(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings respected Teacher, greetings fellow practitioners.

I began to practice Falun Gong in May 2003. At that time, I had inflammation in my shoulders, and nothing could heal my illness. I was in great pain. Seeing that, my cousin who is a practitioner told me to recite "Falun Dafa is wonderful, Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful." So I began to recite it with a sincere heart. After only one day, my pain stopped. Two days later, the inflammation in my shoulders disappeared as did my chronic rheumatism. I came to experience the feeling of being truly illness-free. Thus I began my journey as a true Dafa practitioner.

I am 87 years old yet I'm still capable of doing many things. I manage a food processing factory. From processing food to machine maintenance, I take care of everything. During the past eight years of cultivation, at every moment, I could feel Teacher's benevolent protection. I share some of my experiences below.

1. The Wonders of Dafa Manifest

One night in April 2005, I was knocked down to the ground by a motorcycle outside my house. My family members were all there, in a great panic, trying to talk to me into going to the hospital. I told them I was fine. I had someone help me into the room and I let the person who rode the motorcycle leave. The whole night, my back didn't hurt. The next morning, my son and daughter-in-law insisted on taking me to the hospital for a check-up. I said I wouldn't go, as a practitioner, I should be fine. However, they didn't stop pushing me to go to the hospital, rather, my daughter-in-law said to me in an upsetting way: "Let's go to the hospital for a check-up. If nothing is wrong, then it'll be good, wouldn't it? If there is nothing wrong, we'll just come back. Otherwise if you don't go to the hospital and end up bed-ridden because of it, I will leave you to fend for yourself!"

We went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with a fracture in the 11th lumbar vertebrae, spondylitis in the 12th lumbar vertebrae, and compression in the 13th lumbar vertebrae. My situation was rather worrisome. The doctor also told us that given my age, the chances of a full recovery were slight. The best they could do was to have me be able to take care of myself. I didn't know what to do, so I was admitted and hospitalized for 27 days. I couldn't take care of myself and the doctor thought that I was going to be paralyzed.

Many practitioners came to visit, sharing their insights with me. However, my family members were against them. They tried to drive them out, yet the practitioners kept coming, which truly moved my heart. When my daughter was trying to drive them out, one practitioner whispered in my ear: "We are practitioners, we have Teacher to take care of us. Look at how many days you have been in the hospital, nothing has changed for the better. This is not a place practitioners should stay. You should go home." Hearing that, I felt ashamed. Right, hospitals only take care of ordinary people, whereas I'm a practitioner, I have Teacher to take care of me. I said: "Teacher, I didn't do well. Will you still take care of me?" With just this thought, I felt Falun rotating in my belly. Tears ran down my face as I thought to myself: "Teacher is still taking care of me even though I let him down."

I asked my family members to consent to my discharge from the hospital but they refused. I insisted on being discharged nevertheless, so they had to let me go home.

After I came home, practitioners kept coming to see me. They shared their Fa understandings with me so that my righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger. I kept sending righteous thoughts in my heart. Benevolent Teacher didn't give up on me, and still took care of me at all times.

10 days later, I could walk. On the 15th day, I walked to the exercise site with the help of a cane, then headed back home. I realized once I got home that I had left my cane at the exercise site. This was truly amazing. My neighbor saw what happened to me, and thus his family witnessed the wonders of Dafa.

2. Rectify Myself during Truth-Clarification

All along, I didn't feel comfortable in clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. I had the attachment of fear, so that for a long time, my state of mind was not the best. I had a strong sense of protecting myself, I always felt a sense of hindrance, so that I didn't achieve good results in helping people to quit the CCP. For example, one time I went to my relatives' home to clarify the facts to him and talk to him about quitting the CCP. When I first entered his home, he welcomed me. As soon as I began to clarify the facts to him, he asked me to leave. After I got home, I began to look within, and I found many loopholes within myself, such as: fear, lack of righteous thoughts, and a lack of compassion. I realized that the way I opened up the topic of quitting the CCP was boring. Even though helping people quit the CCP benefits sentient beings, we should feel that sentient beings are suffering. I asked myself: Sentient beings are waiting for me. What vow did I make when I came down with Teacher to the human world? There are sentient beings I am supposed to save when the Fa rectifies the human world. If they aren't saved because of my attachments, they will be eliminated, so I asked myself, "Can I be responsible for that?" How scary that'd be! By thinking back and forth, I felt that it still came down to my ego, my selfishness. I must change my current state of mind, send more righteous thoughts, study more Fa and study the Fa well in my day-to-day life.

One of my neighbors passed away, and all his relatives came to his funeral. I became acquainted with the person sitting beside me. I learned that he was a retired principal, so I offered to let him stay in my home while he was visiting, and he accepted. I thought that if I talked to him about quitting the CCP, it might be difficult, so I split all the Chinese characters in his name, and placed each one at the beginning of each line of a four-line acrostic poem, then I wrote it on red paper. That evening, I asked him to have a chat, and then I tried to talk to him. He noticed the red paper on the table. He picked it up, seeing that it was an acrostic poem with each line in the poem beginning with a Chinese character of his name. He held my hand: "Do you mean that I should withdraw from the CCP? I should really thank you. I said to him that if you want to thank me, I'd rather you thank my Teacher. I later left him with some Falun Dafa materials.

Teacher said in To the Midwestern US Fa Conference:

"Studying the Fa well, doing a good job of clarifying the facts, and saving sentient beings are your top priorities. If your righteous thoughts are amply strong, you will manage to do well the things that Dafa disciples are supposed to do."

By eliminating attachments, and only having the Fa on my mind, what am I afraid of? Everyday people who came to my factory or whoever I spoke with, they withdrew their memberships as soon as I talked to them, and some thanked me after.

Now more and more people come to my factory. I know it's all Teacher's arrangements, so that I can rectify myself, and do the three things with a pure heart. I didn't have to say a lot before they understood the truth. I came to feel that when we think of Teacher's Fa at all times, we can feel the power of Fa. In assisting Teacher with the Fa-rectification, we must cultivate ourselves well and diligently.

3. Everything Has Intelligence

Another miraculous thing happened to me. I couldn't do exercises or send forth righteous thoughts without my alarm clock to wake me up. Some time ago, it stopped working, so I requested Teacher's help. Later I felt that for such a small thing, it's not worth asking Teacher. I was truly amazed. Every time I needed to wake up, there was someone pushing my shoulder, and after I woke up, I didn't find anyone around me. Right away I understood that it was Teacher calling me, so I stood up and began to send forth righteous thoughts. I was very excited, and I put my hands together in respect to Teacher.

A couple of nights later, I woke up at the time that many practitioners in China practice the exercises together. When I was doing the exercises, I felt the Falun in my lower abdomen rotating. This strong movement was to wake me up to do the exercises. Teacher has been taking care of big things as well as little things. Teacher's benevolent protection brought tears to my eyes. After 15 days, I held my alarm in my hand and said to it: "I'm a Dafa practitioner, if you assist my cultivation, when it becomes time for the Fa to rectify the human world, you'll gain honor as well." My alarm then began to work again.

As Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, we are shouldering a great mission saving sentient beings and assisting Teacher with the Fa-rectification. Any unrighteous factors residing within us can become loopholes for evil factors to take advantage of. Therefore, we must remember Teacher's words. As practitioners, we must have the Fa on our minds at all times; in everything we do, we must have righteous mind and actions, so that we can do better.