Name: Wang Shupei (王淑佩)
Gender: Female
Age: 52
Address: Beitaishang Village, Xinzhuang Town, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Most Recent Arrest: May 2010
Most Recent Place of Detention: Zhaoyuan City Brainwashing Center (招远洗脑班)
City: Zhaoyuan
Province: Shandong
Persecution Suffered: Brainwashing, illegal sentencing, forced injections/drug administration, imprisonment, torture, force-feedings, detention

( To force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their beliefs, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses a variety of means, including the forceful administration of harmful drugs. Their aim is to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, cause them to have mental disorders, achieve the so-called "transformation" and in the meantime, avoid having their deeds be exposed.

The following is what Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Shupei experienced from being drugged numerous times.

In 2001, Ms. Wang Shupei was illegally held in the Zhaoyuan City Detention Center. When she went on a hunger strike, police mixed drugs in the milk powder and force-fed her. It was exposed right away at the time.

Around March 25, 2004, 46-year-old Wang Shupei was arrested and illegally detained in the Zhaoyuan Brainwashing Center. Later she was detained in the Zhaoyuan Detention Center. She was then sentenced to six years in prison. To protest the persecution, she went on a hunger strike for more than twenty days. During the hunger strike, she was sent to the Zhaoyuan City People's Hospital, where the doctors gave her injections. Three minutes after the injections, Wang Shupei started feeling their effects. She was confused and wanted to scream, and felt like she was having a nervous breakdown.

On April 19, 2004, Wang Shupei was sent to the Shandong Province Women Prison. Song Shuqin, the head of the Zhaoyuan Brainwashing Center, gave her an intravenous drip, resulting in the symptoms of drowsiness.

Due to the long-term persecution, she was physically and mentally devastated. In October 2006, she suffered a massive uterine hemorrhage, went into a coma and was sent to a hospital. They administered some drugs the following day, after which she felt pressure in her chest, an irrational state of mind, a swollen head, and the feeling of an impending mental collapse. She then had other symptoms, such as stiff limbs, confusion, and lethargy. When she found out that it was due to the drugs, she pulled out the needles and refused further medical treatment.

In May 2010, Wang Shupei was detained in the Zhaoyuan Brainwashing Center. On the third day of her hunger strike, they force-fed her a bowl of soup. In a short time, she felt nauseated and began vomiting. When she went to the bathroom to vomit, the head of the brainwashing center, Ji Xiaodong, barked: "If you spit it out, we will feed you again immediately."