(Clearwisdom.net) I had a dream before April 25, 1999. In the dream, Master came to my house and signaled me to look at the wall, on which there were golden and shiny words "Shoulder Heavy Responsibilities and The Road Is Long." (任重道远) I was confused, "How long is the road? How heavy is the burden?" Master showed me a group of poems on the wall. Each sentence of the poem was a task that must be done. I understood that Master was telling me of my mission.

Soon the persecution started. I began to fulfill my mission of helping Master with Fa-rectification step by step.

Part One

The forced labor camp held a psychological test that contained many test items. The result showed that my line was coincidental with the horizontal line without any oscillation. All psychiatrists were quite amazed, wondering how a person could attain such results. I told them, "We follow 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance' to practice cultivation and cultivate our xinxing. Not only do we have a normal state of mind, but also in excellent condition, our hearts are still like still water." Constantly smiling, I had walked through that period.

A guard once asked me to her office, showing a double electric baton in front of me. I neither feared that she would shock me, nor thought that she was able to shock me. The guard informed me of the electric baton's voltage and the sensations after being shocked by it, but my heart was not affected at all. The blue electric sparks were snapping and shooting towards the ground in front of my toes. Some sparks splashed onto my trousers. My heart remained unmoved. In the end, the guard switched off the electric baton saying, "Facing you, I am really unable to do this."

After being released, my company held a year-end party. I wore a red jacket, green trousers and a hat with balls of wool. Carrying a big fluffy doll, I hopped about on the stage. Every colleague was guessing who this performer was. No one got the answer until I exited from the stage and took off my hat. Everyone was amazed, "It's really unexpected that you have such a great state of mind!" From their opinions, one would have no inclination to laugh after experiencing such tribulations. However, I was so relaxed and happy.

My sister-in-law lives overseas, and wanted to help my family apply for asylum. I thought, "I do not know a foreign language, nor do I have special skills. I am already so old, if I go abroad, what can I do there? Wouldn't I bring trouble to fellow practitioners there? In addition, Mainland China is the main stage of Master's Fa-rectification. Where else do I want to go? This is my home. I must do whatever I should do here." Therefore, my family decided not to move and neither have we changed our phone number. When one's heart remains unmoved, everything remains unmoved.

Massive raids began all over my city after tapping into the TV system to broadcast the truth about Falun Gong. Several policemen broke into my house, holding a search and arrest warrant saying, "We will take you away if we find one flyer or one book today." The policemen tried to search my bookshelf. I immediately opened my bookshelf door saying, "What do you want to read? Which book? I will help you get it!" All the policemen at once stepped aside. The leader asked the other policemen, "We have searched here already, right?" "Yes, we have." "We didn't find anything, did we?" "No, we didn't." "OK, let's go."

During 2008 Olympic Games, some local policemen stayed at my house for days because the torch relay would pass by my building. The policemen came cowardly, claiming that they wanted to make friends with me. How great was this opportunity! I then clarified the truth in detail about Falun Gong to them and cleared all their questions. Without their colleagues' presence, these policemen may have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations in front of me. I didn't force them, but just told them the methods to quit the CCP allowing them to do it by themselves.

Over these years, the policemen in my neighborhood community and local area were often replaced. I explained the truth to each of them. Once in my dream, I saw that all policemen in this police station stood in a row, shouting together, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!" They saluted me with a click of their heels.

Part Two

I clearly remember that it was ten days before July 20, 1999 when I first visited the Minghui website. After the persecution began, I looked for Master's information through Minghui. I knew that this was the only tool that I could use to connect with Master. After I was released from an illegal detention, I broke through the network blockade to visit Minghui.

As I first accessed the website, I could feel that many evil beings gathered in other dimensions to threaten me with a mortal blow. I could hear the police vehicle coming with their sirens howling, stopping under my window with a hideous crunch. Then the evil climbed upstairs. The vehicle lights were its eyes, flashing bluish-green lights; the tires were its feet, climbing woodenly step by step. Carrying unwieldy bodywork, the evil couldn't twist itself. I looked at it thinking it ridiculous saying, "Come closer; come one more step." As this thought emerged, everything suddenly disappeared.

I got out of a detention center in 2003 as the "Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference" was published. How could I help fellow practitioners get a copy of Master's new teaching? At that time, I didn't know how to download a file from the Internet. Two practitioners typed the lecture and I proofread the work. Then I made copies with floppy disks and distributed it to practitioners with computers.

