(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

Though I am uneducated and in my late 60s, I learned to read and write after I began practicing Dafa. My numerous illnesses, mostly heart disease and bone spurs, all disappeared through Dafa practice. I am grateful toward Master from the bottom of my heart for saving me!

Blessings from practicing Dafa

I began Dafa practice in 1998. My elderly neighbor quit practicing Dafa and gave my husband a copy of Zhuan Falun. He was fearful of persecution and refused to accept it. I knew it was a precious book and said, "I want it! I want it! This book is mine! When I visited my practitioner daughter once, other practitioners were also present. I studied Dafa books with other illiterate practitioners. I repeated word after word, following others. Unfortunately, the persecution began before I had a chance to learn all the words in the book.

The persecution destroyed the peaceful Fa-study environment, so I studied at home. I would ask my family if I came across a word I did not know in a Dafa book. I would read it daily and went from being able to recognize only a few words to an entire row, then half a page; over time I was able to read the whole book of Zhuan Falun. Now I read two lectures a day.

Tests came soon after. I was taking care of my daughter-in-law after she gave birth. I boiled a pot of water and accidentally spilled the water on my thighs. My husband asked, "Did you burn yourself?" My righteous thoughts emerged and I said, "I'm ok." It turned out I was indeed all right, and my skin did not even turn red. Once my husband, who had limited motion, bumped his head on the door and smashed the glass in it. I immediately said, "Master is protecting you, no problem!" It turned out he really was ok and he did not have any cuts or bleeding. The broken glass pieces were sharp. I also recall that my husband fell into a manhole, but he was not hurt. My family has truly benefited from my Dafa practice! I knew Master was protecting him, and I thank Master from the bottom of my heart!

Passing xinxing tests

I used to have an ill temper, but I quit all the bad habits through Dafa practice. My son accidentally bumped our neighbor's car but did not cause any damage. The neighbor came over the next morning and verbally attacked us. He did this three times a day, but I stayed quiet and told myself, "I am a Dafa practitioner and I must guard my xinxing," so I never fought back. The neighbor saw no reaction from me and stopped after two days.

But sickness karma really was a life-and-death test for me. I could not stand up in the spring of 2005 and I could not move my legs. I could not do any chores. My husband and children grew afraid. They attempted to coerce me to go to a hospital, but I firmly refused. They brought my sister to persuade me, but I told her, "I'm ok, I will recover for sure!" She left. Other practitioners reminded me to send righteous thoughts, negate the interference and look inward.

I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate evil interference. I also asked Master to help me. The tribulation lasted two months before I was able to stand again. I was like a child first learning to walk, but my gait steadied after a few days.

When I was going to cross a rail track I mysteriously tripped and fell. I shouted in my heart, "Master, I'm ok." I slowly stood up and examined myself and did not even see a single scratch. My tears burst out. I knew Master protected me again. Several months later my legs were perfectly well again.

Walking a righteous path with righteous thoughts

I was fearless when the police broke into my home in early 2008. I simply sat there and kept sending righteous thoughts, no matter how they went through everything. When they told me to go to the police department I firmly answered, "No!" They began pressuring my family and told me they would leave me alone if I only signed something to renounce my belief. I said, "I will practice, and I will not go with you. You are lying to me! I won't be able to come back if I go with you." The standoff lasted a long time. The police went to the village Party committee and talked to villagers to "investigate" me. All praised me highly. The police could not incriminate me despite exhausting all resources, so they had no choice but to leave. I had helped almost everyone in my village to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.

Later that night, when I was half asleep, I saw an image of dark red fluid flowing from my yard to the front street; at the same time I saw an old man telling me, "Look, this is the residue of the evil you disintegrated while sending righteous thoughts." This incident reaffirmed for me the tremendous power of sending righteous thoughts. I also realized the importance of sending righteous thoughts when encountering tribulations and exercising the divine power Master has given us to protect ourselves.

