legs, I couldn't turn around. It felt like my upper and lower body had fallen apart at my lower back. I lay there and couldn't move. If I moved, I felt great pain.

Then I began to have human notions: If I couldn't get up, how would I live in the future? After a long time, I finally remembered to send forth righteous thoughts. But when I sent forth righteous thoughts, my thoughts were interfered with. This happened two or three times. Half an hour later, I still couldn't move.

At this time, I began to look inward to assess why I was taken advantage of by the evil. I found my attachment to pursuing comfort and slacking off. Master has said that doing the exercises is the best way to rest, but I went to sleep instead of doing the exercises. And I had a lot of sentimentality for my family members, I didn't put doing the three things in the first place. After I found my attachments, I disintegrated them. I focused my righteous thoughts on my lower back, and I asked Master to strengthen me and help me eliminate the evil. I sent forth righteous thoughts for half an hour, and I felt better, but I still couldn't move.

I wanted to take a rest first before sending forth righteous thoughts again. Now I remembered Master's words: "My fashen will protect you until you are able to protect yourself." ("Lecture Three" in Zhuan Falun) Then I became more confident in eliminating the evil. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts and asked Master to strengthen me. I communicated with all the cells in my body, I asked all the beings in my body to listen to my direction: I must stand up. After I sent forth righteous thoughts for a while, I turned over, but couldn't stand up and it still hurt badly.

I laid on my stomach and moved little by little to the edge of the bed. Both of my legs fell on the ground, but I couldn't stand up. I knelt on the ground and continued to send forth righteous thoughts: Even if I had historic pacts with the old forces, I would disintegrate them all, I must stand up to make copies of the Minghui Weekly.

I sent forth righteous thoughts for a long time, I held onto the edge of the bed and stood up. Then I walked forward along the wall. It was already 4:30 in the afternoon. I went to the computer and spent more than one hour to make several copies of Minghui Weekly. After I sent forth righteous thoughts at 6 p.m., I delivered them to my sister. I walked very slowly and I still felt it was difficult for me to use my lower back. But I thought, I won't accept the evil's persecution by any means, I must deliver the materials by myself.

After I arrived at my brother's home, I thought that if I walked in front of them in this way, it may hinder them from being saved. Just after that thought, my body recovered completely. I quickly walked up stairs, knocked at their doors and helped them cook dinner.

After breaking through the test, I enlightened that as long as we firmly believe in Master and Dafa, and we do everything Master asks us to do, there is no test that we can't break through.

Study the Fa Well, Look Inward and Improve Xinxing

One year ago, some coordinators wanted more practitioners from a larger group to cooperate as one body. I thought that if the senior coordinator in our area could actively cooperate with other coordinators, more coordinator practitioners would join them. And then we could form a big group among all the practitioners. So I made an appointment with a female coordinator. I invited her to my house to discuss when and how we should talk with other coordinators. Unexpectedly, that female practitioner gave me a head-on blow in front of another coordinator. She said I was taking advantage of her when asking her to do something. I felt this was unfair and that I was wronged. After that, I became very depressed and didn't want to get involved in anything about coordination again.

Other practitioners noticed my problem and they communicated with me about this from the Fa's perspective. I also spent a lot of time studying the Fa and looking inward to find my attachments that led to the negative results. I found I had an attachment to pursuing fame. Although I was thinking about the whole group, I had the notion that if I did this well, I could show off myself. I had the mentality of vanity and preferred to hear only good words--that's why the female practitioner pointed out my shortcomings in front of others. I also had hatred, complaint and grievance. I was moved by other people very easily. I disliked people who said I wasn't good. I relied on fellow practitioners, I didn't want to worry and think about how to coordinate between practitioners. That's why the female practitioner said I was using her.

At that time, I always tended to explain myself to other practitioners. Now I realized that was another attachment to validating myself. I also enlightened that I should improve my xinxing and tolerance. I should be tolerant of practitioners, and not be moved by their behavior, regardless of whether it is good or bad.

As I was finding my attachments, I felt my body become larger and larger. I live on the first floor, but I felt my body reached the second floor, then the third floor, and then all the way to the sixth floor. I knew Master was encouraging me because I improved my xinxing.

Let Go of Myself, Harmonize the Practitioners as One Body

Through Fa study, I enlightened that every practitioner should harmonize with our group, not to rely on the coordinators.

I also enlightened that I should let go of self and eliminate my fear of being harmed. When I coordinated with practitioners, I met some practitioners who made irresponsible remarks behind my back. Those were great opportunities for me to improve. And now I won't take on things passively; as long as it's needed by the group, I will do it. And I no longer treat practitioners differently; I harmonize with them in cooperation. Regardless of which area the practitioners are from, if they need our righteous thoughts to support them, I will release my supernormal abilities to strengthen them or directly communicate with them face to face. If I found some loopholes in coordination within the group, I either suggested the solution or harmonized the problem silently.

As I let go of my self more and more, I also participated in more and more things and there were many opportunities for me to cultivate my xinxing. Anything I met wasn't random, it must have occurred for me to cultivate. Now when I send forth righteous thoughts, I include one thought: "Let my gong join the gong from practitioners in our group or all over the world." I enlightened that my righteous thoughts would become very powerful in this way. I also enlightened that to form one body, every Dafa disciple's heart should be together, and our gong should integrate together. In this way, we can truly form an indestructible body, our gong will form a Fa net to eliminate the evil throughly and we can save more sentient beings.

I read some articles in Minghui Weekly that the effects of sending forth righteous thoughts for a long time to eliminate the evil have been good. Our local practitioners also suggest that we send forth righteous thoughts for a long time. One day in the afternoon, when we were sending forth righteous thoughts, I thought to integrate my gong with that of all the other practitioners' to block the evil. So I did the upright palm and I immediately reached the state of tranquility. I felt strong energy on my palm, countless Fa implements went out from my body and eliminated the evil. In other dimensions, numerous bombs exploded and destroyed the evil. Dafa disciples' supernormal abilities eliminated the evil, our gong joined together and became golden lights. Different Fa implements from all the practitioners targeted the evil from various angles. We sent forth righteous for two hours, and much evil was destroyed. I felt my field was very clean afterwards and my body was very light.

Above are my personal experiences. Let's maintain strong righteous thoughts and actions, fulfilling our prehistoric vows better in the last period of time in Fa-rectification.