After that, I decided to use a printer to make truth-clarifying materials. Sometimes when I needed a huge amount of materials, I had to work after midnight. In the dead of night, the printer sounded very loud. Thinking that it affected neighbors' rest, in addition that I hadn't completely gotten rid of my attachment of fear, I made a fish tank according to the printer's specification and covered the printer. In this way, I could still see every operation of the printer clearly through the fish tank and at the same time, no sound could be heard outside of the tank. I felt it was a very good method at that time and used it for quite a while. Afterwards, when I looked at the fish tank again, I couldn't help laughing. This is just for humans! Humans have to use ordinary means to elude the eyes. Doing divine things require one to use righteous thoughts.

One time, as I was about to deliver Master's new teachings to fellow practitioners and walked near the door, I saw a big demon outside my window. It had long black hair, a green face and ferocious fangs. It was so big that I couldn't see its body and the top of its head. I was only able to see it's face in front of me. All the hair on my body stood up at that moment. The demon said, "I just beat two to death the day before yesterday. How do you dare to come again?" It was true that two days ago, two practitioners were beaten to death in a police department. The place I planned to go was near there. I touched my bag, which contained materials of Master's teaching and truth-clarification. A current of energy at once coursed through my entire body. I said loudly to the demon, "Are you greater than my Master and Dafa!? I eliminate you!" I then immediately walked out. After I delivered Master's teaching materials to fellow practitioners, on my way back home, I saw that in another space, Master gave the Fa teaching to me which I made countless copies of as I turned round and spread it widely in the human world. Then at this moment, a loud sound came from the universe,

"He comes with Truth that gives him free reign
And travels the four seas with a free and easy spirit
The Fa's principles spread throughout the world
His Fa Boat sets sail, loaded full with sentient beings" ("Tathagata," Hong Yin Vol. II)

My tears at once burst out. "Master, I just did this little thing that I should do; but you have given me so much!"

Now almost every fellow practitioner living near me uses the Internet and makes materials by himself.

Part Three

I get along with a woman who has lived downstairs for over 20 years. Soon after I obtained the Fa, I tried to persuade her to practice Falun Gong, however she didn't listen to me. After the persecution began, I clarified the truth to her from different angles, but there seemed to be something blocking her and my words weren't able to touch her heart. In the year when an earthquake hit Wenchuan, I visited her and asked for her son's information who lived in Sichuan Province. I asked her to have her son recite "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Falun Dafa is good!" and told her that it can keep them safe. This time I felt that she accepted these words in her heart. She was also confused about how to deal with her granddaughter's disobedience and came to my home for suggestions on educating children. I then told her how Dafa teaches people to be good, how I used Dafa's principles to educate my children and shared my experience with her. This opened her heart. When she went downstairs, for every step she took she recited "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." She continued to make every step downstairs in this way. Looking at the entire process, my tears flowed down my cheeks. "After twelve years I have finally saved you! "

My neighbors were very nice! Over these years, whenever the authorities came to my house, my neighbors always protected and took care of me. I dried some autumn vegetables downstairs. When I came out to pack them up in the evening, I found that someone already helped me pack them up; when I went out to lay out the vegetables in the morning, someone had already done this for me as well. Things were like this during those days. I still haven't found out who helped me in this regard.

During one evening, a former classmate called me crying that she wanted to divorce her husband. I went to her home the next day. She said that all her friends had asked her to divorce except me. I then told her that she must accept my suggestion. I then talked to her about people's predestined relationships, how we should be a good woman and how to look at things from a broader perspective. After she calmed down, I clarified the truth about Falun Gong to her and asked her to quit the CCP. I sang to her,

"Falun Gong is not wrong
Higher lives are fulfilling their vows
What people have anticipated, with hope and fear, now unfolds"

She cried and ask me, "You are just singing, why do I cry?" Her knowing side understood. When I was about to leave, she took out a pen and paper, and wrote down many names saying, "It's not my call for those who are living, but isn't it up to me for those who have passed away? Have them all quit the CCP and let their souls be at peace." I felt surprised and moved, asking what kind of relationship she had with these people. She told me that all these people were her departed relatives and elders and most of them were veteran officials in the early period of CCP rule.

Later, my classmate called me every couple of days, telling me that her family condition was becoming better and better. Afterwards, she called to invite me to visit her new house, telling me that she set up a company with her husband which brought them profitable earnings. Her husband treated her very well. They decorated their new house and bought a motor vehicle. She said in the end, "You are the most welcomed guest of my family. You have brought good rewards to my family." I said it was Dafa that gave her all the rewards. From the bottom of my heart, I blessed the beings who made the right choice.

