(Clearwisdom.net) I was born with some congenital deformations: both of my hip joints were dislocated, my knees were bent, and my spine was misaligned. As a result, when I walked, both of my feet turned inward and I had an unsteady gait. Because my legs were hard to separate, I had to hold them together tightly when I sat down.

When I grew up, I didn't leave the village because of my disabilities. I stopped going to school before I finished elementary school. I was in despair and felt that my disabilities had destroyed my life and taken away all happiness. I even attempted suicide twice.

Eventually, I married a nice person from a very poor family. We had a lovely girl. In order to pay back the mortgage on our house and afford the necessities of life, I was very busy despite my disabled legs.

By chance, in early 1999, I heard about Falun Gong and how miraculous it was. However, I did not believe that my legs would get better because the problems were congenital and not a disease. Even so, I sincerely wanted to learn the practice.

When I got the book Zhuan Falun I remembered that someone had told me, "When you read this book, you need to finish it all at once. Otherwise you may have interference and find that you either don't have time to read or you fall asleep when you try to read it." I heeded that advice and finished the book at once and also learned the five sets of exercises. In the following days, as soon as I finished my housework, I would read Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books.

I have really persevered and done this ever since.

To do the fifth exercise correctly, both legs should be crossed on top of one another in the lotus position. I thought that this was almost impossible as I could not separate my legs. With Master's support, I attempted the position for several seconds to one minute, one minute to two minutes, and then for three minutes. In this way I gradually made a breakthrough. Within six months I was able to meditate for half an hour with one leg crossed. The second exercise was also difficult for me because my torso was twisted and my legs were disabled; it was truly difficult to stand for half an hour. However, I was finally able to do it.

Within six months, compassionate Master helped me to eliminate my karma. Tremendous changes happened to me both physically and mentally. After seeing these changes, my husband, daughter, parents, and siblings started practicing Falun Gong, too.

When the persecution first began, I did not feel afraid. With Master's protection, I used every opportunity to tell people that the Tiananmen self-immolation incident was fabricated, that Falun Gong was good, and that Falun Dafa was being wrongfully persecuted.

After two years of practice, I had become very healthy. One day as I was walking, a police car suddenly pulled up in front of me. Four officers dragged me to the car and took me to the police station. They interrogated me and beat me.

When asked whether I practiced Falun Gong, I said, "Yes." They then wanted me to promise not to practice anymore and to put it in writing. I had always been bullied and acted timidly since I was a youngster, but this time I wrote down all of the miracles I had experienced after practicing Falun Gong, how I had changed, and that Master teaches us to be a kind and better person. After I submitted it, I was kept in the detention center for 20 days.

During the ruthless persecution over the past 10 years, I have been detained twice. In prison, I was brutally tortured until I lost so much weight that I looked like a skeleton and couldn't walk. Upon returning home, I continued to study the Fa and practice the exercises. Within three days, I had completely recovered. My face was rosy and I could walk again. My family was amazed by the miraculous power of Dafa and magnificence of Master!

I deeply understand that everything I have today was given to me by Master. I am a particle in Dafa. Therefore, after I finish my work, I devote all of my time and energy to saving sentient beings. If I waste too much time eating and sleeping, I feel that I am wasting Dafa's resources because I am a particle of Dafa.

Thank you, Master.