Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I started practicing Dafa in 1997, and it quickly became the most important thing in my life. By reading Minghui Weekly, I saw Dafa disciples were doing so well. With each article I was able to see my shortcomings and areas to improve. I had always felt that my education level was low, so although I had always wanted to share my experiences, an inferiority complex about my lack of writing ability would dissuade me. Therefore, I had not wanted to write any experience sharing papers. Fellow practitioners encouraged me to write, and since cultivation is to address our own inadequacies, I acquired the nerve to express myself in my own way and at my own level. In these years I have encountered many incidents, having done some well and others insufficiently. Here, I share a couple things that I've done well with strong righteous thoughts.

While Dafa disciples in mainland China are all clarifying the truth, a practitioner that I have known came to my house. I saw her fear, so I said to her, "Currently Dafa disciples are distributing truth-clarification materials, CDs and Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. You are a Dafa disciple. Your attachment of fear can be removed while distributing truth-clarification materials."

That evening she took a small amount of materials with her to distribute, but she was reported to the police while she was handing them out. I did not know about this until her husband came and told me about the incident the next morning. My personal understanding was that I should send righteous thoughts because my house is a distribution center of Dafa materials. I thought this was definitely not accidental that the evil directly targeted a Dafa materials distribution center. Therefore, at work, I was sending forth righteous thoughts at the same time while I was doing work. Whenever I had time I would sit down, send forth righteous thoughts and constantly send forth righteous thoughts. In the evening, at six, seven and eight o'clock, I sat down to send forth righteous thoughts. While sending righteous thoughts, I felt myself become empty. Then I saw the contact link between that fellow practitioner and I was cleaned out. While sending forth righteous thoughts I thought that regardless if the Dafa disciples were doing right or wrong, the old forces were not qualified to interfere with practitioners, or our Dafa materials distribution center. Righteous thoughts can disintegrate all evil factors. Upon feeling myself surrounded by a strong energy field and in a good condition, I felt everything was all right and the evil elements had been cleaned out. Then I sent forth righteous thoughts to that fellow practitioner, and I felt the fellow practitioner's righteous thoughts were also strong. I saw she was in a peaceful state and I did not feel any substance like dark clouds pressing down on her.

In the evening, that practitioner was sent back home. Later, she told us she had been sending forth righteous thoughts all night while she was at the police department. A policewoman who escorted her to the restroom, quietly said to her not to say anything. Thus, the police were unable to obtain any information from her. By this, I saw a lot of my own deficiencies were being eliminated and my cultivation level being raised up. That practitioner and I have not been in contact since the incident. Because my home is an important Dafa material transit place, any message can reach me through practitioners. My personal experience is that at a critical time, we must do things according to Master's requirements, and then we will definitely be able to disintegrate the evil.

My next example where righteous thoughts were so important centers around my son. I cannot say he has not followed our direction or done any bad thing. My husband and I were busy every day, so I would only tell him not to do this and that every day when I saw him. He was tired of my daily lectures and went to the internet café after school. He came home around 4:00 a.m. and his father was very angry. I was afraid that he might hit him and I did not know what I should do. I said a few words to my son and told my husband not to be angry, since anger would not help the situation.

But at that moment, I saw my husband's face turned pale. He said he was not going to work because he had no energy to work, and that he was getting ready to go sleep. Suddenly I saw my husband lose physical strength and collapse on the bed. I shouted his name, saying that he should have righteous thoughts. His condition remained unchanged no matter how hard I yelled. My first thought was sending forth righteous thoughts, but I called another practitioner and received no answer. Then I decided not to make any more phone calls. I quickly sat down to send forth righteous thoughts. I held my husband's head with my arm and then nonstop sent strong righteous thoughts. He was still motionless; I remained calm and continued sending righteous thoughts. Finally I felt my entire self became empty, my thought was very clear that this was old forces arrangement. I intensified my righteous thoughts to eliminate the old forces' evil. Later, my son joined in to send forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil. After a while, I felt myself and my family surrounded in a yellow light and in tranquility. But why did he still have no reaction?

I was enlightened from the Fa: Dafa disciples came here not for living normal ordinary lives; we came to rectify Dafa. I hurried and released his head from my arm and leaned forward to his ear and said, "Have you completed what you have to do? Have you finished the tasks assigned by Master?" Then I saw him respond, I knew he was saved. The whole process took more than forty minutes, and it was quite an ordeal.

After he recovered, I asked him, "Why was he like that? He said he was angry. He wanted to leave and not come back because of so many troubles here. The other dimension was much better than here, with many people dressed in ancient clothes worshiping him. So he did not want to come back. But later after he heard my question, he said to himself that he had not finished with saving sentient beings, and so he came back.

This incident also taught a lesson to my son. He now knows what he should do. I wrote this to share with practitioners that we are cultivators, and we should see things according to the perspective of the Fa, believe in Master and the Fa, and overcome the tests.

This is my first time writing an experience sharing paper. It was easier to share my experiences verbally than in writing because of my limited education level. Today I was able to overcome it. I will write another experience sharing paper again in the future when the time comes. Please input your valuable suggestion if there is anything inappropriate.