(Clearwisdom.net) Three Falun Gong practitioners, Ms. Sun Aihua, Ms. Liu Shengping and Ms. Zhu Jinzhong from Beijing, have been persecuted at the Tumuji Labor Camp in Jalaid Qi, Hinggan League, Inner Mongolia. Below is an account of the abuse that they have suffered.

In late June 2009, Falun Gong practitioners imprisoned at Tumuji Labor Camp were forced to wear prison uniforms to celebrate the prison's anniversary [Note: practitioners who are illegally detained often refuse to wear a prison uniform. This is a form of protest because they have not broken the law and should not be incarcerated]. The guards in the First Squadron, Na Renhua and Guan Lichun, ordered other prisoners to put uniforms on Falun Gong practitioners. They beat, kicked, and verbally abused the practitioners. They also threatened the practitioners with electric batons. Sometimes over a dozen inmates joined in the abuse.

Practitioner Ms. Sun Aihua from Shunyi District, Beijing is 52 years old. She resisted doing forced labor and refused to wear the prison uniform. Guards Na Renhua, Guan Lichuan and a few inmates stripped Ms. Sun, then kicked her, cursed her, and forcibly put the uniform on her. They tore apart Ms. Sun's clothes, tore her jeans into pieces and threw them into a trash can. They locked Sun Aihua's other clothing in a storage room. Ms. Sun was beaten until she was black and blue. Her blood pressure was as high as 180. Even so, Na Renhua and Guan Lichun dragged her outdoors and left her on the ground. It was very hot under the sun, and cold and gloomy in the shadows in later June or early July in the labor camp. Ms. Sun was either baked in the sun or chilled in the winds, and was not allowed to drink any water.

Practitioner Ms. Liu Shengping from Beijing is 58 years old. Guard Yin Guijuan ordered inmate Mai Hongxiang, a drug abuser, to beat Ms. Liu. Ms. Liu was injured and couldn't take care of herself afterwards. However, guard Na Renhua still dragged her to work. Ms. Liu resisted and shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" Na ordered an inmate to bring a rag from the bathroom to gag Ms. Liu. After they dragged her to the workplace, Liu twitched and then became stiff. A practitioner said it was risky for her to stay and asked to take her back. Na retorted, "Ask her if she will still say 'Falun Dafa is good.' If she will, then she can't go back." Even though Liu Shengping was so mistreated that she couldn't get up, guards Na Renhua and Guan Lichun still forced several inmates to put a prison uniform on her. Ms. Liu managed to take it off. The guards then assigned prisoners to watch her. They also locked all her clothes and anything that could be used to cover her in a storage room. The room where Ms. Liu was held was dark and damp and others in the room were wearing warm clothes. However, the guards opened the door so the wind blew directly on Ms. Liu, whenever she took off the prison uniform. She turned purple with the cold wind blowing on her. The guards put the uniform on her again. Ms. Liu still tried to take it off. Na said, "If she takes if off again, handcuff her. See if she will be able to take it off again."

Later, Ms. Liu was so weak that she couldn't walk downstairs for meals. Guards Na and Guan didn't allow anyone to bring meals to her, and cursed and threatened anyone who tried to do so. Several practitioners bought powdered milk and cookies for her. When the guards found out, they locked all the food that practitioners bought in a storage room, and no one was allowed to have access to the storage room.

Pracititoner Ms. Zhu Jinzhong from Shunyi District, Beijing, is 57 years old. She refused to do the prisoner exercises. Guard Yin Guijuan not only ordered inmates to beat her, but also repeatedly struck Ms. Zhu on the face with the sole of a leather shoe. She lashed Ms. Zhu with a copper-cored wire, about one foot long and half an inch thick. She handcuffed Ms. Zhu and hung her from a bunk bed. The bed was padded with bricks, so Ms. Zhu couldn't touch the ground with her feet. She lost consciousness shortly after she was hung up. When she woke up, the guards hung her from the bed again. Zhu Jinzhong resisted all the mistreatments, and refused to wear the prison uniform, do forced labor, or do the prisoner exercises. Guards Yin Guijuan, Na Renhua and Guan Lichuan beat Ms. Zhu, shocked her with electric batons, hung her up, handcuffed her and sometimes dragged her on the ground. Ms. Zhu, who used to be in good health, lost more than 60 pounds and had to hold onto something for support when she walked.