(Clearwisdom.net) In Master's latest teaching "Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference," one practitioner raised the issue that some practitioners just clarify the truth but don't study the Fa, while others just study the Fa, but don't clarify the truth. I also failed to properly balance these two things and often did one but neglected the other. Recently, I enlightened that studying the Fa and clarifying the truth are actually each a part of a whole. Studying the Fa and clarifying the truth compliment each other.

The Fa principles that we have enlightened to through studying the Fa may be used to clarify the truth to save sentient beings. When we encounter problems while clarifying the truth, we can later resolve them and improve through studying the Fa. When studying the Fa and clarifying the truth together, we are truly practicing cultivation, saving sentient beings, and maturing during this process. This is the ideal harmonized by Dafa.

Let's consider why someone thinks that there is a conflict between studying the Fa and clarifying the truth. What attachments are hidden behind this thinking? If someone unilaterally emphasizes clarifying the truth, this might be an attachment of validating oneself. If one only emphasizes clarifying the truth alone, can sentient beings really be saved? As Master said, "How can one's qi dominate that of another person?" (Zhuan Falun) It is because we assimilate to and harmonize with the Fa that we are able to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. Our righteous thoughts come from the Fa. Only by intently studying the Fa can we really play a positive role of saving sentient beings while clarifying the truth.

How about studying the Fa in isolation? What's the purpose of studying the Fa? Isn't it for guiding us to truly practice cultivation? Isn't clarifying the truth a process of our truly practicing cultivation? If we possess good enlightenment quality, why don't we use our enlightenment to save sentient beings? Isn't it good to benefit more people through clarifying the truth? The excuse "I just study the Fa" is actually out of selfishness and fear. In addition, can we really enlighten through just studying the Fa? Basically, "I just study the Fa" is, at most, an armchair strategist. Another excuse is: "We will clarify the truth after we finish studying the Fa well." How does one determine if one has studied the Fa well? Is this planning everything well? In fact, almost every time we clarify the truth, it doesn't go exactly as we planned. Often something unexpected happens. We actually deepen our understandings of the Fa and elevate ourselves through this process. Many practitioners have shared their experiences and understandings of clarifying the truth. They just do it with a pure heart and with righteous thoughts. Through clarifying the truth, they gain great benefits, such as finding their attachments and reaching deeper understandings or enlightenments.

Besides this issue, I have also enlightened that we shouldn't have contradictory thoughts and viewpoints. It is a selfish notion from the old universe to believe that every factor possess a competitive opposite. Dafa is harmonious, and everything is harmonized. We should consider things in a harmonious way. Practitioners should coordinate well with each other and help each other go forward. We are a harmonious one-body rather than a competitive one with conflicts. If we feel conflicts, it is because we have used notions from the old universe to consider things. Now it is time for us to change these notions.

I hope fellow practitioners will kindly point out anything improper.