(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Teacher! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

In 2004, I met some fellow practitioners who were producing truth-clarification materials. They encouraged me and taught me the skills to make Dafa informational materials.

At that time I thought, "I'm nearly 50 years old and a housewife who attended school for only five and a half years (half farming and half studying during the later period of the Cultural Revolution). Computers are a high-tech thing to me, and I've never dared to think about using them." Fellow practitioners patiently taught me and assured me that I could understand, so I decided to have a go at it.

I hardly knew any of the letters on the keyboard and didn't know how to use the mouse. I learned the letters one by one, yet it only took a matter of minutes for me to learn how to print simple truth-clarification materials. It was not as hard as I imagined, and I was so happy to watch the little machine quickly printing out clear copies one after the other. I also learned how to use the Internet, download files, do simple editing, and learn how to operate a computer.

1. My Decision to Meet the Need for Saving People

I went from making materials for myself to making them for the materials production site, then shared my materials with several dozen people. The coordinator said to me, "You need to do your housework well, make materials as much as you can, but don't put too much pressure on yourself." However, I felt great pressure, worried that the supply wasn't enough, and delayed my efforts in saving people. Sometimes I was led by this attachment, busy with working, and could not guarantee my Fa study time.

After Teacher's lecture about exposing local evil authorities was published, practitioners edited the booklet that focused on exposing local persecution. Besides doing my housework well, I printed the booklets, using almost a box of paper in a week. I was busy yet happy, but it was difficult to keep up with Fa study. As a result, the dark minions took advantage of my loophole. I incurred serious sickness karma--severe coughing around the clock that lasted for over a week. I could barely withstand it, and all sorts of bad thoughts came up at once. I looked inward and found jealousy, the attachment to doing things, inability to concentrate on Fa study, etc. I sent righteous thoughts to immediately disintegrate the dark minions, rotten ghosts, and Communist evil spirits that persecuted my body. After I rectified myself, the sickness karma instantly disappeared. Soon after, Teacher arranged for me to meet another practitioner who produced materials. She worked with me and reduced my workload, thereby allowing me sufficient time for Fa study and going out to clarify the truth face to face.

At the end of last year, a "clarifying the truth via cell phone" project was introduced to our city. I had never used a cell phone before, so it was another new thing to me. I started from the beginning and learned how to send messages, edit and color text, send group messages, store and transfer phone numbers, make phone calls with a recorded message, etc. Fellow practitioners were very patient, unceasingly encouraging me, and I learned quite easily.

However, the process of doing this on a broader scale was not so simple, and I had many setbacks in the beginning. I took two cell phones with me, wanting to talk with a practitioner who I thought to be diligent or who had frequently helped me, but I was turned away and felt really bad. After I got home, I realized that my human notions were too strong; sometimes I didn't do well on my cultivation of speech and harmed others. However, I was willing to give myself completely to saving sentient beings and validating the Fa, so I went to her home again the next evening. I knocked on her window a few times and saw her through the window. She gestured to her child not to open the door, so I was kept out again.

I was puzzled and saddened, and the dark minions also seized the opportunity to sneak in. Within half an hour of arriving home, my whole body started to tremble. I had a high fever, and then I felt like I was freezing and used two quilts to cover me - it felt like symptoms of H1N1. I struggled to sit up to send righteous thoughts, but I couldn't remember the formulas or anything else, only that my head felt as heavy as a stone. However, I had clear thoughts in my heart that I would not have problems since I had Teacher, and it would pass quickly. My righteous thoughts were not sufficient, so the symptoms lasted several days; my face was yellow during that time, and I lost a lot of weight.

The practitioner who introduced the cell phone project said, "Although evil forces are persecuting your body, they are targeting the cell phone project." These few words reminded me that I started coughing the first time we made booklets to expose the local persecution, touching the evil forces in other dimensions. I had xinxing loopholes, so they took advantage, but I wouldn't acknowledge them.

