(Clearwisdom.net) The Minghui/Clearwisdom website has recently published overseas Fa conference-sharing articles. After having read the articles, I noticed that I have eliminated some of my human notions and upgraded my xinxing, making me sense fundamental changes--from the micro level to the surface.

Today I read "Changing Fundamentally, Believing in the Fa and Believing in Master" and "Getting Rid of Depression, Recognizing that I am Qualified to Be a Dafa Practitioner." The first half of the first article made me realize that I am facing similar issues. I am always attached to my own opinions, to the point where I even sometimes felt that Master should use a different phrase to be more accurate, though I knew thinking this way was wrong. But I never dug deeper. I have not truly believed in Master and in the Fa. My thinking was that I would accept Master's teachings when I could understand them. I would not completely believe when I did not completely understand.

Master mentioned in his teaching to the practitioners in Australia that significant things will happen in the human world. I had doubts about that, which I tried to cover up, thinking it has been this long and I doubted the fate of the future. Master also mentioned that it is a serious matter for practitioners not to follow what Master says. My notions made me completely deviate from the state of a true Dafa practitioner. Believing in Master and believing in the Fa is a serious matter. If one doesn't believe in Master, what does one cultivate for?

This has bothered me for a long time--sometimes thinking that I cannot reach the point of completely believing in Master and the Fa, not reaching the state of "natural attainment without pursuit," that my mindset cannot stay pure. When I study the Fa, I have pursuits and think, "I'm studying the Fa, so I will be able to upgrade my xinxing" or, "Since my cultivation status has been good, my mother's should improve because of this."

Sometimes my emotions took over, and I was deeply affected by movies or television programs. It took me a long time to pass tests in this area. I have not yet met the Fa requirements in many areas. Reading practitioners' articles gave me insights, and those emotional thoughts have been eliminated from my mind. These thoughts are actually not coming from me; the old forces foist them on me. I finally realized the fundamentals of the issue, that these factors had negatively impacted my own dimensions. Now I have clearly recognized these from the Fa perspective. While I read the practitioners' articles, I remembered Master's teaching, "There is this saying: 'The great Fa is boundless.' Cultivating it depends entirely on your heart." (Zhuan Falun) Suddenly I felt the boundless concept of the Fa in my mind, thinking, "I can do it." I could have never made such changes in the past, but now I feel I can. I can do what Master asks us to do. I can do it!

Reading practitioners' articles for the past several days moved me to tears, noticing their pure hearts/minds and language. I am truly moved by practitioners' responsible attitude toward the Fa. I have recognized my notions and the shortcomings in my cultivation. Although I was unable to personally participate in the overseas Fa conference, I still did not miss the great opportunity to improve myself. I feel very fortunate. I am thankful to the Minghui website for providing the opportunity to the practitioners in Mainland China and for demonstrating the wonders of the great Fa conference. In the meantime it gives us the opportunity to find gaps in our cultivation and to truly form a one-body.