(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, revered Master and fellow practitioners!

I began to cultivate in 1992. Every day I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises. As my character improved and my view of life changed, I noticed that there were changes in my body as well.

My spouse and I are both practitioners. Hence, what we do and talk about is usually related to Dafa activities. We share our understandings about Dafa, character improvement, and how to validate Dafa.

Clarifying the Facts about Falun Dafa

After July 20, 1999, we used every opportunity to clarify the facts about Dafa to people so that they could be saved. Over the years, we talked to our former bosses, colleagues, relatives, and friends about Dafa. We did this everywhere that we could, including in public, in villages, and in shopping areas. We talked about Dafa's miraculous effects on health, about character improvement, about the staging of the "self-immolation" in Tiananmen, and we let people know about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party book. The topics we selected varied according to what seemed appropriate at the time.

During the early morning hours, my husband and I take our breakfast with us and ride our bicycles along major streets. For some people this is a fashionable activity. Actually, we are looking for predestined people. Most of the middle-aged or older people leave their homes at this time to relax, take a walk, or have a snack. It is a good opportunity to meet these people by the roadside and discuss Falun Gong with them. When we see a restaurant that seems suitable to sit down and talk with people, we do that, too. Chatting with people while eating is natural and usually quite effective.

We have had extraordinary experiences while validating Dafa. For example, one night my husband and I were riding our bicycles and distributing bundles of materials. The ride was so easy that it was like effortless flying in a different dimension. It was amazing! When the door to a courtyard was left open pretty wide, we didn't even need to get off our bikes. We would ride by and just toss the materials in through the opening.

Learning to Write Articles

When I was young, my family was poor and so I was not able to finish elementary school. When I began cultivating, I couldn't read Zhuan Falun. Now I can read all of Master's articles and books, and I can write articles about validating Dafa principles.

After I read Master's comments on an article by a fellow practitioner about exposing local evildoers, I also wanted to write articles to expose the persecution, validate Dafa principles, and assist Master in this way. I had no previous experience in writing, but I believed that whatever Master said we should do I could do. I asked a fellow practitioner, "How do you write articles?" He replied, "Just write what you want to say."

Returning home, I started writing about the beauty I had experienced in my cultivation. I had to ask my husband how to write certain Chinese characters. The first article I wrote was clear only to me. My husband said, "Are you not afraid of being laughed at?" Reflecting on what I had written, it indeed seemed laughable. As I recall, the fellow practitioners that helped to correct what I wrote had laughed at what I had written. I did not mind because I thought a cultivator should be able to accomplish anything.

After a period of time, my writing and penmanship both improved. Fellow practitioners praised some of my sentences. Later, my articles were published on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website.

Improving as a coordinator

After I began cultivating, fellow practitioners often came to my home to share their understandings about Dafa, and I became a coordinator. Whatever was needed I would provide, supplement, or quietly do. I took care of handling Dafa materials and coordinated efforts in sending righteous thoughts, helping imprisoned practitioners, and in gathering evidence and supporting materials about the persecution.

In dealing with practitioners who were having a hard time, slacking off, or not aligning themselves with Dafa, I would talk to them and ask them to look within. This fostered an overall improvement in their cultivation state.

As a coordinator, I sometimes encountered conflicts and misunderstandings that caused a lot of frustration. Finger pointing was particularly difficult to take. However, whenever there was a problem, I always looked within for a solution. As a result, I was able to deal with fellow practitioners rationally and in line with Dafa's principles. Looking back at these problems, I realized that they were helpful in improving my character, enhancing my understanding of Dafa, purifying myself, removing human notions, and in establishing mighty virtue.