One day, my husband told me that my mother-in-law was ill in the hospital. She was diagnosed to have a tumor in her stomach and needed to have an operation. I told my father-in-law, "I'll take care of every thing from the hospital after the operation." My father-in-law was very happy about this. However, it was just several days before Falun Dafa Day. I had many things to do to validate the Fa. Being in the hospital would put a strain on my time. "Isn't this interference?" I sent forth righteous thoughts to break through it. I couldn't be tied to the hospital. Two days later, my husband called me telling me that I needn't go to the hospital. My mother-in-law's tumor disappeared and they had already gone through the discharge process. The doctors had taken another X-ray before sending my mother-in-law into the operating room and found that her tumor disappeared. While holding the two X-ray films, doctors were quite confused. The tumor is there on one film, while it had disappeared without a trace in the other. Why? My mother-in-law was good! I told her to recite "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" and she followed my instructions. Her attitude to Dafa changed her life.

I never mentioned my persecution experiences to my mom before because I worried that they would make her very anxious. Afterwards, I realized that it was a consideration out of affection among family members. My mom also practices Dafa and she must use the Fa to measure this. Then one day, I told her some stories of me being illegally detained. My mom smiled after hearing it and she looked relieved. She said, "For these tribulations, you have already overcome them, nothing can block you in the future. I feel really relieved." I didn't expect that my mom would say these words, and really felt happy for her improvement within the Fa.

Part Four

After being released from the illegal detention, my company required me to write a guarantee letter. I refused, thus they forbade me to go to work and withheld my salary. I went to every department to clarify the truth. Fellow practitioners helped me send forth righteous thoughts as well. I felt that I was lifted up by gong and clarifying the truth went smoothly. Afterwards, we decided to write truth-clarifying letters to the company. I made a draft, and then had fellow practitioners edit it to eliminate any contents of human attachments. The final version contained nearly 20 thousand words, which fully explained everything. Then we sent out the letters and sent forth righteous thoughts at the same time. Three hundred letters were mailed to the company in this way, after which an immediate effect took place in the entire company. The officials who participated in the persecution began to fear, and held a general meeting for all employees to explain the persecution. Meanwhile, they made some more materials about me and wanted to report to higher authorities to continuously persecute me.

In the evening, fellow practitioners asked me to relocate someplace else temporarily. I refused to move. No matter if it was writing the letter or mailing them out, everything I did was righteous. Each word of the letter was clarifying the truth. Therefore, I must face whatever comes afterwards with righteousness. Having this thought from the deepest depths of my heart, I immediately felt that I was gigantic and incomparably tall. I sat down, erected my palm and began to recite the Fa-rectification formulas. Many evils gathered down, making me shake all over even in the hot summer. I sat like that for an entire night and eliminated a lot of evil. Many fellow practitioners also helped me send forth righteous thoughts that night. The evil factors were eliminated. My company then paid me my salary. For a while, I even received welfare. However, at that time, because of my limited xinxing level and my righteous thoughts were not strong enough, I stopped and didn't move forward. Therefore, I never went back to work.

Soon I was at the retirement age and went to the company to start the retirement procedures. I was greeted with a large-scale event and saw a lot of colleagues. The scene later was completely unexpected. Many colleagues came to shake hands or hold me in their arms. All kinds of support came, "I support you. Keep practicing!" "We understand you!" "Take good care of yourself." Some colleagues gave me the thumbs up with one hand and offered the other hand from far away preparing to shake hands with me. It had been eight years since I last met with them. They looked really old while I barely aged as everyone praised me "Young" and "Spirited." Actually, I didn't practice cultivation that well and often felt regretful for not reaching the stage of "without wrinkles, glowing with a fair and rosy complexion" (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun, Translation Version 2000) as Master said. Whenever I was validating the Fa or saving sentient beings, however, Master always gave me the best appearance. My husband liked going out with me. He often said when we encountered acquaintances, "This is my wife. How young she looks! Do you like to apply facial makeup? Come with her to practice Falun Gong!" I understood expressly that it was Master saving sentient beings and that it was Master giving opportunities for Dafa disciples' success so that we may fulfill our vows. I was just doing what Master had wanted to do.

Watching most colleagues' warm attitudes towards me, the officials and colleagues who participated in the persecution before looked embarrassed and ashamed. The message I accepted in my mind was that "Why did I persecute Falun Gong before?" I also held them in my arms and patted their shoulders, hoping they could seize the time to redeem their deeds. Some colleagues still had misunderstandings. This was just a good opportunity to explain the truth about Falun Gong to them. I went through it very smoothly.

In that scene, Master's Fa had been imprinted in my mind from sentence to sentence,

"Your mere existence has the effect of saving sentient beings." "The broader range of lives had to be convinced." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York")

I felt that I was gigantic and incomparably tall, holding sentient beings in my arms and bringing them a wonderful future.

Thanks, Master! Thanks, fellow practitioners!