(Clearwisdom.net) While I was distributing truth-clarification materials to local residents at around 8 p.m. on September 1, 2010, I was reported by a security officer and taken to a police station. I refused to be interrogated, thus I was taken to a "Legal Education Class," which was in fact a brainwashing center.

In the brainwashing center, two "assistant instructors" monitored me 24 hours a day. One collaborator, who betrayed Dafa, arranged to have me watch some slanderous DVD programs.

I realized that it was the old forces' arrangements interfering with my sending forth righteous thoughts and reciting the Fa, and I must break through it and follow Master's words.

"Looking, but caring not to see--
Free of delusion and doubt.
Listening, but caring not to hear--
A mind so hard to disturb."
(from "Abiding in the Dao" in Hong Yin)

I should eliminate the interference by the DVD programs, completely deny the arrangements of the old forces and send forth righteous thoughts at close proximity to the dark den of the evil. I recited, "Eliminate all the evil factors surrounding me. Completely eliminate the evil old forces' dark minions in the brainwashing center. Master, please strengthen me. I must go out to save people. This is not the place for me to stay." Sometimes I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate dark minions that the evil old forces arranged in several major prisons and brainwashing centers. I recited from memory, "On Buddha Law", "True Cultivation", "Abiding in the Dao", "Tempering the Will", "Don't Be Sad", "Stirred by Reflection" and more. Sometimes I even recited them aloud.

In the TV room of the brainwashing center, one collaborator and two accompanying instructors stayed with me to watch the programs. They always came in and out as if they were restless. Sometimes I did not see the collaborator at all. The two accompanying instructors always smoked outside. Oftentimes I sat there alone with the TV on. It was perfect for me to close my eyes and repeat sending forth righteous thoughts and reciting the Fa. The evil people were afraid of getting close to me. They had me watch the programs every day. After more than 20 days, the collaborator said, "Whatever DVD you want to watch, you can choose yourself."

The two accompanying instructors felt uneasy whenever they stayed for more than three days. They made phone calls asking to shift to other positions and were not willing to stay there. Within one month, the accompanying instructors changed five times. They always insisted on leaving.

From morning to night, no matter where I stayed, I always sent forth righteous thoughts and memorized the Fa. Whenever there was interference, I eliminated it. Sometimes I could see fellow practitioners walking outside the brainwashing center and calling my name. I saw them and heard them! Fellow practitioners' help in sending forth righteous thoughts and eliminating the evil was very encouraging to me. Practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts as one body greatly deterred the evil old forces.

After 32 days of battle between good and evil, at around 10 a.m. one day in October 2010, with the protection of Master and help of fellow practitioners, I nobly left the brainwashing center without saying one single word.

Looking inside, I summarized the lesson I learned. I often treated distributing truth-clarification materials as a task to finish. Sometimes I had some fear. Sometimes I became happy when I almost finished distributing materials. When encountering problems, I was not calm and started to fight, thus the evil took advantage of my loophole.

On entering the dark den of evil, do not be afraid of anything. Let go of the fear of death and make the evil fear you. Continuously send forth righteous thoughts and continuously recite Master's Fa. We must treat everyone there with compassion, including the collaborators.