(Clearwisdom.net) My husband called me this morning and asked me to buy an airline ticket for him. I was in a car and could not hear him clearly, so I asked him to repeat what he was saying. He was impatient and shouted at me, "Haven't I told you already, are you deaf?" Then he hung up on me. I was not upset and I looked within myself. I suddenly found that I always became impatient with others, and I was rude and even mean sometimes.

After I found my attachments, I felt comfortable. Master requires us to look inward. We really need to develop the habit of looking inward. It should be as natural as eating and getting dressed. If we look inward and take the Fa as our Teacher, we can adjust ourselves when we meet with conflicts. No matter what happens, if we search within for the cause of the conflict, then it's not hard to cultivate.

Besides looking inward, we should be strict with ourselves. Master taught us that if we did everything

according to the Fa, then we were cultivating. Many times we can find our attachments but cannot get rid of them. That's true for me. Because I did not give much attention to cultivation, I always thought that I would do better next time and forgave myself. In fact Master required us to be strict with ourselves, and he allows us to improve gradually. But it's not like what we suppose - it's not a case of just take it easy and improve slowly.

While we don't acknowledge the old forces' arrangements, if we do not get rid of attachments then the old forces can take advantage of the loopholes within us. Negating the old forces is not just words, but something we must carry out by cultivating solidly. Only if we let go of human notions and attachments can we walk righteously the path arranged by Master.

Actually if we loosen the requirements on ourselves, we basically cannot improve. On the contrary, we will stay at a certain level for very long time. It's really common, so we should not slack off in cultivation. Once we find the problem, we must let go of the attachment immediately. Only in a diligent state can we achieve the objective of cultivation. Why? Because before 1999 Master already required us to complete personal cultivation. But we do not understand the Fa clearly, and we are still experiencing the tests of personal cultivation during the Fa-rectification period. Master benevolently gave us the opportunity. During Fa-rectification we must be strict with ourselves, and we should not waste precious time and opportunities.