(Clearwisdom.net) I came to Beijing to work on June 28, 2010. Although I did not fall short in studying the Fa and doing the exercises, I felt like I merely kept up with my everyday tasks. My cultivation state was up and down, and I was not able to be diligent. I thought, "Although it is said that we are in the last stage of the Fa-rectification, the days still go by one after another, and I am wondering when the end will possibly come."

While I was in this cultivation state, I felt Master was concerned that I might be left behind and regularly allowed me to see scenes in other dimensions, in order to encourage me to forge ahead. On July 22, 2010, I attentively read two lectures of Zhuan Falun. After that, I did the five exercises. When I was doing the second movement of the fifth exercise, "Strengthening the Divine Powers," I achieved a state of deep trance and it felt like I was meditating on the top of a mountain. The mountain was about 9,000 feet high. I saw Buddhas sitting in a circle around me and practicing the same move of the fifth exercise. They were sitting about one foot lower than I was, and their bodies were a little bit smaller than mine. Then I noticed another circle of Buddhas around the first circle, who were about one foot lower than the first circle of Buddhas. I observed more carefully and noticed larger and larger circles of Buddhas, whose positions were lower and lower. I looked at the last circle of Buddhas, about 6,000 feet away. Each of their bodies was as big as my fist, and they were also practicing "Strengthening the Divine Powers." Although they sat far away from me, I was still able to see each of them very clearly. They all had blue hair and wore yellow gowns. They were crying and said together, "My Lord, you are finally awakening! Had you woken up a little bit later, we would all have lost our lives." It seemed as though they had been meditating for a really long time. They felt at ease when they saw me being diligent again, and they then wholeheartedly practiced "Strengthening the Divine Powers."

I cried when I saw this scene. When I looked back, I noticed that it was really risky. I had almost become an "eternal criminal" in this world of illusion. My lack of diligence caused numerous Buddhas to be in fear. I am their only hope of survival. If I cannot fulfill my prehistoric vows, they will all be weeded out. Each of them also has his or her own paradise. How many sentient beings could have been destroyed, because of me? My responsibility is immeasurably great, as it determines whether numerous cosmic bodies can be retained or not.

Initially I was afraid that fellow practitioners might consider my experience too unbelievable, so I did not want to write it down. However, among all fellow practitioners all over the world, am I the only one who is muddleheaded? In order to wake up those fellow practitioners, I want to say out loud, "Please, wake up now! All those sentient beings you have made promises to are anxiously looking at you and are waiting for you to save them. If we are still muddleheaded, how can we face them? Fellow practitioners, no matter what happens, please let us not forget to fulfill our prehistoric vows!"