(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings to benevolent and great Master! Greetings to fellow practitioners!

1. Follow Master's Teaching to Not Hit Back When Attacked, nor Return Insults

I used to be intolerant when it came to living and interacting with my family. I didn't like my husband's bad habits of drinking and playing mahjong. Although I only wanted him to become a better person, my words towards him were filled with finger-pointing, grudges, repulsion, and strong intent to change him. In fact, it was not benevolent in the first place. A practitioner carries energy, so when we think and speak without benevolence, the outcome will be against our will. I didn't want him to play mahjong any more, yet to the contrary, he became addicted and placed bigger and bigger bets.

Once, my husband had some drinks with his friends and went out to play mahjong. After I found out, I thought, "As a practitioner I should rectify any incorrect situations." I went to talk to him, and he said that he would return home in a little while. He still had not come home, so I went to talk to him again. Once he saw me, he shouted and cursed at me, trying to push me away so that he could continue playing. I stood there unaffected by his cursing. Seeing no effect on me, he became angry and told his friends, "Let's go have some drinks, play for three days - then see what she can do about it." He went to the car, ready to leave. I realized that he was furious beyond normal and asked myself, "Did I not do well today and anger him? If I can't influence him in a positive direction, I might push him the wrong way." I felt at a loss, but saw the group about to leave, so I got in the car first in order to prevent them from driving away. My husband kicked me three times. I didn't feel any anger and said, "Just a few days ago, someone in our area drank too much and died. I am just worried about you." After hearing this, my husband's three friends said angrily, "You are saying that we want to kill him?" I looked inward to find my own problem, and realized that I was too selfish and only cared about my own family. I said, "It is better for you guys too. It is not good for anybody to get drunk."

They were surprised that I didn't get angry or cry, and that I was still thinking about their well-being after my husband kicked me several times. They couldn't believe my reaction. One of them said in amazement, "Hey, you should teach my wife Falun Gong tomorrow." Upon hearing that, my husband kicked me three more times. I said firmly, "I really want only what's good for you." He kicked me three more times. I said, "I want to save you. I won't budge even if you beat me to death here." Suddenly, the whole dimension became incredibly calm and peaceful, and their attitudes became mild. Since that day, nobody has ever gone back to the room where they used to play mahjong. My husband comes home after work every day to read the Fa and Minghui Weekly. Once more, I witnessed the power of the Fa.

2. Saving Sentient Beings Integrated into Daily Life

The Chinese government under the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) rule harassed and arrested many practitioners using security for the World Expo in China as an excuse. Some practitioners were taken to brainwashing centers. Once, I went to a town to clarify the truth and happened to get on a bus whose driver was a fellow practitioner I knew. I sat down by the driver and started chatting with him. He told me that someone came and tried to coerce him to give up practicing Falun Gong. I said, "You need to study the Fa more and send forth more righteous thoughts." He continued, "My family just keeps having problems with me." I told him, "Your tone and attitude are not righteous. It must be your own fault. Practitioners should look inside whenever we face conflicts and should be considerate of others. Be more concerned and considerate of your wife. Think about it. She has been living in fear every day for the past ten years. This is so difficult! I heard that when you were detained and persecuted by the CCP, your wife saved every penny possible, and spent it all to bail you out. Why? To spare you from a prison sentence and further persecution. Put yourself in her shoes. Practitioners should be able to understand others, forgive others, and tolerate others. Don't hold her to a high, unrealistic standard that even we cannot meet sometimes." A bystander riding the bus said, "You must have a harmonious family." I said, "Yes, because our Teacher taught us how." Then, I talked to him about Falun Gong spreading across the world to over 100 countries. I persuaded him to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He thanked me and said, "I live in a certain town. We have a cooking oil plant there." He told me to visit his town and he would give me some high quality sesame oil, and I thanked him. There was another bus rider who also quit the CCP. At her stop, she invited me to her home, and I thanked her.

All sentient beings are waiting for us to explain the truth and save them. We must advance our cultivation more diligently, save more people, harmonize what Teacher wants, and accomplish our mission to save sentient beings.