The same two police officers returned the next day. I still refused to go with them. I simply sat down and sent righteous thoughts. Soon, more officers arrived. One thought emerged, "Let the most vicious police officer say, 'Falun Dafa is good.'" And indeed he did. He suddenly stood up and said loud and clear, "Falun Dafa is good. I might as well be dead." Everyone else stared at him in shock and disbelief. I felt the power of righteous thoughts. I refused to sign anything they wrote, so they left, dismayed. The same two officers returned again a few days later. I said to them with righteous thoughts, "I did not do well and the evil took advantage of it, and that's why you came back." They said, "We will never come back again."

I studied the Fa daily when the officials harassed me. During that time, police cars were parked outside my home at night; the officers waited for me to step out of my home to arrest me. I kept sending righteous thoughts. One day five police cars were outside my home. At one point I sensed one police car had fallen into a ditch. I told my family. They went out to check, and indeed that's what happened.

With Master's prompt I changed my way of exposing the persecution. I would walk the streets and alleys during the day since the police came at night, and I would hand people Shen Yun DVDs and pamphlets face to face and ask them to quit the Party. This proves the Dao is infinitely more powerful than the evil!

The police came back yet again in late 2008. I opened the door. They ordered me to get fingerprinted on a blank sheet of paper. I did it without thinking. Suddenly I realized it wasn't right, "How could I obey the evil like that?" I refused to sign the document. I did not pass this test perfectly and felt bad for letting Master down.

I was determined to do well next time. The following day I went to the police department, police station, government, and detention center to send righteous thoughts in close proximity. I did it day after day without a break.

Master said,

"If every Dafa disciple could manage to treat sending righteous thoughts correctly, and routinely have strong righteous thoughts, then all evil spirits throughout the entire world could be quickly dissolved. If all Dafa disciples could grasp this, and all sincerely achieve a state of having their righteous thoughts be at their most powerful point, then one day would be enough to resolve things. With every person dissolving the bad factors within the scope of his reach that he is responsible for, wouldn't the entire world change?" ("Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting") ( 2009, New York)

I found out the power of righteous thoughts is indeed incredible. Once I stood in front of the police station and sent righteous thoughts. The police cars could not start and huffed and puffed in place. Another time I went to a detention center to send righteous thoughts. A police officer came out. When he got close to me he took off running and did the same thing when he returned and avoided having eye contact with me the whole time.

Righteous thoughts and righteous actions help me offer more people salvation

I talk to people after sending righteous thoughts. Each day I can help at least three to five people quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. Sometimes I can help as many as 60 people in a single week; sometimes less, perhaps around 40.

I keenly feel that we can help people quit the Party if we have a pure mind with the intention to save people. There were suffering and touching moments - people who listened and people who refused; those who immediately agreed and those who threatened to call the police, but it was helping us to eliminate fear. When fear reared its ugly head I would send righteous thoughts to disintegrate it because I am not afraid since Master is looking after me. I will walk the path Master has arranged for me. Then my heart steadied, and now I openly speak with people about Falun Gong and the communist party's crimes.

Once when I was speaking with a woman a man came over and said, "Are you Falun Gong? I am a cop." He pulled out a mobile phone and was going to make a call. I said, "Police officers are also people. I will help you also." He said, "Just go." A crisis was resolved without incident.

Many people heard the facts from me, and when I occasionally run into them in the street, some would excitedly tell me that his crops at home are growing well, and his family is doing well, too, because he says, "Falun Dafa is good."

I met a young man who pulled me aside and said, "Go ahead and help me quit the Red Young Pioneers." My tears burst out and I thought, "People are actively looking for the truth!"

I always seek out opportunities to help people learn the facts. When my husband was hospitalized I spoke with other patients and their families while taking care of him; almost all of them quit the Party

There are so many things I am grateful toward Master for! I can never repay Master, except to be ever more diligent!