(Clearwisdom.net) The old forces have many ways of interfering with and persecuting Dafa disciples. Besides its arranged prisons, forced labor camps, detention centers, and brainwashing centers, they also persecute practitioners with illness and material interests. These forms are easy to detect, but practitioners may not notice the interference and persecution of our time and energy, because it is more hidden. This interference can manifest by tying Dafa disciples to work at their jobs, or at home, and leave them no time to do the three things.

I recently encountered this kind of interference myself. I used to have a stable and not-too-busy job. But in August,1 the employees in our section (several of them are Dafa practitioners) were all assigned to different sections, with very complex work assignments, which were completely different from our old jobs. It was quite challenging for us since we have been working at our previous positions for over twenty years. We needed to learn everything from the beginning, and also had to put in a lot of overtime. The work hours were twice what they were before. It was hard for us to find time to study the Fa and do the exercises.

When facing such major interference, we should look within. Teacher has told us to look within whenever we encounter anything. But that doesn't mean we should not try to eliminate the interference arranged by the old forces. I don't want to talk too much from this angle. I just want to remind fellow practitioners: "This is truly a form of interference and persecution. Please be alert and don't neglect it. We should use righteous thoughts to strengthen fellow practitioners, who are facing these challenges."

When this happened here recently, some practitioners didn't take it seriously. Some thought, "Could it be that this happened because you have some attachments that you need to eliminate?" Others thought, "Why didn't you do the three things well earlier?" Some even said, "You have a decent income, hence you don't need to worry about making a living. Then besides testing you on time, what else could be used to test you?" This view is like taking on a bystander's position and unconsciously acknowledging the logic of the old forces. Some practitioners didn't care about taking fellow practitioners' things as their own things. Other practitioners said, "If you can do the three things well under a tight time schedule, you will establish more mighty virtue, and may result in a more relaxed environment." That's just the viewpoint when looking at the issue from an individual cultivation perspective.

Thus the practitioner who is being persecuted has to deal with the interference virtually alone. In that situation, I had a difficult time breathing, and I had a fever for several days. Another practitioner felt the same way I did. Of course, not feeling well is related to one's own xinxing, but it is also reflected by interference from another dimension. Furthermore, the basis of Teacher's Fa-rectification is that time is now worth much more than gold and is given to Dafa disciples in order to save sentient beings, with Teacher's enormous help. It is not given to us to do everyday people's work (of course, we should always do our duty in society). We are Teacher's disciples and we must listen to Teacher's words. We should study the Fa more, study the Fa well, strengthen our righteous thoughts, and do the three things well. We should completely disintegrate the old forces' arrangements, so that we can walk well on the cultivation path arranged by Teacher.

Actually, the Fa rectification is at its last stage. Everything we run into might be a test for our group as a whole. Fellow practitioners may not always have to take specific actions to pass the test. As long as our understandings are at the right level and we consider other practitioners' things as our own things, then the evil may just vanish. Sometimes a single righteous thought is enough, such as: We absolutely do not allow the old forces to use any excuse to persecute fellow practitioners.

September 24, 2010