After these experiences, I clearly realized that we can't merely depend on human courage and warmheartedness to do Dafa work, and that we must have sufficient righteous thoughts for big projects. Then Teacher's Law Body will strengthen and protect us. I found my shortcomings in the process and understood the real reason why fellow practitioners were unwilling to be in contact with me. The old forces used my human notions to create misunderstandings and gaps, and I didn't dig out my real problem, but demanded things from others. Although it seemed that I had let go, my impure, innermost feelings were sensed by fellow practitioners.

When I met with difficult situations, the pursuit of comfort stopped me from moving forward. However, Teacher's Fa resounded in my ears:

"The most precious thing is to manage to continually progress while in this grueling setting, under pressure, and unable to see hope. That is the most precious, and greatest, thing."

"But I think that the Fa is immense and that this is the Great Law of the cosmos, after all, so it can resolve anything. As long as you can open up your heart and be tolerant, I think anything can change."

("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference")

With Teacher's merciful strengthening and the coordinator's painstaking efforts, the clarifying the truth via cell phone project began soon after in our city. In the beginning, fellow practitioners had me send text messages and color text; sometimes I used two phones simultaneously and sent several thousand text messages in one afternoon. I was exhausted when I got home, but two other practitioners were operating three to four cell phones and endured even more, put out more effort, and maintained sufficient righteous thoughts throughout.

This project frightened the local evil forces tremendously, who panicked after receiving our phone calls - some quickly changing their phone numbers. Officials in judicial and public security organizations earnestly listened, and said after receiving the calls: "Thank you!" Many citizens heard the facts about Falun Dafa, so this was a very good supplement to clarifying the truth face to face.

2. Clarifying the Truth Face to Face, Eleven Years Seems Like One Day

Regardless of what projects I work on, I never find excuses to stop clarifying the truth face to face, so I always carry materials with me, as I feel that this allows me to explain the truth thoroughly and help save sentient beings.

I lived in a family dormitory at the beginning of the persecution, which was very close to the police station, town government, commerce department, and tax offices. There was only one other practitioner in this big town. I used every opportunity to explain the truth to people, often distributing materials to merchants in the market fair. Commerce department and tax office staff who collected payment from the merchants were all familiar with me and initially asked me for materials and DVDs. I also went to the tax office, visiting almost every government staffer. Village and town cadres have personally received my materials; I also put every informational flyer at the front and back doors of the police station.

I often come across events that have touched me while clarifying the truth. Once, I explained the truth to an elderly person who was lame and dressed poorly. Before I completed what I had to say, he burst into tears and said bitterly, "I am from that township, that village. I'll tell you my real name, I'll quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with my real name! The CCP gave me a bad time. I've pulled a plow for them for a lifetime, and my leg is useless since it was broken when moving things for the CCP, and now they don't care about me." He tearfully complained, looking at me with hopeless eyes, "Will I live to see the fall of the CCP?" I replied, "You will live well and certainly can!" I comforted him, then walked away. After walking quite a distance, I turned back to see that he was still standing there watching me. His words, "Will I live to see the fall of the CCP?" were frequently asked by other elderly people who quit the Party, and I truly felt that Chinese people have suffered too much from the evil Party, and that they hope from the bottom of their hearts that the evil Party will perish. Some even asked, "Why doesn't Falun Gong make the CCP fall quickly?" I patiently explained, "Falun Gong is not interested in power, but we expose the evil Party's persecution, ask people to quit, and explain the truth to save people. The destruction of the Party is decided by divine beings."

I moved a few times due to changes in my life these past years and came to this county at last. When I first arrived, I began to shape the environment around me and proudly told my neighbors, "I practice Falun Gong" and validated the Fa with my behavior.

I have been reborn from Dafa and would've already lost my life to illness without Teacher's protection. In over ten years of practice, I've truly realized the Fa principle of:

"Physical pains count little as suffering,

Indeed, cultivating mind is hardest."

("Tempering the Will" from Hong Yin)

What I've achieved is not due to my intelligence or competence; everything originates from Dafa. I often feel clearly that, when I encounter difficulty in learning things for validating Dafa and saving people, a clear thought guides me to resolve the difficult situation, or practitioners promptly help me. I encountered danger while doing truth clarification a few times, yet they all passed with Teacher's merciful strengthening.

Again, thank you, great Teacher!

Thank you, fellow practitioners who have helped me!