When we set up our Fa study group in 2006 we had four practitioners. Two of them didn't know how to read. Ms. Juxiang (alias) had not even finished second grade in elementary school. Now she is retired and has forgotten all the Chinese characters that she learned. So she didn't dare to read the Fa. The Fa is great. We thought, what a pity if she couldn't read it herself, so we encouraged her: "Give it a try. Read slowly. We'll help you with the Chinese characters that you don't know." She then started and we were very patient. When she made a mistake, we helped her correct it. We praised her improvements. Sometimes she'd read and I would read with her. Now Ms. Juxiang can read the Fa by herself and her xinxing level has been improving too.

One day, while Ms. Juxiang was up on a ladder putting up truth-clarification posters, she fell. She was injured and bleeding from cuts on her forehead and below her eyes. We moved our Fa study to her home, and sent forth righteous thoughts several times every day to help her eliminate the evil. Without applying any medicines or having any injections, her wounds healed quickly. With Teacher's help we sent righteous thoughts to help her.

Ms. Li Jia (alias) started to practice Dafa in 1996. Her husband and sons worked in another city, so she went there to look after them. She came back two years ago to get her home renovated. In order to help her rejoin the cultivation path and catch up with the Fa rectification, we encouraged her to attend our group Fa study. Soon after she joined us, she was hit by a motorcycle and lost consciousness. Her sister took her to the hospital. While lying in a bed, she had a dream that she was falling into a bottomless abyss, and that huge dark tunnel was crawling with evil demons with open mouths and pointy teeth.

As her fellow practitioners, we visited her and reminded her to search inside. We also sent forth righteous thoughts for her. We encouraged her to believe in Teacher and the Fa. She said, "Teacher gave me a hint in my dream. The evil saw me becoming diligent again, so it took control of the motorcycle driver, trying to take my life away. Teacher is still looking after me. I will never leave fellow practitioners or the Fa again." She asked to be released from the hospital right away, but her doctor and her family objected. The doctor said, "You had some bleeding in your brain. We are planning surgery for you in a couple of days. It could cause serious problems if you are released now." Ms Li Jia firmly said, "I will not hold you responsible. I have my Teacher taking care of me." After she went home, fellow practitioners went to study the Fa and send righteous thoughts with her. In just one week she had regained her health.

Gradually our group was growing, we now had more than ten practitioners. We shared our experiences with each other on World Falun Dafa Day. We decided that instead of studying the Fa six afternoons a week, we would study on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so we'd have more time to go out to save sentient beings.

Ms. Li Jia worried that she didn't know how to clarify the truth. Every day when she came home, she gestured in respect to Teacher's picture and said, "I really don't know how to clarify the truth to people. What should I do? I want to save people too! Teacher, please help me." Then she would study the Fa. Eventually, she came to understand how to clarify the truth since Teacher helped her when He saw her sincere heart. Now she is partnered with another practitioner and they are a truth-clarification team. They go everywhere. They do not fear anything and they have achieved very good results helping people quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliates.

Auntie Ma Er is a veteran Dafa practitioner. However, her husband has been sick for a long time, so she needs to take care of him. Her daughter-in-law has a job, so she has to watch her grandson too. She also has to cook and wash clothes for the whole family. Her leg used to hurt all year around and she limped when she walked. She knows Falun Dafa is good. She has been studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. Fellow practitioners care about her and deliver Teacher's new articles to her. By studying Teacher's Touring North America to Teach the Fa and Essentials for Further Advancement II, she came to realize that a genuine Falun Dafa practitioner must do the three things well. After joining us, she paid a lot of attention to Fa study and read wholeheartedly. At home, she studied the Fa whenever she could. Soon she had caught up with us. Initially when clarifying the truth, she was responsible for sending forth righteous thoughts and recording the names of people who agreed to quit the CCP. Now, she also goes out by herself. In order to save more people, together with other fellow practitioners, she travels the city, suburbs, and countryside. She no longer limps or gets tired, even after walking ten miles.

Auntie Chen is over seventy. Five of her sons own factories in another city. Their businesses were all doing well. They all asked her to stay with them, but Auntie Chen declined the invitations and decided she'd stay with us to focus on practicing Falun Dafa. Our group study is at Auntie Chen's home. In summer, she keeps us cool with electric fans and ice cream. In winter, she lays out mattresses to keep us comfortable on the cold floor. We often say to her, "We owe you so much, you take such good care of us."

Auntie Chen doesn't know how to read, but she quickly learned how to clarify the truth and she holds strong righteous thoughts. Once we were at a train station, and met a man in his thirties or forties. He used to be a worker at the local fertilizer factory but was laid off due to the economic issues with the factory. He didn't like the CCP's corruption at all, so it was very easy for us to help him quit the CCP. He also took the truth-clarification booklet and letters. Just as we passed the station, Auntie Chen saw a policeman picking up his radio. Quietly she said, "Your phone does not work. Your phone call will not go through." Indeed, his phone call didn't go through! He then sent someone to catch up with us. That person asked us, "Do you have Minghui Weekly? I want to read it. I am also a Falun Gong practitioner."

"No, we don't." We replied as we didn't trust him. He then asked, "Does your material center still have some?" By that time we knew he was trying to catch us. We said, "How would we know? We heard damaging Falun Gong materials would be punished by heaven; therefore, when we receive the materials, we pass them onto other people." He was disappointed and left.

We were safe since Auntie Chen sent forth righteous thoughts. Otherwise, we and the materials center might have been in trouble. We cooperated and coordinated with each other very well.

Another time we traveled to a farmers' market. Suddenly I heard someone crying out loudly, "Come quickly! Here is a Falun Gong practitioner!" I turned and saw Auntie Chen quietly sending forth righteous thoughts. Later I learned that Auntie Chen had given Falun Gong materials to a few motorcycle drivers, and they were making a big fuss. I went there immediately and pretended to be a third party and criticized the drivers as well as the passersby, "You fools! You are men, yet you don't have a lot of wisdom. There are so many natural and man-made disasters these days. She is a senior and is very kind. She took you as her sons and grandsons and wanted you to be safe. Isn't that a good thing! Do you want it or not? If you don't want it, give it to me." The young man standing in front of me started to read the Dafa flyers carefully. The other two also opened up the flyers to read. None of them refused the materials.

By helping each other, we resolved one problem after another and made our way out of persecution.

In our area, our Fa study group has lasted the longest and has more practitioners. All of the fellow practitioners coming to the group study have been improving their and our xinxing levels.