(Clearwisdom.net) After reading so many articles about sickness karma, I have been thinking that there are probably still many practitioners who do not have a clear understanding of the issue. The evil may exploit this gap and continue to persecute practitioners.

I believe that veteran practitioners should examine themselves carefully to find disparities in their understandings of the Fa and their xinxing, if they still suffer from sickness karma. Had they negated the interference of the sickness karma with steadfast and pure righteous thoughts, the interference would have quickly gone away. For those who have sent righteous thoughts every day, but still suffer sickness karma, many have not improved their understandings of the Fa and merely followed the format of sending righteous thoughts. They have not found and eliminated their human notions and that has resulted in the interference.

Those practitioners who still suffer from illness karma, have they examined themselves based on the Fa? Have they been asking themselves, "Why am I still not well?" and focused only on the results? Other practitioners around them have also been thinking, "How come he is still not well?" or even constantly say to themselves, "Keep this in mind," and "observe" how they do periodically.

Have "sick" practitioners become passive in their thinking, after their righteous thoughts have not worked fast enough, or have they started to think there is no way out of their dilemma? Have these people become attached to this "tribulation," and not been clarifying the facts to people as they should?

Our righteous thoughts should have the "power to split a mountain," and "Negate the old forces' persecution." Have we truly been taking it to heart?

Have we begun to doubt our practice, and have our righteous thoughts begun to dwindle over time?

Veteran practitioners suffer from sickness karma often as a result of the old forces' persecution. They often suddenly became ill and are in great danger. There are many reasons for this: the practitioner did not do well in a certain xinxing aspect; the practitioner had signed a contract with the old forces in the past; or other practitioners looked up to this practitioner and followed him/her in the practice. No matter what the situation is, we should negate all old forces' arrangements.

No matter what, a practitioner who truly cultivates based on the teachings should not get sick. We need to fundamentally give up the notion of getting sick. Also, we have to clearheadedly and persistently eliminate the persecution from the old forces and its elements because they exploit every possible gap. The most important thing for us, is to do the three things well. We should not be trapped in the illusion of sickness karma and act according to these notions. We should see everything with our righteous thoughts, study the teachings and clarify the facts of the persecution. Teacher is right beside us.